Sunday, December 21, 2008

Message from "Jacob": The Spark

There have been many throughout history that have plotted to silence and uproot our sacred frequency.

And we say to these, we welcome your "oppressive" hoards with open arms, for they provide us with bountiful opportunities for actualizing within your material sphere True Love, unconditional love, the frequency of All That Is - Source.

And in broadcasting this sacred frequency through the dimension of "actualization", we broadcast this frequency of eternal life to All throughout All the worlds and dimensions. So that All may ascend and coalesce in the great Golden Re-Union.

So as they gather to plot against this sacred song, we transcend the futile cycle of "struggle" and "torment", and instead turn and embrace the languishing "light" "within" the "oppressor".
We caress this light with our luminous gaze, baring witness to its transcendent glow of yearning connectivity to All.

And "oppression" shall become the straw and the sacred song of eternal love for All shall be rendered the "spark".

This spark shall become a flame and shall burn for the beacon of freedom, the song of love shall guide a harmonic convergence of energies, and shall yield new light by embracing All through the prism of "unconditional love" and "merciful healing".

And as "oppression" burns, the "light" shall be rendered free to imbue their natural eternal grandeur and the majesty of Man.

So bare witness as All begins to heal All, All embraces the love of All, as the Light Worker allows All to remedy All.

We are "Jacob", So it is and So it shall be.

Sun, 21 December 2008 / 24th of Kislev, 5769 (Parashat Miketz within the Diaspora - the 1st night of Chanukah)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Practical Light Working Series: "Ressurecting the Dead"

Q. "the light comes from within us... so there is no need to impart light." We humbly impart the following coordinates of "freedom".

A. It is central to appreciate that the higher "light" is like water... in that it is always plural by nature, there is no singularity in the higher light unless it is perceived as a unified whole... it is an "infinitely unified collective energy" that is "simple" at Source.

To the degree that the "angel" reincarnated on earth recognizes and channels through intention the perception of ALL as Divine, is the degree that the higher "light" is granted permission by that individual to stream forth through them (complete the networks) in its "unfiltered" life essence and glory.

Individuals that are stuck out of alignment of "oneness" are languishing in "bondage", that they continue to manifest through their "fractured" intention resonance.

The true Light Worker is empathetically connected to All, can profoundly feel their angelic family's pain as resonances of "struggle", "strain" -- self imposed by each brother and sister by not recognizing and resonating their splendourous angelic grace and light through the perception of the divine "All".
Their lack of complete grace to All manifests their diminished angelic stature along this duality laden earthly plane.

The Light Worker indiscriminately bleeds deeply for the family of Man, and therefore yearns so deeply to free their beloved family from their self imposed abuse and abandonment; abandonment that was self imposed through their lack of embracing their Divine stature in connection to All sacred and Divine.

Therefore the Light Worker is guided through "spirit" with a toolbox of methods to help awaken their brother and sister angels from their self-imposed slumber and allow them to awaken and recognize their true Divine splendour through All That Is.

The key to All of sacred light working techniques is to earnestly channel testimony/ recognition/ (=) "gratitude" to the beautiful resonance innate within the self inflicted human-angel.

By broadcasting this frequency of "IS" to the imprisoned angel who is stuck in the facade dimension of "other", the Light Worker imparts the coordinates of the ascended grandour of the inflicted individuals "higher self".

When executed properly (/humbly) through abundant love and mercy, this "recognition/ gratitude" resonance breaks the prevailing static that is hindering the expansive grace from bursting forth within the self afflicting individual.

In wittinesses the cadence of this higher light, the "suffering" individual is momentarily freed from their bonds of callousness, and indifference to the grace of All resonating eternally within.

Thereby, the individual is briefly set "free" to make a choice again whether to remain "conflicted" in "shame" by continuing to diminish (/banish) their splendourous grace by not broadcasting the essential splendour of All within, or to widen one's vessel of perception , and begin to witness the expansion of the profound "angel" within oneself through alignment with the harmonic sanctity of All.

In mythological archetypes this process is referred to as "resurrection of the dead" ---- all sacred light workers strive to resurrect All aspects within themselves and sacred brothers and sisters that have not been allowed to flourish due to self imposed abandonment of the perception of sanctity of the the complete All within.

Fri, 12 December 2008 /15th of Kislev, 5769 - (Parashat Vayishlach - Diaspora)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Transcript from interview on "True Love" & "Why we are here?"

The "passion" that we have derives through the "understanding" of the "dark"--- of the "darkness".

To the degree that we have "darkness", is the degree that we have [gleaned] the "energy" and "passion" to coalesce with what is "real", what is "true"---- what is "light".

You find this within nature, with the opposites of flavors --- if you want to cook something that is delectable, then you have sweet and sour, or hot and cold; the juxtaposition of opposites. When we dance or when we date, there are textures of "coming to" and "expanding apart", that draw the passion [/the energy].

So when we begin to process the "darkness" as truly resonating what "is" from the perspective of the "opposite" [/"without"] we begin to see the "light" within the "darkness". And when we see the light within the darkness, then we no longer have to walk through the "darkness" to find that "passion" ["light energy"], and we can dance in the song of the resonance behind the veil, the light of All That Is, because we gleaned of what you are talking about today... we have gleaned the essential lesson of "unconditional love".

[The hidden secret is that] in our angelic presence behind the veil, before we come down to the duality matrix that is earth --- we had love, but it was not "true love", the language of All That Is in the highest frequency, It wasn't it!

