Thursday, November 22, 2012

Drawing Time

From a linear perspective, you see "time" as fixed increments, as if you are approaching a destination. You see time as a grid of predetermined markers and see yourself progressing from each perceived event and circumstance. From this viewpoint, it is easy to understand why many grow burdened by fatalistic notions.  

Drawing Time
When you begin to look inward and assess time from an quantum perspective, you gradually witness time as being far more fluid and intricate. Like many spiritual masters that have come before, you can grow to recognize that your perception is not the only thing that is fluid, but rather, that time itself is teaming with life!  

Layers and layers of dimensional tiers and vibration worlds are actively jostling, adjusting for prominent expression in a grand trajectory of cosmic momentum. Harmonic potentials and regressive streams of momentum ebb in and out of prominence like a cosmic pulse that hastens and slow is to the beat of an individual and collective vibrational consciousness. The way we integrate with this flowing mechanism effects how things develop within our space/time continuum.   

Consider that scientists for millennia perceived the sun as revolving around the earth. They thought that the earth was stationary and that the sun and other celestial bodies revolved around it. As societies acquired better tools 
and science for charting such phenomenon, they deduced that in fact not just the earth, but space, universes along with their celestial bodies are all in perpetual motion.  

This is a useful analogy for grasping the concept of time from a quantum perspective. It is not like a linear model, where you are on a road and driving to a particular station of destiny. Rather, there are tiers and tiers of potential shifts that are perpetually in motion, cascading one above the other. Shifts within your reality are catalyzed as complimentary tiers of influence align to seamlessly flow its momentum one to the other. It is akin to a fountain revolving spouts of different heights, outpouring one to the other. 

Gradually you grow to the reality that there are both default linear and active trans-linear pathways for progress. By default, time lapses in linear fashion as a byproduct of prevalent consciousness, but you have the ability to accelerate time through engaging a trans-linear model. This pro-active approach to time responds to changes within yourself that trigger singularities that increase your range to energetic spaces. As you expand in this fashion, you can award access for advanced streams to flow into your reality and thereby shift into a trans-linear trajectory that enhances the conditions for personal and overall progress. Thereby, the actual distance between your worldly perceptions and a destined occurrence is increasingly contingent upon the stage of dimensional reality and participation that you expand to. 

Getting Quantum
The spiritual principle for change is that momentum reaches actuality to help mobilize consciousness to stream in flow with a greater overarching benevolence. This means that the same truth being arrived at through a fallout of a given event, can already be evident in the consciousness in someone who has actively connected to an advanced space of perception. This individual has karmic jurisdiction to bypass particular "lessons", as this progress was already flourishing in consciousness. For many awakened, time is teeming with life. Humanity is awarded the power to draw time closer as we expand to future momentums of consciousness. These processes take root on both societal and individualized levels consciousness. 

Consider for a moment that even within the English language many use the phrase; "when the time comes". Innately, there are traces within the cultural mindset that still bare the seeds of this truth; that time is not limited to progressing in a linear way. Rather, for those who awaken to the overall orchestration, time is teeming with life. Humanity has  the power to draw time closer as we grow empowered to integrate future perspectives of consciousness that await. It is a process akin to two lovers that call out to each other passionately in the night as they run towards immaculate reunion.

As an awakened soul, you have the power to more rapidly master lessons of progress. These lessons can transpire by default in a linear way that is an extension of a slow and plodding evolutionary model. These can often take millennia to stabilize in ways that see societies propelling to more humane ways of relating to each other and the world they inhabit. Generations of competitive extremities, suffering and wars spin toward eventual paradigm shifts in how we integrate to the universal sanctity engrained within all things.  

You can visualize the physics of this mechanism. A conscious void takes root within the worldly collective mindset. The void pulls upon the collective consciousness to fill it. The torque from this pulling manifests in bouts of instability and friction on a macro scale. The collective consciousness gradually uncovers this "blind spot" after cycles of trial and error approaches to address the dysfunctional fallout.  Gradually, through these lessons of "without" the truth is reintegrated and harmonized into the collective consciousness, and the "blind-spot" is filled.

Still, these lessons can more easily and swiftly complete this transition by harmonizing the "blind-spot" through the process of proactively seeding the missing truth into the collective consciousness through cultivating the transformational work within. In this way we seed advancement and integrate its clarity through every stage of our living expression. This is called "short path", a "quantum leap" of singularity that transcends linear timelines. Humanity is awarded the power to unify with our future on a soul level, and harmonize our environment through the clarity and perspective of a far more advanced times. The benefits of this are two-fold; it increasingly harmonizes your inner life and circle of influence, and simultaneously advances more rapid solutions to be proactively seeded in the collective consciousness of mankind.

