Monday, May 19, 2008

"Breath In" & "Breath Out" and The Two Trees in the Midst of the Garden

The Light of All That IS acts with complete kindness and yearning... always beckoning the individual closer and closer... to realign the soul's perception through the fullness of His Light... The "light" draws and beckons the soul closer through clearer and increasingly unobstructed realms of perception towards an uplifted existence in enlightened-connectivity to “all there is" through thought and action within the realm of "actualization".

“Breath In" & "Breath Out” & the Two Trees in the Midst of the Garden:

When the corrective “Light" draws one near, through union and oneness to "All That Is"... this is akin to Source "breathing in" and is in essence beckoning the individual closer and closer through intimate union of healing called the corrective (feminine) light.

Alternatively, when the intimate beckoning of the corrective light that yearns to awaken the individual to "life" becomes restrained and expelled from the individual’s immediate perception due the embolden ego’s hardening of misaligned perceptions, Source's healing system then relies on an alternative corrective process.

In essence, the individual has dictated alternative terms for his very advancement by embracing "improperly calibrated perceptions". The individual has thus exiled the Divine feminine through the presence his dominating ego, sealing the very portal and conduit through which the light can embrace the individual to draw the soul toward an accelerated correction and advancement.

As the individual’s “fractured” perception construct becomes increasingly hardened by his expanding ego, the individual becomes increasingly lost and absorbed in the vertigo of existential chaos, and the split perception of “good and evil”. These fracturing distortions are projected into perception by the individual’s dominating ego. The ego, like an ever-expanding bubble, expands through the expansion of its’ void, while outwardly reflecting illusory optics to help it maintain dominance over the individual’s perception.

Thus the individual summons beckoning from the Infinite' "left side" mechanism of “restraint” / retraction (and not through the right side of "expansion" /kindness) which strives to pry the individual free from the "prison of perception" the individual is doomed to drown in.

The intensity of the existential suffering will proceed to increase in ratio to the expansion of the ego’s grip on perception. This alternative and elongated approach to healing and correction has been set in motion from the start of disconnect, as the wise say, “He (/Source) has prepared the remedy before the strike”.

Through this mechanism, existential suffering proceeds to slowly build and emanate from the heart, slowly resonating within the individual. The more the individual ignores these signals of suffering, the more the gradually attracting chaotic and discordant energies will increase in frequency and intensity, and flow into the individual’s realm of “concrete action”, all in ratio to the ego’s internal void.

This existential suffering grows in its’ intensity to revive the individual’s perception for correction and erode the ego’s seal (/grip) over the heart’s transcendent conduit portal. This process accelerates until the existential suffering pangs climax to an extent to which the individual cannot ignore this pain any more.

Once the individual embraces the fullness of his existential pain, a true yearning arises to connect with its "true" root, his deep longing for the corrective light. Thus, the individual himself partners with the surrounding light’s yearning to banish the remnants of his domineering ego, taking the final blow to completely shatter the ego’s seal and enable the heart to initiate reunification with the corrective light and realign in oneness in "All That Is" (/the embracing of "true" perception).

The corrective light’s access, once granted by the individual’s sincere realigned perception, is a direct result of the insight awarded to the individual’s for “embracing” his existential suffering, a process the wise referred to as the “sparks of light produced through the shattering of vessels”.

These sparks of light rekindle the attraction of the individual’s perception for a blissful reunion with the intimate flow of corrective light (bringing healing, a singular corrected perception, and expanded awareness).

The surrounding light’s “shattering through suffering” mechanism essentially rescues the individual's perception from the ego’s domineering prison (a prison built on the foundation of internalized false perception constructs) by initiating "restraint" through "patient love", enabling the individual to correctly realigns his perception towards oneness and advance to the next tier of perception. This process of restraint through patient love is akin to the Divine’s "breathing out".