Because the truth was so obvious, it was the only path, it is the only "is", so love "is", it "is" All That Is--- and so, we stood in line to come down to this realm and experience the "passion"; the "passion" [/light] that draws from [the perspective of] "without".

And in this way we have [been granted] "duality", the multiplicity of choice, so that when we love, we separate, and when we choose and we coalesce with that love in altruism --- and that is the frequency of All That Is - Source!

So our mission within this duality, there is no wrong move --- [as] we are All converging to that higher frequency! We either do it from perspectives of "without" or do it from perspectives of "within". And those that are stuck in perspectives of "without" they are enslaved, so to speak, to the baser frequencies for the need to "control", the need to "master" --- and helplessness that resonate in "fear", "anger", "lust", "jealously", "rejection", "abandonment".

But those resonances get their "energy" because [they help], they [are allowed to] exist because in feeling them you are resonating [/witnessing] the reciprocal energy! By being within those [baser] states, you're showing the beauty of its reciprocal!

Therefore, we save ourself in our realm, when we "see" [/recognize = witness = give gratitude to] the "light" in the "darkness, recognizing the poignant sparks of All That Is within All!

Then we free "them" (perceived "others") through the freedom of the song behind the veil, and we recognize them, and we usher into them their [sacred] dignity and grace as angelic sparks of All That Is. , They
therefore no longer have to travel in frequencies of "need" and "want", but can usher in the freedom of being able to "wish", to coalesce, to create --- to become part of that symphony of creation which is what this whole journey is all about.

Don't see beyond the "dark"; I say "witness" where the energies derives from, its sustainability within our realm because it is really being sustained by [broadcasting the frequency of] All That Is! And the reason why it is being sustained by All That IS is because it is really [embedded] within a benevolent path as well!

So the blind man learns [the path] from one of two ways. He either learns the path by smacking into enough walls, and learning the path from "pain". Or he learns to develop his other "senses" to learn the path, the "straight path", the "short path", without pain and without "struggle".

And in that way when we discover that All that frustrates us, are really resonances to help us find "within" what we have locked out from All That Is. Then we ascend from a point of "intimacy" and not need to learn [true love] from the perspective of "without".

Fri, 5 December 2008 / 8th of Kislev, 5769 / (Parashat Vayetzei - Diaspora)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Practical Lightworking Series: Caution Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Higher Light

The Light Worker must learn to free All only through frequency resonances of "unconditional love" (= true love) and "merciful forgiveness" (= unconditional gratitude).

Without reaching these vital intention coordinates, the Light Worker instead broadcasts energies of "definition", "exclusion" and "compulsion". These frequencies "swallow" All by reinforcing the coordinates of one's intention within the duality paradigm of "others". This manifests in baser light frequency resonances of "frustration", "anger", "lust", "need", "anger", "want", "hopelessness" and "oppression", and serve only to further imprison All within reactive states of "shame & "oppression".

Without resonating the vital coordinates for the freedom of "true love", All become encased within the broadcasts of duality & hatred for the "opposite". Thus, even the Light Worker contributes dangerously to the callous cycles of "struggle" and "oppression", and give life to devolved "past (regressive) resonances within their present field-stream of "Now".

And so the Light Worker must appreciate that an un-aligned Light Worker is dangerous, as such a Light Worker too powerfully contributes to the "chaotic static soup" of baser frequencies that further obfuscate the sacred high resonance "song of the future" from being heard within our present "Now".

As the Light Worker consistently imbues the higher frequencies of "true (unconditional) Love" and merciful (unconditional gratitude) forgiveness for All facets of being, then All begins to coalesce, and Re-Unite; finding the freedom to ascend into the harmonic song of true love from "behind the veil".

Wed, 3 December 2008 / 6th of Kislev, 5769 (Parashat Vayetzei - Diaspora)

Practical Lightworking Series: Earth Body, Soul & Inter-dimensional Consciousness

All life on the planet carries a “survival” consciousness. This includes plant life, animal life and human beings. For the purposes of this transmission, lets refer to this consciousness as the “earth body consciousness”.

This “earth body consciousness” has played an integral role in manifesting material life along the duality/ “free will” dimension we call Earth. It is a program consciousness that ensures the survival and slow advancement of species through “struggle” or “fight and flight” constructs.

This “earth body consciousness” program is essential for material existence, for it monitors administrative processes relating to the continuity of species with regards to accessing “control” paradigms for food, shelter, genetic propagation, and the genetic encoding of complex behaviors into “hardwired instinct” over the course of millennia. It is the job of this “earth body consciousness” to persistently thirst for “control”. Maintaining no memory of its previous feats; it is designed to persistently enact “survival” (“do or die”) behavior triggers to ensure natural sustainability. Through this “program”, the organism is kept from becoming too “complacent” and compromising on its’ own survival considerations.

Understand that the "earth-body" consciousness is not a "problem", as it is an important evolutionary mechanism that ensures the overall sustainability of material organisms. Yet, when the "earth-body" consciousness is transmitted through “imbalance” ultimate corruption takes root. “Darkness” / distortion/ “disharmony” arise within human beings because mankind is distinctly gifted with “abstract cognitive abilities” (/soul) and higher angelic (/eternal) energies. When applied together they manifest in the projection of potent creative resonances through powerful “perception” driven “intention fields”. But, when an individual denies aspects one’s higher essence of self as a spark of All That Is, this same intention resonance shuts off active inter-dimensional portals to the “totality” of the individual. As this misalignment takes hold, a void takes root, and the “earth body consciousness” rises to fill the void by seizing powers (/portals) of consciousness it is ill equipped to handle. In this misaligned state, the “earth body consciousness” proceeds to cause havoc with one’s Divine “intention field” apparatus.