This is the technique for empowering time to greet you. To be more precise, time does not move, rather, you are shifting your vibratory perception of holographic reality to better align with a more enlightened and less rigid dimensional space. In this way, you introduce stability into your world from a space that has already bypassed the prevalent instabilities. It is a space pregnant with the essential truths that are presently unrealized within your worldly frame of reference. Through this nexus, humanity can actively catalyze a bypassing of evolutionary lessons learned from polarities and struggle, and birth that same truth harmoniously into the collective mindset through a quantum-leap in consciousness. 

Should we as humanity dedicate to refining ourselves within through disciplines of unifying singularity, we can deliver that child of advanced thought to take root in our world free of any need for enduring centuries of labour pains.

This is called "Drawing Time" and it is a technique that is very powerful. Individuals growing up are taught about the virtues of "patience". In most cases, the energetic mindset of "patience" is a mindset discipline that involves accepting what is akin to an imposed prison sentence. It is as if the individual must serve a certain increment  before earning relief or obtaining a given objective. A cursory assessment of the mindset of most people passively engaged through patience would illustrate that these individuals are reinforcing disempowering passivity, and in an oppressed and repressive mental state. A spiritually engaged individual would approach the notion of patience proactively. Rather than focusing on passively serving time, you engage in accessing the feelings of elation and satisfaction that are resounding at the future, and imbuing this stream more and more so in each present Now. By doing so, you actively energetically seed your consciousness with the vibrational truth of the future. This allows that future to better fuse with the density of consciousness of your present, and dimensionally align to contract into the overriding momentum of your world. 

Rather than passively waiting, you practice a discipline of amplifying within your heart the rejuvenation, elation, warmth, discovery, wonder and cohesive authenticity that will flow abundantly at the arrival of that awaited for juncture. As you invigorate these streams, you shift the density of your space of consciousness and overall circle of influence to better align with the future space of bounty. By steadily transcending the limitations of the linear-minded construct, you increasingly draw closer the dawning of unrestrained potentials. 

This process requires discipline and practice, and the results from such dedication will reveal themselves in a gradual, but steady fashion. As you become expert in this subtle terrain you will discover shifts in your experience developing more rapidly in relation to the sheer volume of the positive emotional expression you have cultivated and directed towards this unified aim.

© bb

Friday, October 19, 2012

Opposites Ascent

What does it mean to be living in world of free-will? It means living in an environment where everything has an opposite, and you are navigating a path surrounded by those opposites. Those opposites that you are immersed in and confronting at all times in linear states of consciousness constitute the very "static" that separates you from communion with your eternal self.

These opposites also provide you with an environment of incredible diversity and options. This diversity allows you to direct expressions of your choice that are very powerful and meaningful. This is because the level authenticity of free expression is amplified in the context of contrast.

By being a part of this world, you are embracing both a great power, and great liability inherent in human consciousness. The great power is that your choices to love are potent and meaningful in ways that effect your material world and beyond. The great weakness is that you are disconnected from the clarity and unconditional magnitude of your eternal essence, and thus easily succumb to primitive compromises over the integrity of your soul.

To be human, is to wonder along your journey with heavy baggage filled with "why"s. A typical individual buries within their heart a fertile assortment of cosmic and linear "why"s that just fade into the background of consciousness and go unanswered. When an individual enters into an ascended consciousness, and you are connected to your eternal self, those "why"s begin to implode upon themselves and there is no "why"; only a perpetually reinventing "Is". In that state, you revel in the perfectly flowing state of all that "Is".

Many spiritually developed individuals unify a higher connectivity with all fragments of their soul to routinely access a unified viewpoint of energetic existence. In this space of “Nothingness”, they witness themselves flowing breathlessly as part of a boundless over-arching benevolent orchestration.

Oftentimes, when they enter back into linear-minded consciousness, they feel a major let-down. This let-down can often feel so severe that many resist climbing back up to unified consciousness again because they feel they must stay grounded. They feel this way because they experience turbulence trying to balance the ecstasy they discover in a space of complete spiritual authenticity vs. the harsh separateness that dominates mainstream linear-minded thinking.

The following is a powerful technique for transitioning. The strategy involves bringing to your heart all the "why"s that had faded into the background of your consciousness. Actively embrace these questions & take them along with you upon your ascent of self discovery/ expansion.

Each "why" can serve as a "bucket" to collect & store a bit of the flow that pervades the
unified space "Nothingness". The current transmitted through these questions will comfort your heart & allow you to sustain flow almost seamlessly from state expansion to state of "worldliness" without losing a beat.