This process of “Breathing Out” is essentially the same mechanism as advancing through the Tree of Truth & Falsehood (Good & Perceived Evil) and yields precious sparks (/fruits) of light and understanding that are obtained through the process of existential suffering caused by the lights restraint.

Thus, the very same corrective light that the Divine uses to heal and correct through intimacy, also summons correction through existential angst in the individual by restraining its presence from contact with an individual with fractured perception.

The process of the Divine light’s “breathing in” is essentially the same mechanism we call “The Tree of Life”, the corrective “Light" that draws the individual near, through union and oneness to "all there is”.

An example of light and true insight acquired through the pangs of existential suffering from the Tree of Knowledge is the following hit song by Mat Kearney.

Breathe In Breathe Out Lyrics by Mat Kearney:

Breath in breathe out

tell me all of your doubt

everybody leads this way

just the same

breath in breathe out

move on and break down

everyone goes away

I will stay

We push and pull, and fall down sometimes

Im not letting go, you hold the other line

Because there is a light

In your eyes, your eyes

Hold on hold tight

From out of your sight

Everything keeps moving on, moving on,

Hold on hold tight

Make it through another night

Everyday there comes the sun with the dawn

We push and pull, and fall down sometimes

Im not letting go, you hold the other line

Cause there is a light

In your eyes, your eyes

There is a light

In your eyes, your eyes

Breath in and breath out

Breath in and breath out

Breath in and breath out

Breath in and breath out

Look back and look right

Into the moon at night

Everything looks like the stars in your arms

There is a light

In your eyes, ... in your eyes

There is a light

In your eyes, ... in your eyes

There is a light

In your eyes, ... in your eyes

There is a light

In your eyes, ... in your eyes

Mon, 19 May 2008 / 14th of Iyyar, 5768/ Parshat Bechukotai/ 29th day of the Omer

Colorful Teardrops II.; The Fruit Of The Tree Of Knowledge

"Colorful Teardrops" is a term coined to refer to the sparks of light (/realization) that deliver an individual to an enlightened perception. These are  the hard lessons learned through the shattering of false paradigms, the breaking of limited constructs through driven by the  pangs of intense existential suffering.
Colorful Teardrops is a befitting name because tears produced by existential suffering are sacred tears. These tears cleanse a heart into pure intention and shed deliverance. In there flow, a soul bathes in the clarity of increased revelation. The sanctity of this clarity allows one to witness  grace within all things.

Each limited paradigm of reality embraced by an individual is reminiscent of a color or energetic tint. These are the limited sefiot of perception. Being partial to a particulate energetic stream has the effecting of distorting perception and deconstructing the portal to the true reality; the Tree of Life. 
The mystics called the confirmation bias that one operates under while experiencing their reality "constricted consciousness". When you embrace the limited paradigm of a specific energetic expression you hinder a realization of the greater synergy at work through the spirit of the greater totality, the creative gestalt. Examples of such distortions could progress as follows:
•  Someone who is freedom oriented will without a balanced perception pursue freedom at the expense of others. 
•  Someone who is fuelled on by a narrative of victimhood will draw on creative inspiration from endurance that is co-dependant on narratives of conflict and drama.
• Someone partial to viewing reality through creative expressions of restraint and discipline will be unable to properly honour acts and expressions of true kindness.
• Someone who is very results oriented will be unable to properly value potential and the process of creative expression.
These are just a sampling for  how such energetic paradigms distort awareness.

The light of the Creator is a singular united expression. It is a fusion of all the colors  like pure white light. It is a synthesis of all the abstract creative expressions that collaborate upon the canvas of creation. Like white light that is cut into spectrum of color through a divided prism, these all initially projected out from singularity upon abstract teirs to render a canvas for increasingly diverse expression, and thereby, greater authenticity for evolving consciousness. 