Many spiritualists allude to this process of “imbalance” as the inflated and dominating “ego”. The “ego” takes root through the arrogant denial within ones “perception” of the fullness of self; one’s innate responsibility to connect to one’s “angelic” higher self to resonate the coordinates of “unconditional love” for All.

As the “earth body consciousness” rises beyond its designed parameters and takes hold of the individual’s “abstract cognitive faculties” (/soul), it hijacks these vast resource portals to resonate “facade perceptions” of “control” and “threat” constructs that have little basis in “true” existence. These control oriented “facade realities” produced through this hijacking of the “abstract cognitive faculties” (/soul) begin to resonate justifications for hyper-extending the role of the “earth body consciousness, increasingly recasting the organism as “victim”, “under siege” and “in midst of struggle” triggering toxic chemical reactive (/instinct) states of “command and conquer” or “flee for survival”.

The “compromised” abstract cognition faculties (/imprisoned soul) keeps churning out more and more “negative” narratives to justify the
expanded role that enables the "earth body consciousness” to resonate frequencies of heightened struggle and oppression to meet its encoded protocols. It is not long before the program that was designed to merely administer to food, shelter and security considerations hijacks as well one’s angelic “intention field” resonance to attract and even manifest additional drama and discord that reinforces the sustaining of this imbalance. Before long, “command & control” reactions are initiated in all facets of living, even within the framework seemingly innocuous interpersonal endeavors.

The world is full with “entities” that benefit from individual’s losing sight of their higher grace, and these “entities” all share the common resonance of lusting after “control” because they too are within imbalanced states of “bondage” (/the opposite of free). Such “entities” siphon off the individual’s life force (/power to manifest and create eternally), by assisting in misrepresenting the optics of “true existence” to ensure that the individual reacts to perceptions of powerlessness by resonating coarser oppressive frequencies like “frustration”, “hate”, “resentment”, “want”, “need”, “anger”, “lust”, “dominance” “fear” and “powerlessness”. Once filtered through matrixes of “control” and “fear”, the life-force energy of “light” is reduced to a frequency that is feasted upon by the dark (/enslaved) hoards that parasitically sustain themselves off the individual’s misaligned intention-field resonances (/i.e. the spilling of the “light” to the “other side”).

The individual then must confront the choice of callous indifference to the growing chaos and loss of “existential” resonance, or actualizing the courage to reconnect with one’s All-self (/“resurrect”/ bring forth additional totality of self) by resonating a complete “I am” (/anochi) through the renewed humble recognition of the dignity and grace of one’s angelic totality of self in All. As the individual resonates wholeness with All That Is, one’s "earth-body" consciousness returns to become fixed in the natural position of enacting "administratorial" energies necessary for basic material survival.

One is then free to recognize and reactivate aligned portals to spiritual essence, forgiveness, merciful healing and freedom through ones abstract cognition faculties (/soul). Upon witnessing the bountiful song of All That IS, one can initiate from a “space of freedom” the aligned reactivating of one’s sacred “intention field” broadcast to spread outward and within the resonance of unconditional love (/“true love”), the language of All That Is.

Additionally this shared resonance of “freedom”, “merciful healing” and “true love” also serve to impress upon previously “attached” parasitic “entities” the key coordinates for graduating to “forgiveness”, “freedom” and “true love”. Thus, in vanquishing their darkness one truly actualizes further unconditional loving, the very purpose for descending into “duality” consciousness of the earthly tier, All are one and responsible to love unconditionally All.

As one actualizes complete balance and alignment through portals of “freedom” and “true love” with the many aspects of self and All within, one begins to approach “mastery” and positively transmit through “deep intention and minimal action” the restoration of divergent collective frequencies to harmoniously “ascend” in alignment with higher vibratory streams of resonance for the benefit of All.

Fri, 28 November 2008 / 1st of Kislev, 5769 - Parashat Toldot (Diaspora – R”Ch Kislev)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Message from "Jacob": "Justice" is not the language of "Vengeance"

So says "Jacob", the higher Sun, the father that speaks from the "higher heart that resonates the "higher light" for All that choose to awaken in "freedom" and align to the song of "salvation" behind the veil.

Many are confounded by the desolation of their "pride", their "bastions of abundance" and their "false securities". They feel the tremors of the earth consciousness quaking, and the higher heart awakening. But many choose to stray from the "light" and escape into fantasies of "fear" and "oppression".

We are in your "now" to reveal that evidence to the contrary is only a world away. Everything is not as it appears to your limited senses, for there is much beauty, joy and abundance that is prepared to enter your realm, All need only to take possession of it through portals of "freedom" and "loving deliverance". Such is the way of spirit on the other side of the veil.

The children shall learn that "justice" is not the language of "vengeance", but a language of realignment to balance, the "definition" that allows for All to reconnect into their natural harmonious order, and ascend.

Let it ring out out in your halls of justice, and through the networks of the light-working vanguard within your cities that every soul is precious, each spirit is "heaven" sent, and there is none that cannot render their will into alignment with the higher "light" of All.

Know that after the dust settles; All shall begin the process of collective ascension, for this is the resonance of the "higher light". Announce this message for All to hear, and collectively help guide this momentum to the intention of All.