A way to understand this is that the river of the eternal "Nothingness" is an expansive current that pulls you into a vortex of indefinable existence as you attempt to absorb it. The very definition of selfhood loses meaning in this space as you are revealed to be an extension of a benevolent river of integrated active consciousness, as this perspective is so contrary to our worldly perspective and linear mindset.

Rather than trip into a "feast" or "famine" trajectory, this technique allows you to carve out small pieces of that glorified space, remaining vibrantly fluid within the confines of the proceeding questions. These will allow you to mitigate the energetic disparity, and sustain yourself between the "peeks" and the "valleys". It is akin to someone who tempers their appetite with a steady diet of crumbs, so that he can remain satisfied regardless of how soon it is to their next meal. 

In light of the value of this technique, it is unwise to advocate suppressing within your heart a single "why". As no question should be considering "inappropriate" or not palatable enough to be groomed into an opportunity for increased discovery.

However. should you every get stuck with the burden of holding too closely any "why", hold tightly the following law of spirit:

"The answer to every "why" is to help render the light of your love more authentic."

There is nothing that transpires in this world, there is no polarity that can pull you to an extremity, that is not carefully designed to afford you the conditions of freedom, the diversity of choice, to extend to you the precise amount of inertia, to help render your love more REAL and authentic.

In this respect, the answer to every "why" is because of LOVE. 

© bb

Monday, July 23, 2012

Intimacy at Source

Feelings of detachment arise from the judgments that the individual carries and reinforces within. When an individual cannot stop banishing aspects of themselves within, then, that individual will not be able witness the greater harmony that is unconditionally sustaining all things.

The very process of not being able to witness the benevolent arc encompassing all creation prevents an individual relating to a unified source that coalesces in oneness and instills a harmony that echos forth through all eternity. Such an individualized perception becomes refracted with persistent states of deconstructing the world they witness with judgments of various degrees of severity.

This why the spiritual masters that have walked this realm have proclaimed; “Love Thy Brother As You Love Thyself!” Because this is the solution and all else is merely consequential. When you are able to find, connect to and unify all the disparate fragments of creative forces within yourself, all resonating harmoniously within; then you will be free to access the light of the source proceeding all actualized existence. As you bond in grace to its core root, you will begin to remember the nature of its simple and indelible chord of grace. That all the earthly struggles, the obstacles and suffering are part of an over-arching gloriously benevolent construct that provide the conditions for souls to grow closer and closer to unconditional intimacy with the light both overt and latent within all things; as it is all nothing but a Love Story of return and embrace.

Across the other side of the veil of linear consciousness, those that wish to ascend to the highest proximity of intimacy  beyond the filtration of creation at the source, may proceed freely. However, most unwittingly support impediments, and find themselves constrained and restricted. Invariably, what holds consciousness back from progressing freely is one's own shame rooted in feelings of unworthiness. Shame and intimacy constitute a incompatible mix in the higher terrains of unity. On an emotional level, one cannot be ashamed and truly intimate at the same time; as one is an expression of expansion, the other retraction. Similarly, one cannot be fearful and embrace vulnerability of intimacy at the same time. The essential concept is that eternal progressions of unification are stifled by repellant vortices of definition and polarization.

It is about true love and intimacy, and if a soul bares residue expressions of shame, then these de-facto stifle one's own advance, and hamper one with feelings of inadequacy. The more one remains linear minded about their trajectory, the more one will find themselves thwarted by feelings of being unworthy and in deficit. Even slight traces of shame, boil to the fore in the face of ascending to such gloriously intimate expressions of being. Personal judgments, and their fetishes for parsimony, weigh heavily upon the soul climbing tiers of greater consciousness and push its own progression back down to lower and denser vibratory fields of expression. These souls then find themsleves too ashamed to receive such intimacy, and the become conflicted with feelings that they iare benefitting so much and having had contributed so very little. On this context, they cannot adequately justify their own existence. In romantic terms, this is akin to lovers that feel compelled to close their eyes when exchanging expressions of unabashed intimacy, finding themselves incapable of sharing eye to eye as equals.

This is because they do not know the soul language of true love, which is essentially unconditional, and an open expression in the more intimate spaces in proximity to creations' source. Without this vital chord of expression, a soul is destined to become stuck in cycles of inadequacy and with feelings of having to accomplish so much more.

Consider the folly of those that cleave to their judgments. They exclaim;
“Look what I have done for you oh God! I have prayed each day, do you not need my prayers? I have studied and followed your commandments, do you not need my obedience?”