Upon this creative canvas, the Creator's will is divided into creative  sectors that jostle for overall prominence. On a micro level this process confounds aligned awareness. A practical example would be if someone tries to view the world through red coloured glasses. Their world become distorted as it would mute or adulterate the vitality of the other colours in the arena of perception. Blue would be seen as purple, yellow as orange, green as brown, pink as red etc. Each limited energetic paradigm that you embrace has the effect of distorting the true reality of the roles of other energetic expressions at play. This limits your ability to grow to realizations that are of an eternal perspective; the Tree of Life. 

The mystics explain that as you go through the discipline of aligning your awareness, you trigger higher states of consciousness that enable you to comment with the united flow of divinity extending from the Creator.

As a harmonized vision is restored, the spiritual adherent attains an uncompromising lens of consciousness and thereby grows increasingly aware of higher synergies and the underlying unity behind all creation. This higher level of heightened awareness is called by the Jewish mystics as "bonding with the Higher Light" or the acquiring of a Greater Soul of awareness to  readily access true reality on an energetic level of foundational architecture. The mystics called this the path of Tree of Life consciousness or the emergence to True Reality.

Higher Light is seen my the mystics as an benevolent expression of the  sum total of all there is. This construct for perceiving the the Creator and creation is a discipline of gradually embracing the "lost sparks of divinity" operating through all diversity. complete and harmonized spectrum of colors.

The lessons gathered through existential suffering, are akin to the light of the balanced totality beckoning the individual's perception forward by breaking through the obfuscation of misaligned constructs. As the spiritual adherent advances their perception is gradually balanced and freed to recognize the Creator on increasingly more intimate levels.

Each time you advance your perception beyond the dominion of distortions from a particular (/energy frequency/ sephira colour) paradigm, your ego  will surface to over-compensate for the new awareness and cause a new mis-calibration. This works as an impediment to  harmonizing perception in balance with the full unity of the Creator. You receive just a glimpse of the underlying unity and the synergies of a heightened state. But it turns into a fleeting instant. As a byproduct of the new influx of realization, you become fixated with the newly introduced color (energy) perception. This results in overcompensating in ways that again restrict overall perception to the unified processes behind creation. 

This compromising again triggers another round of lessons from the greater spirit of benevolent unity underlying all of creation. It seeks to humble awareness so that it may again reunite with spiritual adherent on a level of intimate awareness.
And so existential suffering again arises to rent the ego and rescue awareness from its' previously distorted paradigm. And so these "colourful teardrops" are shed to realign your awareness to  a heightened  perception of the underlying unity behind all things. As you expand to operate from a clear lens of perception (/"espeklaryah m'erah") you release the vast recesses of your soul's intimacy to extend through greater divinity.

The actual healing and correction of a soul consciousness is delivered through the embracing of existential suffering through the underlying intimate yearnings through which it was sent. This is called m'kabel yesurim b'ahavah; the obtaining a truer love through the graduation from existential suffering. As the individual graduates to greater levels of love, they begin to process all of creation with a grace on unconditional terms. This unconditionality extended to self and the rest of creation will equalize the ego's reactivity and drive for personal conquest. This inverts the momentum of ego into a force for expanding to the unbounded intimacy extending through all of creative existence; the heartbeat of the Tree of Life.

Each distortion corrected through lessons of existential suffering is akin to sacred tears produced by breaking free from the dominion of repressed perception. Thus, the spiritual adherent's perception expands to encompass the harmony of the unified totality of the Creator. This is the awareness of the full spectrum of primordial benevolent expression behind all of  creation that the mystics called "Ohr Ha'Ganuz", the hidden light of pre-dating creation.

These "Colorful Teardrops" redeem the dualistic existential lessons of the spirit submerged in Tree of Knowledge. The adherent graduates to simplified and intense benevolent awareness of creation as being driven by the beckoning of the Creator's intimacy.


Mon, 19 May 2008 / 14th of Iyyar, 5768/ Parshat Bechukotai (Diaspora)/ 29th day of the Omer