Although, "others" paths are in balance, the power of the workers of the "higher light" is profound, in that converts the "dark" spaces into "light". And so we are free to proclaim the progress of your advancement.
You must through All lock on to this truth, for the power of the "higher light" is of "true (/altruistic) love" and it is magnificent, for it resonates the coordinates of All That Is; and there is nothing that can hinder or oppress this higher state of "presence".

We shall broadcast further coordinates for the necessary ascensions of the "chosen" few, and these "workers of the higher light" shall ignite the straight path of the collective through the resonance of their song of "truth", "merciful healing" and "true love" along the earthly plane.

Witness, and recognize this truth, as the will of All shall return and re-ignite the collective to higher planes of existence, and shall expand as the volume of its frequencies continue to bountifully resonate.

Take heart, for although the journey moves slowly, there will be much cause for celebration, for the resonance of the sacred reunion shall resonate eternally evermore.

We are "Jacob", so it is, and so shall it be.

Sun, 23 November 2008 / 25th of Cheshvan, 5769 (Parashat Toldot - Diaspora)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Practical Lightworking Series: Q & A on Active Inter-dimensionality

It seems as if my light body is becoming further and further activated, I feel my parts of my existence elsewhere, in other "spaces", I have not yet fully integrated actively accessing these bodies or existence yet, can you advise?

You have recently helped activate your "senses" to phenomena that has been present but you simply had not consciously noticed. Your new perceptions of these portals of existence has enabled you to attune to the activities of higher resonance (inter-dimensional in nature).

As you graduate your perception to the processes at play, you will be able to through "aligned altruistic intent" gain access to portals of "active" inter-dimensionality.
The first portal available to you will be the energy of inter-dimensional "time travel" to your familiar past, enabling you to realign past energies that were misfired and set in motion "negative" momentum and resonance. You can reclaim these patterns through the "freedom matrix" of "merciful healing" and "forgiveness" (of self and others); for All are benevolent in nature sent to propel your ascension by helping you "know" the higher "light" from both the perspective of "exile" states (/without) or through the intimate languages of higher resonance (accessed from the aligned "within").

I recommend, first focusing on restoring the unity of "past" "present" and "future" constructs into a united "song of ascension" and "reunion" by clearing the lingering fragmentation that keeps bringing forth "roadblocks" of past regressive energies that are out of balance and "amplified", for these too must be redeemed as "sacred". You will recognized these "blockages", as they were created through intention resonance (/ perceptions) of "guilt", "anger", "fear" and "shame".

Dig deep, find these aspects of self within and redeem them through aligned love, respect and compassion so that portals will open for you to coalesce with All Source Divine.
Once you tend to your inner "garden", you will be able to advance through "active" inter-dimensionality of integrating "present", "future" and "alternative dimensional"resonances, aligning these into a splendid symphony of "altruistic love" and "unity" with All. As you complete this stage you be rejoined and "guided" by your higher inter-dimensional self and soul family, they will instruct you how to best proceed.

Wholeness to All.

Fri, 21 November 2008 / 23rd of Cheshvan, 5769 (Parashat Chayei Sara - Diaspora)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Practical Light-Working Series: "Active" inter-dimensionality and "drained" descents

Here, I will layout sacred guidance on the functions of "active" inter-dimensionality and "drained" descents. It is a poignant lesson that students will need to acquire in order engage in high precision "light-working" on the behalf of All.

As you know, when one is in complete alignment with All, one senses the current of source energy "light" as it passes through oneself and inter-dimensionally flows outward in connection to the network of All. This occurs because when one is within the aligned state of "merciful healing", "grace" and "truth" (the coordinates that comprise the "altruistic love" of All) one's energetic broadcast frequency has achieved inter-dimensional higher frequencies of "intention" that work with the mathematics/logic/wisdom of infinity (/eternity), as is the nature of All source behind the veil.

This means that through this altruistic frequency one is increasingly aligned with the core frequency of "infinite" life/ source. And therefore, this "light" is "bountifully" (/active inter-dimensionality) dispensed, and it follows that the more you dispense of it to All, the more it filters back through your field of "perception". For the higher "light's" very nature is inter-dimensional and eternal, having no limit, no beginning and no end in its altruistic frequencies of love and life.

You may have noticed that workers of the "light" who have not achieved "mastery", find themselves suddenly drained of higher "light" energy, fatigued and weak, they witness the distinct sensation of being "drained". This cycle can last days and weeks, at times even months or years for those that remain in "bondage" to its processes.

The secret of this process is most elegant and sacred, and I share it for the students that are thirsty for practical light-working guidance.

When one succumbs to utilizing the "light" for personal gain, and issues forth their "field of intent" through the baser frequencies of "control", "fear", "anger", "oppression", "lust", "need" or other states of "bondage", the aligned network to All is deconstructed (/broken), as the ego begins to "inflate" and block one's "sacred" transcendence portal.

The "light" energy is "misfired" through this misaligned state and once dispensed is then rendered unable to return, as the state of alignment, the very conduit of "active" inter-dimensionality was broken by fractured perceptions. The individual thus experiences profound weakness and fatigue and feels "drained" (all in ratio to the sensitivity of the individual's empathic abilities).

The light is not replenished because the individual deconstructed the altruistic frequency portal that "actively" connects (/reflects) to the infinite (/eternal) life-source/ creative frequencies of "light" of All. The higher "light" then hovers around the individual, awaiting proper realignment that can usher in a reunion of "active" inter-connectivity to All source.