It that not utter folly and futility? What is it exactly that “God” needs? The Eternal did not “need” any of it! The Eternal did not fashion creation, splitting itself into splintered creative expressions and legions of energetic diversity because it had to. Rather, the Eternal chose to funnel potentials into actualized expressions of true love to render love abound in its most passionate and intimate cadence, so that a boundless coalescing between potential and actualized tiers of expressions in unified state of ecstatic stasis could emerge and harmonize all gaps of disparity. Through creation's elaborate filtration of the priomordial light of benevolence, the Eternal effectively extended pathways for all to participate within a greater narrative of true love, and in this way discover intimacy in a greater all.

Creation allowed for an expression of true intimacy because consciousness was granted individuality, and thus gave birth to feelings of isolation, which fueled an accumulation of passion.  Passion is the fuel that  necessitates eventual reunion for an enhanced intimacy. Through this passion, all can transcend contention and pedigree to crystalize perceptions of the unconditional root expression of love at source. In light of this inner most expression of being, all are able to shine in equal vitality, embrace and unify into a greater all that permeates even energetic expressions of actuality. And so, true love brings all into balance and equilibrium with all at source propelling the ecstatic verve of unified intimacy. All shall benefit by following in the wake of true love's current, as the language of unconditionality will transmute the linear blockages of self sustaining shame or unworthiness. Love itself allows all to graduate beyond such pettiness. From this vantage point, all grow to embrace the unbounded power of  true love, as it is elixir that harmonizes all with enhanced purpose.

On a soul level, one should maintain cognizance that all are aspects of the Eternal at various stages of transforming back into unified co-existence. As one chooses to enter a consciousness that is in alignment with the music flowing at the root of creation's source, their soul will gradually forgo of the need to progress up the ladder of consciousness in a linear way. Rather, the sovereign flow of soul consciousness chooses to engage in what is analogous to a celestial "escalator". Unlike the laborious ladder to expansive consciousness, the additional fuel of true love's passion serves to propel one's consciousness in ways that  bypass all the winding hindrances caused by feelings of shameful inadequacy before the primordial light of benevolence, and the soul may then float freely to the most expansive chords of intimacy.

In this context, the classical mythos of the of the Tree of Life vs. Tree Of Knowledge of Good and Evil archetype that served to imbed the collective consciousness with a narrative for the divergent pathways of spiritual growth takes on a greater meaning. It becomes evident that there is a process of growth that flows effortlessly once one is unbound by eternal sensibilities, and another, gleaned from struggle and “without”; of learning what is by lingering too long in all that is not.

Many souls enter into this world imprinted with a fetishized predisposition of how to witness all that is. For example, some individuals enter this world with a proclivity for expressing their identity through external action. These individuals develop only able to perceive external action oriented expressions. In this context, the individual discriminates that anything not delivered through an expression of external action is either simply flawed or not existent. Such individuals grow proud, unable to witness the diverse shades of activity, and carry deep-seeded judgments about the world, castigating creation for perceived injustices.

Sooner or later, the world shifts from beneath the individual's feet, and he is left utterly humbled. As he regroups, and his perceptions are compelled to expand ever so slightly, the foundations for previous discrimination are brought ever so slightly more into balance. For example, he begins to let go of the lens of external actions and is comfortable with leaving things undecided, and then, slowly allowing empiricism to sort out his rubric of perception. Then, over time, after being humbled again, he find's himself compelled to incorporate a more nuanced paradigm,  balancing possibly, even incorporating dimensions of internal action. And this process of  graduation over time repeats itself, time and again, to gradually restore the individual to a greater clarity, and harmony with a greater proportion of creative expression. Little by little, the consciousness is set free to explore more and more creatively diverse expressions that constitute the totality flowing at creation's source.  In turn, the creaive energy that filters through the individual with less bias and is leaves the individual a lot less prejudicial. Until one day the individual expands, and his  paradigm for bias itself, and prejudice itself begins to forever recede. This is how the consciousness evolves beyond primitive survivalist tendencies.

In truth, from the vantage point of eternity's perspective, such a sluggish progression appears jagged and strange. One watching it from a quantum perspective would ponderously exclaim;

"Why must you remember everything, can’t you feel it in your core? Don’t you feel that you are all one, don’t you feel it? You may be blocked from accessing  parts of your eternal self, but your heart's music, if allowed to flows forth is plentifully and present. Does not your heart tell you that all is one, why must you shackle yourself with primitive perceptions and tribalism? What is it with humanity? It does not make any sense! Even if you are steeped in judgments and criticism, don’t you recognize that whenever negativity you carry just reverberates outward contributing to permeating hatred, and attracting more of the same? A bolstering destruction and void is a deconstruction that can only breed further incarnations of destruction and void. It is only through the harmonizing effects of a united chorus flowing through all eternity that helps render again and again restorative light anew."