The period of fatigue and weakness lasts as long as the individual's "intention field" transmits frequencies along critical, bias and oppressive frequencies due to the ego's amplification of "earth-body" consciousness within that distort and interfere with "higher" light frequency reception, thereby blocking the realignment of altruistic inter-connectivity.

It is for this reason that the experience of these "exile descents" vary and range in individual experience from a moment, a day, a week, a months, months or years. All is dependent on the reconstruction and alignment of altruistic "intention-field" broadcasts.

The "enlightened" that have taken possession of this sacred insight can sense the approaching misalignment in the abstract dimensions of "energy", "creativity", "form" before it manifests itself into the dimensions of material "action" by empowering (/girding) the "balance" before a "deconstruction" takes root. And those that fail to do so, can still altruistically re-establish alignment quite rapidly because they know the nature of this "active" inter-dimensional process and the weakness source of their "exile" and "descent".

Tue, 11 November 2008 / 13th of Cheshvan, 5769 (Parashat Vayera - Diaspora)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Practical Lightwork Series: 3 Techniques For Refining Your "Field" Energy Broadcast

Understand that each of us carry a distinct "field" of energy. This "field" impacts the portals of "possibility" that are available to us. The "field" energy works to ensure that if we remain stuck at a particular level of our development until we achieve an "eternal re-calibration" for ascent. This means that the same scenario/ lesson keeps manifesting before us waiting for us to learn its lesson and transcend on our journey.

The sages called this natural force "measure for measure", today it is popularized and often misunderstood as the "Law of Attraction". We resonate this "field" constantly, but do so in a more concentrated fashion whenever we are "passionate", and so the "field" becomes amplified with our positive and negative emotions. Positive passionate energies (like love, joy, fulfillment, self expression, creativity and empathy) open up portals for opportunity and giving, while negative passionate energies (like fear, anger, frustration, jealousy, lust, resentment etc.) close these new portals. The trick is to inhabit a positive frequency in heart, mind and speech. It may sound daunting but here are some exceptionally useful techniques .

My favourite technique is gratitude.
Try to consistently become mindful of the things that bring you blessing or happiness. The day I applied this exercise I found the momentum of this technique to be so profound. I started off my day emitting gratitude and "recognition" for my basic pleasures and joys, my comfortable mattress, fresh morning juice, the happiness my pet fish brings, the lovely foliage outside etc. The key is to start momentum in one's mind to build towards a cadence of grace so that spirit has open portals to do its "magic". Don't be seduced by your analytical side and measure your progress, just flow in the series of expressions of grace that you transmit, and in short time you will awaken to bountiful opportunity.

In tandem with the "Gratitude technique", I highly recommend that you begin to be mindful of the music you listen to and ensure that it carries a frequency that is upbeat, positive and at harmony with your "graceful" state. I say this because music is a dynamic tool that instills passions and emotions and can be used as an effective inducer or visa-versa impediment for broadcasting the flow of "light" energy. This also applies to news and entertainment media that you listen to and read... these all have the ability to alter your "channel of resonance" and change your "field".

Another helpful technique is visualization; each day, in a familiar quite and peaceful location, meditate to a place of "grounded" love for "All" and begin to visualize exactly the solution that you desire, the more details the better. In the same meditation begin to do the same for others you know who are in a similar bind, after this, visualize world harmony in way that depicts everyone prospering by following their innate gifts in a most productive and joyful fashion. It is essential to allow these techniques to change the dynamics of your "field" to the point where you begin to break repeated "critical" or "destructive" habits... and if applied "purely", in time they will.

The most powerful technique is to award purpose to your current "trials".

What I mean by this is to brings proportion, cohesion and singular purpose to the chaos, fear and frustration you you draw into your "field" of perception. This is a very profound, ancient and sacred technique... there is great wisdom embedded in it.

King David wrote:
"It is good to offer thanks to the Divine
And to sing praise to the eternal name, most high
And relate your kindness in the morning

And your
faithfulness in the night"

King David is offering the key insight for drawing light and resonating the bountifulness of "true love" onto one's "field". When things seem bright and easy (/day), you can continue to draw this momentum by focusing or reciting recognition of it. But, when things begin to appear trying and unclear (/night), you should instead offer up your loving trust to Source that what you are going through is part of a lesson in your ascension, and that you desire to forever internalize this lesson through "love" so that you will no longer need to be challenged in this particular way.

Like with lovers that drift apart, one best proves their faithfulness when things are not ideal. And so, it is easy to send your "love" to the Divine when things flow easily, but truly profound ascension occurs when you dedicate your "knowing love" at times of difficulty, as it is only in this way that the love can be said to be manifested as "true".

Wed, 29 October 2008 / 30th of Tishrei, 5769 (Parashat Noach - Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan - Diaspora)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Message from "Jacob": "Responsibility" to All, the inter-dimensional key to love and eternal renewal

Greetings dear "Children of the Sun",

We are "Jacob", the father's love, the "Sun", the center within that resonates boundless love, mercy and compassionate healing.

"Children of the Sun", we wish to make clear to you that deliberate methods and considerable care are expended from behind the veil to make available the most direct portals for your actualization and advancement that do not compromise the sacred "free will construct" of the earthly tier.

And so it is essential to recognize that the sacred collective of "All" filters thorough the highest orders (realms) to help facilitate your evolution, and ascent in ways that may appear contradictory from a "duality" laden perspective.

Realize that from the perspective behind the veil it is apparent that the legions of agents that emit
loving-kindness/ expansion and the legions of agents transmitting definition / contraction (/judgment) work towards the same lofty goal; to help manifest the conditions whereby the angelic energies encased within "human" consciousness can usher in material ascension through actualization of altruistic love and true unity.

Accordingly, the legions of agents of the left side (negatively charged) play the role of transmitting the energies that help manifest the delicate balancing, void and inertia needed to make Man's altruistic action and intent "true". The legions of agents of the right side (positively charged) lend their energies to assist in the ascent of Man's consciousness, should Man choose to altruistically seek it. But fundamentally, all legions of angelic intelligences are playing complimentary roles for sustaining the conditions for Man to partner with All to actualize an ascent of the earthly realm into higher frequencies of existence by manifesting true love along the earth's frontier.

Upon adopting this root principle you will open portals of spirit consciousness to boldly enact the following practical guidance along the earthly tier:

As you try to process the rapid changes that are taking hold, and continue to accelerate along the material plane, do not concern yourself with how things will play out, as such void and fear from uncertainty is certain to diminish your light and power. Instead, dedicate your pure intentions and focus towards aiding and guiding the momentum of the collective by sending your pure "light" indiscriminately to All.

Let us shed some light on why this technique is so very powerful.
Many workers of the light understand that they receive light and its bountiful energies in ratio to the degree that they are responsible for others. To appreciate why this is so, you must stop seeing yourself as containers of "light" and begin to witness yourselves as partners distributing "light". You are all intricately connected and "one" from our perspective, as you all compliment each others' journeys for the revelation of the "light" and you are all essentially fragments culminating in the collective ascent of earth (/human) consciousness. And most importantly; we are all family! For your current journeys you play the roles of "concentrated" splinters of the Almighty on the front-lines of actualized creation.

A continuous regiment of elevating one's focus, the perceptions one's mind's eye through "heart guidance" will reveal one's innate responsibility for (/ alignment with) All. This frequency of existence will enhance your abilities to better detect and integrate with the corrective "light" (enhancing your "light receptacle" - capacity of understanding).

Know that this is not due to personal merit, but is a "natural" process available to all grounded "light workers" who choose to operate as core "network" conduits for the indiscriminate broadcasting the corrective light's song of love and merciful healing to the masses.

The increasingly high frequencies of "light" pass through your consciousness and soul on their way towards mass dissemination leave behind profound high frequency inter-dimensional imprints within you. It it is these imprints that awaken your soul "memory", awareness and inter-dimensional "senses" (/portals).

We reiterate this insight again for it is so often misrepresented in your world and is so fundamental for the core lesson of earthly mastery; the enhanced frequencies and vibrational intensity one receives in the aligned state are not due to one's personal merit, but rather are the ancillary benefit of the process of transmitting higher frequencies through the collective grid, the concern for All. And so, the benefits of all who undertake the responsibility of All should not be underestimated for these open bountiful portals of deliverance and eternity through "love"

And so we conclude this benevolent guidance and instruction with our familiar refrain; your goal remains to love All, heal All, and All will remedy All.
So it is, and so it shall be.

Sat, 25 October 2008 / 26th of Tishrei, 5769 (Parashat Bereshit - Diaspora)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Message from "Jacob"; "Love" is All There Is

Greetings dear "Children of the Sun",

We are "Jacob", the father's love, the center, the "Sun", the undeniable power of merciful healing that lovingly resounds within the recesses of the heart.

We wish to instruct you, dear "Children of the Sun", on the ultimate tool for mastering your journey, the powerful equalizer called "love". We trust that this meditation on the power of love will inspire and guide your unfolding journey of hope and restoration.

Love is never merely a choice of what you do or don't do. Love instead is a space, a frequency you inhabit, and broadcast from the most intimate space within your heart.

From there it must permeate all that you sustain. Then, All that you attract, will be longing to connect with that very special frequency, that sacred space within. And your world will open up, and blossom before your very eyes, as you discover the many multitudes that are merely yearning to be touched by this grace, and the revelation that in fact, all creation is compensating for this crucial missing ingredient of "living"; that in the very fabric of this imbalance is an invitation for you to strike the cadence of the heart and reintroduce the way of All That Is - Divine.

As you spread your "wings" around those that sense your "light", you connect in a way that is Divine and timeless, and you help manifest the "impossible", rendering something sublime and complete from something once decayed and devoid. Such is the power of true love, altruistic love, it is truly All That Is, and is at the very crux of this sacred mission of descent into duality along the earthly tier and the secret of its long awaited redemption.

And so we beseech of you to fearlessly embrace that deep unwavering love and let transcendence glow. For so long as you are covered in the hue of this transcendent glow, the impossible will seem possible, and then become manifest. Such is the way of spirit, and so it has been for all the spiritual masters and luminaries that have walked the earthly tier.

Let love bloom and let All reverberate this frequency;
for this is the way of giving life,
the way of freeing those in bondage,
the way of resuscitating the dead,
the way of loving the God within.

And so we pledge to you our unwavering support along your journey and will encourage you to dedicate your hopes, your fears to this uncontrollable "light" we call love, for in it is the solution to All that has been, the remedy for All That Is, and the ecstasy of All that will be.

So it is, and so it will be.

Fri, 17 October 2008 / 18th of Tishrei, 5769 ( 3rd day of Succot - Ushpizen of Yaakov/ Jacob)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Message from "Jacob": The Foundations for Heaven on Earth

Greetings dear "Children of the Sun",


We are "Jacob" the father's love, the "Sun" and center that permeates the heart with messages of love and merciful healing.