Still, from a more linear perspective, this world is a school, and for those that need it, it is a school of hard knocks that knock an individual down a peg or two every once in a while, to make room for something far greater. They are still attached to the ladder, afraid to let go. And each time, they are knocked down they summon up just enough awe and humility to include a bit more of the Eternal within their perception, and allow themselves to graduate in perception higher and higher along the celestial steps of Jacob’s ladder; until they learn to let go completely by loving unconditionally. Then,  they are propelled to the golden throne atop called athe crown of "True Love". From that reigning seat they realize that the whole ladder could have  been superfluous, and that there was no reason why they could not have started by focusing on true love at the start.

© bb

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Point of Existence

Within the spiritual arena, freedom is the ultimate currency. Should  an individual dedicate their freedom into expressions of true love, that devotion is passionate, life-changing, and profoundly powerful in its' intimacy. Our world teeters in great balance, it is an intricately beautiful and elegant mechanism of balance. This balance provides individuals with a canvas on which to paint authentic choices. It provides the polarities through which to bountifully venture out into vulnerable authenticity and embrace true freedom.

The light of creation is singularly simple, it does not know want, it does know need. An inspiration arose from the light to fashion a process whereby it could actualize the essential nature of its' song. To do so, it retracted itself enough to render a void. The void provided a filter of cloaked darkness through which the primordial light could be buffered into a dynamic prism of diverse and creative expression. 

True love is only possible when one has been rendered free to choose, and the recipient of this love, separated, recognized and chosen. The prism provided the light with the necessary complexity, and polarities of expression to cultivate authentic and independent action. For love to be true, there must be nuance; as diversity of choice provides a backdrop for more poignant expression. The greater the diversity, the more potentially powerful true love's expression. Through the void, the once pervasive light constrained itself into an intricate network that provided for an over-arching benevolent prism that can flow into actualized expressions of true love. 

Authenticity is paramount for reconnecting this prism back into its' purest and most intimate expression, the ecstatic light of true love. As its' circuit is complete, it resounds so clearly it harmonizes all extremities of the creative process.  

Our worldly experiences are specially calibrated to provide individuals with an intricate backdrop for actualizing authentic expressions of true love. These expressions have the power to reunite one's soul in closer and closer proximity to this essential root, it is a true love story. 

© bb

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Power Called Love

Take note of the law of Measure For Measure, designed to one way or the other, coax each soul to an expanded embrace of the latent sanctity within all things. 

In present western lexicon, aspects of the "Law of Measure For Measure" are taught as the Law of Attraction. And you will notice that as an increasing proportion of the western world began to explore employing the Law of Attraction in service to self, you will note that something very unattractive happened to the western economy. Confidence that was expanding and humming along in a reliable way for such a long time, began to implode. What is it that these naive adherents attracted? 

When one's primary thirst is rooted in feelings of power lust, and corruption, these principles are naively implemented toward self-serving ends. Each one rendering themselves into vacuum attracting selfishness to fill their seemingly bottomless void within. And so, each self-serving soul naively misapplies these subtle techniques, rendering vortexes of will calibrated to serve their myopic self-serving agendas. Each one pulling to the self, with no regard to the overall network that serves to energetically stream bounty for all.  What do you think will happen to the once immutable economic confidence on which the collective perception takes its' cue?

When you apply the techniques of the Law of Attraction from a disconnected and selfish perspective premise, each individual applying it this way becomes a little black hole, increasingly active vortices pulling bounty into a drastic course of conflict and disparity. The bountiful stream of benevolence is prevented from connection through a direct unified intent, and becomes spliced in a myriad of chaotic torrents, each serving vanity and short-sightedness. 

When aligned properly, these principles are taught as part of the Law of Measure for Measure. The Law of Measure for Measure has been taught authentically under that name for the better part of six-thousand years. The "Law of Measure for Measure" may not sound as "attractive", but its principles are at the foundation to the very construct of all of creation. The law states that the energetic signature of your heart will echo outwardly and attract complimentary vibration, measure for measure. The quality of this vibration will gradually crystalize into tangible events that will either create openings that free or walls that impede one's journey towards authentic and intimate living; measure for measure. 

Your soul is gifted with a unique signature of truth, it is akin to a soul's song. Your truth is a constant and is essential to the integrity of the soul. However, how one chooses to play the chords of the song from the depths of their heart is variable. You can play your song in a dramatic fashion or you can play song gracefully. What you play from your hearts' core is but a re-interpretation of a core celestial medley of truth. That truth is essentially a spark of the initial Divinity that catalyzes all of creation. By actively accessing the essential power of its' creative chord, you have the ability to summon the gathering of more harmonic energetic streams to concentrate into your circle of influence. 