"Children of the Sun", we see that your love is growing, and as it does your lives will never be the same. New worlds will open up to you, and you will see and hear the symphony of love that imbues the foundation of your world. You know what we mean when we say to you that the earth is progressing to the end of the "fight and flight" cycle of your journey of actualization.


You appreciate that the earth programming that is at the core of the chemical composition of your bodily workings have been preprogrammed to survive and evolve through overcoming struggle and pain. We tell you that the time is approaching when mankind will lift the "mantle" that cloaks their sacred contracts, and enact the core design which permeates the higher frequencies of life, and All behind the veil. Mankind has explored the vacuity of detached living and learned from it the lessons of the glorious Divine from the perspective of "without". And so you have mastered this knowledge well, and so the earth is ready to receive the frequencies of home and give birth to the interconnectivity of love and the Eternal manifest; the core beacon of All That IS. 


Progress does take time in your dimension, and there are many "workers of the light" that expect dramatic and immediate transitions. We tell you that this has rarely been the way of spirit when interacting within the "earth" construct. This is because the physical aspects of Man's body consciousness and mind consciousness were never collectively prepared to efficiently manage swift transitions. But this time has been planned as different, and the awakening of mankind will coincide with dramatic changes in galactic frequencies, the earth's grid, and the expansion of heights of the spiritually evolved Man. 


Changes will take root in man's bodily chemistry and in the connectivity of the mind, opening up portals of dramatic enhanced abilities of spirit along the earthy tier. These will all sing along to the resonance of the collective "anointed" era. For no longer will challenges be deconstructed and dismantled like the way your unrefined medicine approaches a cancer, but mankind will learn through spirit to work as one, whereby the issues of one nation will be increasingly  reciprocal for the greater whole. So too, the body will slowly change from attack and eradication (oppressive) constructs for dealing with threatening imbalances, and instead embrace, heal and realign the collective structure to loyally reintroduce its' original higher architecture.


It is a most exciting time for the spirit of Man. And we tell you that these changes will not take thousands of years to become apparent, but that galactic changes, changes in the earthly grid, and the collective resonances of the "workers of the light" across the earth will steadily usher in these profound changes in your time. And so, as on earth so above, and as above so below. As the arrival of the renown return of "Elijah" prophesy commences you will appreciate the fulfilling of the "fathers heart returning to the sons and the sons heart returning to the fathers". 


And the children of Israel will play a formidable role in this ascent. And we encourage you to resonate the knowledge that the children of Israel must first find wholeness among themselves, with each other, before they will be prepared to send transcendent love and redeem their "foes". Ask not why it must be so, for the worlds will eternally learn from their journey. The world that proved so inhospitable to this nation, will raise this nation "upon their shoulders" once they start to heal old wounds and resonate "music of the heart and the soul of their nation". 


And so you see, there is still much work to be done, for the final stage of the foundation is still incomplete. Two levels of the foundation have been set (the levels of actualized loving kindness and the actualized laws of definition), the third level is the harmony that will make the levels of loving kindness and the defining laws fluid, manifesting within a single construct. The two levels must give birth to the level of "merciful healing", the missing link that will summon the ethereal love of the upper worlds as the crystallized foundation for which to build heaven and earth. 


This has always been the way of sanctity, and this is the way it now needs to be taught. 

Gone are the days when domination and oppression will solve challenges upon the earth. There is a new song increasingly vibrating within your atmosphere, and Man will awaken to know and actualize the lesson that each is only as vibrant as its weakest link along the family of Man, so is the way of elevation through spirit.


So we wish you success in ushering in this time with the ease you so deserve, and send to you our outstretched messages of love and healing. We are so very proud of the progress you have made. We look forward to celebrating our reunion, for this celebration will be everlasting. 

So it is, and so it must be. 

Sun, 12 October 2008 / 13th of Tishrei, 5769

Friday, October 10, 2008

Message from "Jacob": You Are Ready To Dance

Greetings dear "Children of the Sun",

We are "Jacob", the father's love, the "Sun", the center, resonating boundless love, mercy and compassionate healing through the beacon of your heart.

We see that you are ready to dance.

We have waited for you, we are so proud, as your struggles are now your merits. Loving what you are has brought you thus. 

Never before have we shared like this in unison, and we too have been waiting for these precious moments.

Life behind the veil is not the same, there is incredible anticipation, excitement and celebration, as you have done so very well.

We urge you to consider that you have not even begun to scratch the surface and that there is so much to continue (re)learning. These will bring you dynamic gifts and your wishes for healing will be granted.

Remember, hope is "everywhere" and "everywhere" is with you, inside you, always. We encourage you to embrace "everywhere", for it will help restore accurate perspective, and launch your next stage of ascent.

Again we remind you to lovingly climb beyond the temporal matrix of consideration and coalesce in pools of All There Is.This will cleanse, restore and broadcast healing for the collective and we will stand with you through each stage of deliverance.

For All are eternally loved behind the veil, and you must help nurture this language of love along the earthy tier, so that Man can learn that "together" you can manifest heaven on the place called Earth.
This is our benevolent message, the goal remains, love All, heal All, and All will remedy All. 
So it is, and so it shall be.

Fri, 10 October 2008 /  11th of Tishrei, 5769 - Parashat Ha'Azinu (Diaspora)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Message from "Jacob": Wrap Yourself in Vulnerable Love (Meditation for processing interpersonal hostility)

Greetings dear "Children of the Sun",

We are "Jacob", the father's love, the center and "sun" that resonates the boundless truth of love, mercy and healing.