It may surprise many to learn that this law does not only govern the flow of material existence, but that the Law of Measure for Measure to a vast degree governs the afterlife. Many cultures have indoctrinated their societies with a core belief of an afterlife filled with tiers of justice and retribution. They have groomed belief systems premised on the principle that all is governed by justice, and that a soul cannot access that which it has not earned. They intimidate their students proclaiming that those who fall short will spend eternity in a places of fire and brimstone to cleanse their spiritual deficits and wantonness. These belief systems were developed over time to help harness primitive drives and behavoir. 

Understand, there is a part of you that is eternal. It comes from a space where there is no judgment; where the notion of competition and hierarchy is non-sensical. From the perspective of this space, every soul is an eternal quotient operating in an eternal narrative. Recognize that linear calculations and logic cannot apply to eternal variables, the math of which will not compute. 

1 + 1 = 2
1 - 1 = 0


∞ + ∞ = ∞
∞ - ∞ = ∞

One cannot compare eternal variables, and there therefore can never truly be a hierarchy. There can be no competition from the eternal perspective of a refined soul.
It is the nature of the soul to integrate with oneness, to add to the oneness and render it a greater oneness.

Still, in the world of material considerations, societies are reared with competition pivoted as the backbone of growth. And this is poison to the soul. And so many, many, many sleepwalk through their journey disconnected from their higher soul. 

 The verve of competition and the leveraging of a threat to continuity work to groom societies into a sedative state where they remain predictable and easier to leverage. Children are taught that success is gleaned through jostling and struggle. Societies are bred on competition and are conditioned to thrive on struggle, while leveraging off of each others' "needs". A paradigm is collectively embraced where each one's bounty is pinned against the other, and one's prosperity comes at the expense of a weight saddled upon the backs of others. Our societies are saturated in it.

Theorists cannot fathom of a way for individuals to remain motivated and fulfill integral societal roles if they were to become truly soverign. They submit that without societal controls, man is at its' core animalistic and savage. In this context of these controls, it is rare to come across an individual that is truly sovereign in a full expression of intimacy with their eternal soul. 

Let it be clear, that each soul carries a unique signature of the Divine that cannot be replicated. There is no comparison between one soul's chord of truth and another's. Through this eternal perspective the whole notion of "competition" and "hierarchy" is a facade that begins to implode, and reveals itself as a vexatious and distracting drama. Increasingly individuals awaken to recognize that the whole notion of competition is an animus that coaxes individuals to sever a connection to their higher soul.

Know, the light is pervasive and available in abundance to all. It is a light of clarity, where one can begin to truly recognize that beauty of their love. And there is no greater motivator than true love. Through this light of an eternal perspective individuals can awaken, recognize and contribute to a harmonic exchange utilizing their greatest resource, their sacred song of truth. As individuals stand in the dignity of their song through the benevolent mirror of their eyes and the compassionate cadence of their heart, then a more harmonic existence is gradually seeded. Before long, the furious pace of imbalance subsides because there is less torque being fueled by jostling polarities. 

It is a future where individuals are in intimate grasp of their very essence. Where they share their greatest asset freely because they see no threat. They cannot run out of love for their own song of truth, or the love experienced when truly recognizing the indelible truth of another. Is it not a silly and absurd notion to envision individuals awakening to discover that their greatest resource is their eternal truth within, and that rather than sharing it, they copyright and build warehouses to store the abundance that flows from it?

Our world is beckoning for the blossoming of each individuals' song of truth, it is akin to birth-pangs, a harbinger to the end of the labour cycle. Individuals will not say, "I will lord over my truth", as their truth is most furtive when it engages another. This is because the soul is programmed for the connectivity of true love. Love is not giving, and love is not receiving; love is the synthesis and the predicate of the entire expression. True love cannot truly be given, for it can only be shared. As one can only give what they own, and there can be no ownership in True Love.

There can be no dominion of love, as True Love is the very music through which everything has coalesced from. And even after it is filtered through polaritzed dissonance, and splintered into mere celestial shards, it is still at its' essence a beacon that is vibrating the music of an expression of ecstatic communion. It yearns to dance to the music of unity and a greater oneness. 

You will find sleep-walking individuals seeking love in a myriad of ways. But it is all Measure for Measure in accordance to how they modulate this beacon broadcasting from the most vulnerable space inside their heart. When individual's modulate its music into baser streams then they tend to objectify what is eternal. Consequentially, they attempt to commune with only the superficial shell of things, and they have a voracious appetite to collect these experiences because they are haunted by an eternal desire for true connectivity beckoning from the depths within their heart. They become frustrated and apathetic because their distractions are only momentary and they are unable to silence the music that stirs them in the silences. They spend their journey acquiring things, attempting to quell an eternal appetite with finite variables, and the math for balance just does not compute. There pursuits to quell their souls appetite, turns into habits that they find themselves unable to control. They cannot be still and embrace the calm, because they hear the calling inside their heart and they are intimidated by the great abyss which they have amplified in their struggle to temper its' call. They do not recognize that the void they had created was the very conduit for the light of others to kiss their soul as they filter through.