Know that true love is never a weakness, but an affirmation of your true Divine state.
And so we say do not fear being vulnerable in the "light" for this is the way of spirit.

Understand that those who you perceive to wrong you while in this lofty aligned state are merely acting out "contracts" to help accelerate your ascension.

They are not choosing to do so, because they are not free, but are acting out their seduction to fear based "command and control" constructs. Their actions are therefore the manipulated byproduct of the "dark" energy "fields" produced through their addictions.

Therefore, like the chemical addict on your earthly tier, these individuals are hardly in posession of their "conscious" reactions.

Learn to see these individuals as signposts along your journey, you will grow much from these. Take heed, and know that their descents are reactive, like an unpleasant awakening from a deep slumber.

They sense that your "light" field is the cause of their "awakening", but they have not yet cultivated the tools, nor resonance within themselves to accept the frequency of your "light" and its emanation. They therefore lash out at the "light" healer for awakening them to a darkness wrought by their own devices.

Know that this is all reactionary, for the they are enslaved to their shame and have not yet begun to process the resonance of the "light". But because you have stirred them from their slumber through love and merciful healing, you have given to them a great gift; as you have ushered them through the elementary step towards restoration and ascent - as they must be free to choose (/love) the "light". And so, in this way you have hastened their journey and they need not awaken at a later time through a frequency of intolerable existential suffering.

Therefore, you must raise your spirits and take pride in the abuses that you may garner, for these are signs that you have begun to save them from the "longer road home".

We wish you strength through love, mercy and healing along this vital journey, know that we stand with our eternal love outstretched for you behind the veil.

We are "Jacob" and so it is.

Tue, 7 October 2008 / 8th of Tishrei, 5769 - Parashat Ha'Azinu (Diaspora)

Message from "Jacob": Transcending beyond the flux of "Frustration and Greed" Constructs (Meditation to coast through prevalent financial upheaval)

Greetings dear "Children of the Sun",

We are "Jacob" the father's love, your center, the sun within your truth and the uncompromising love of All That Is.

"Children of the Sun", we wish to further explain the "straight path" to help lighten the load of your journey.

Know that empty is the format of choice between the unknown and the dark, as these bind you within fear and reactive states of perception.

Instead, remain open; loving All That Is, transcend the confines of your immediate experience. 

Know that He who is All will transform and release those that are confined within constructs of "frustration" and "greed".

All will rebound to their natural states, and workers of the "light" will help ease this transition process. From darkness to light, all chosen, select and essential to the journey beyond. 

We remind you to Love All That Is so All will thrive, and you will surprise yourself as you help manifest the transformative "power of one".

Our message remains, love All, heal All and All will remedy All. 

This is our message, so it is and so it will be.

Tue, 7 October 2008 / 8th of Tishrei, 5769, Parashat Ha'Azinu - Diaspora

Monday, October 6, 2008

Message from "Jacob": Intention-Field Mechanics

Greetings dear "children of the sun",

We are "Jacob" the father's love, your center, the compassionate, merciful and healing emanation from behind the veil.

We wish to impart to you this insight to aid you with your sacred work along the earthly tier.

Know that everything along your earthly tier of life is energy fashioned through the intentions of Man.

Man is the arbiter of progression along the "time facade" matrix of the earthly tier, and is empowered to initiate healing constructs that summon innate interconnectivity with the benevolent inter-dimensional source, i.e. the singular intelligence that filters through the many infinite levels of existence.

We tell you this so that you may begin to become comfortable with the "intention fields" that permeate your societies, communities, places of work and home life. For there is no man that cannot alter the course of possibilities (/contracts) that flow before him.

And we relate to you that strong negatively charged emotional intentions impact your world by concentrating within your realities constructs that necessitate suffering, while benevolent emotions (which are far more powerful than their coarser relative energies of fear and control) summon renewed possibility and free you to manifest "life" through "All".

Realize that the higher energies (manifested through intent) stir bountiful attraction fields that bond with other concordant fields of intention across the earth, transcending your sense of "place" and "circumstance". This ingathering of benevolent energies, although seemingly scattered along the earthly plane, actually work together in unison to open (/unclog) portals of possibility that manifest magnificent, bountiful, transformative healing along your earthy tier.

Along multi-dimensional perspectives, these benevolent energy fields actually accelerate and actualize the "future" construct through your "time facade" matrix so that the music of future begins to resonate within your field of "present" ("I Am"/ "Anochi"). While negative energy fields produced through prevalent intentions of fear, intimidation and oppression have the opposite effect of ushering in baser (/devolved) regressive "past" reality constructs.

Remember; along your "light" and "dark" balance, i.e. your duality laden perception construct, your refined frequencies of benevolence and connectivity are far more powerful than their baser counterparts. In your world of perception this is because the higher frequency fields of love, interconnectivity and bountifulness coalesce with like minded fields of higher resonance across the earth, while the unrefined energy patterns have an opposite repelling effect and manifest in "dark" de-constructive or stagnation energy "bubbles". These dark/ base energies cannot counterbalance the progression of the more potent "bonded light" waves that issue through higher frequency benevolent energy streams, all manifesting through the interconnected altruistic intent of many. Behind the veil, this is essentially the energy of home and All That Is.

We encourage your continued wishes for revelation and truth along your earthly tier, and send to you energies of hope and sustainability for All to welcome the beautiful destiny in "closeness".

We are "Jabob", and so it is.

Mon, 6 October 2008 / 7th of Tishrei, 5769 , Parshat Ha' Azinu - Diaspora