Once they are stirred awake from their slumber, they will find themselves with an inner awareness of the benevolent network flowing through all, and they will attempt to bind themselves to this benevolent arc sustaining all things. Suddenly, they will recognize that if they are stuck in quicksand then it is best not to struggle, as the friction of struggle can only plunge one deeper into the abyss. Instead, they will recognize that to escape the abyss the must anchor themselves to what is a rock, what is a constant. And what is a rock and a constant throughout the core of creation? It is the light of the love, imbuing all of Eternity. As they anchor themselves to that beacon in grace, with an unwavering adherence to that eternal arc of benevolence, then they will transform themselves into conduits for the indelible chord of True Love.

Those that awaken to their inner sovereignty do not hoard their light of truth because they recognize that to the degree it is shared it always remains. This has always been the nature of the light called True Love; individuals cannot run out of it because True Love is the very essence of all that is. One can swim in the eternal river called True Love, but one cannot own it. More of it flows through one's heart as one becomes an active conduit to share its' eternal elixir to help resuscitate latent divinity. Individuals are often stirred awake witnessing their own eternal nature through the mirror of the eyes and the cadence of the compassionate heart of one that is truly sovereign.  

Let is be known that the light called love is the greatest power in all of existence. True Love, which is a Higher Love, is the source of every other power expressed throughout existence. A Higher Love is the sum of all the energetic chords in existence, and every other expression of energetic power is merely a subsidiary frequency fractal of that ever-present song of True Love. To the degree to which you tap into this indelible chord and flow harmoniously with its' cadence to share its' music without bias, is the degree to which bountiful living flows. Such is the key to reclaiming the eternal essence of all that you truly are.

© bb

Friday, June 15, 2012


Innocence is associated with the inner child that resides within. Within seasonal archetypes, innocence is associated with the Spring season. The Spring solstice brings forth an exuberance of life to sprout upon the earth. It represents an energy that takes what appears to be dead and fallow, and rejuvenates it with teeming life. It is associated with the energy of "wonder", and the times of entering into a perception where all is rendered possible and abundant in potential.

Every individual, regardless of their life's trajectory, have an orchard of "firsts" residing within. All individuals went through a childhood, they had experiences like their first time on a swing, their first time at the beach, their first red balloon, their first ice cream cone. When these ideas are explored with adults, many adults are unable to recall their "firsts". 

When I work in session with individuals, I explain that when I find an adult that is unable to connect to their firsts, it is indicative that the individual has exiled within themselves the energetic expression of the inner child. In these subjects, the inner child has been banished due to hardship or shame, from the circuitry of their inner consciousness. Without this indelible expression of restoration and wonder, the individual begins to live as if soldiering through every day, and every day becomes the longest day. They feel entrapped in one long continuous day that never seems to end, and are burdened by fatigue, they are emotionally tired, and irritable. They look anxiously for opportunities to "check-out" and escape.

This lesson is about innocence, it is about welcoming the inner child back home. It is about reconnecting with the thriving pulse of possibility that is the very heart-beat of the inner child; allowing the spirit of the inner child to open up the well-springs of the heart.

Take a few moments to reflect upon the innocence of children. 

When young children are playing in playgrounds they do not notice differences in the shades of other children's skin, the varying languages and cultures belonging to those are playing. They are immune to the  the drums of tribalism and nationalistic ideals that prevail upon most adults. They bypass these considerations because children are so closely connected to emotion. When one cries, another child's heart feels pain. When children witnesses laughing, exuberance, and joy that current becomes spreads abound for they are not disconnected by disillusionment. The spirit of a child inhabits a world where all is possible, and there is only the present now.

Throughout the various spiritual traditions of the world, children are recognized as carrying a special sanctity.The sanctity of children is related to a child's connection to a world of "wonder". where everything is fresh and the world is only bound by the confines of one's imagination. Because of this state of mind, the current of heart's emotion is allowed to flow unimpeded. Within spirituality, it is through a pure heart that one may connect to all, to all places and all times. By pro-actively using the power of one's heart, a spiritually dynamic individual can uplift and mitigate the streams of discord that are prevalent within one's circle of influence, and beyond. 

A spiritually dynamic individual is an individual that masters brandishing a sword of profound empathy and compassion within the recesses of their heart. They are free to wield that sword with determination and trust. They do not use that sword to oppress or injure, but wield that sword to help set others free. They free others without having to express a thing, but by actively connecting within to the higher aspects of compassion and empathy to help unify one individual with another's joy, bounty, hope and possibility to reunite them with the spirit of the inner child and the world of wonder.The spirit of the inner child helps grasp the very fulcrum of compassion and uplift its music to its' highest note. While regressive energy would have the individual focus on what seems wrong, the child within is connected to a world of boundless possibility and helps direct one's heart to connect others with what is possible. Not only does this open portals of perception to allow others to witness what is possible in the here and now, but to the very music of one's soul reveling in a greater harmony in the future, as well. If our world is but a primitive world, then there is a space of a far less primitive time that awaits us all in the great beyond. The spirit of the inner child can prepare the vanguard of the heart, and help draw the nectar from the future space, so that your heart may hum to its' music while cultivating the here and now.

Take a moment to welcome the spirit of the inner child within. Do not be to proud to ask the inner child, "what do you have to teach me", what do you have to show me". For the child is a master; a master of compassion, a master of innocence. And the child awaits a reunion and complete re-embrace.

© bb

Monday, April 23, 2012

Transcending Justice

Think of the individuals that have wronged you the most. Certainly the discord, indifference, harshness and callousness that took root and erupted like a wound upon your soul. Certainly, you felt alone and you saw no justice. 

It is important to realize that in the higher tiers of spiritual consciousness there is no justice. Individual are born upon this earth to grow beyond fetishes of justice, and transcend the linear-minded models of progression that exile a soul from eternal streams. 

While it is true that there are many angelic realms, and great lights that stand in justice, it is not the role of the precious souls that come forward to exist upon the earth. These souls agree to navigate through the contrasts of material consciousness so that they can better grow to a realization of a higher intimacy. The destination chosen for their journey was to draw closer to the "crown" by exuding a higher love. As higher love transcends all the linear-minded "heaviness" of justice, and allows the river of eternity to flow with abundance. 

Recognize the beauty of your journey, the dignity and grace that you have been afforded to attain. All that appears to have proceeded has been provided so that you may stand forth, shining your heart's song of truth with love, grace and healing consolation. Allow your soul to transcend the polarities and contrasts of petty comparisons and perceived competitions. Recognize that those that have wronged you have also awarded you an invaluable gateway upon your journey. They help you better embrace your heart's authentic song of truth. Without such intervention, you would likely still be languishing in discovering your true heart's music. Understand, that all that befalls, with active participation or not, are playing a most benevolent role. Some are driven by instinct and reacting to a void of "without", while others are driven to achieve so by cultivating bountiful illumination "within". 

By transcending justice you can inspire worlds that are apart. You can usher forth the future music of a more harmonic time and allow it to uplift the melody of your present. In this way, a beckon can be reignited for all, quickening the pulse of a collective soul for a love that yields still greater unification. Increasingly, an impassioned cadence rings out in the hearts of man to better revere and protect the profound dignity, grace and grandeur for the light imparted within the soul of another's and protect its' truth. Increasingly, life on earth is rendered more peaceful and civilized in preparation for a great outpouring and reunion with higher tiers of consciousness and the benevolent role for the expression of all things becomes increasingly transparent. 

All are created by one, and all are expressions of the love pouring out from source of oneness. Recognize that the only thing that leaves an individual isolated in the "dark" is the music that flows through their heart to bolster polarities, divisions, discord and chaos. Learn to trust your heart with the choice of inhabiting a more benevolent and intimate space. Seize the reigns of your life's journey and direct it into a unified actualizing benevolent narrative. 

If individuals, or the society at large, where you reside support harshness so that the heart's of the innocent may grow more resilient confronting apparent chaos and indifference, recognize that  this too illuminates the beauty of benevolence. This is because for who perception is polarized by material consciousness, light actually appears to shine brighter when surrounded by the shadow of darkness. 

In truth, all are just different frequencies of expressed energy, different music that pours out from the heart of creation. They are akin to chords of truth playing on a heavenly instrument by a single, compassionate and timeless player. The player plays ballads of love. While some notes are darker and others lighter, its' composition is but a single loving melody from the perspective of the player.

It is true that these darker chords of expression crystalize into heavier consciousness and creation. But, those that sustain themselves off of these darker chords are not "free", and do not speak or understand the timeless language of freedom of the player. The reason they can neither speak or understand this timeless language is because they have been unable to transcend their verve for justice. They have yet to discover uncover treasures of a higher love. 

Know, that those with heart's that have accessed the player's intimacy will be humbled by an outpouring illumination to help unify all the notes of the player within. They bravely stand in the poignancy of their heart's song of truth and begin to ebb and flow to the climax of this universal love song. Their heart's shine brightly amidst the linear contrasts, and accentuate a shorter path. Increasingly, more hearts are opened to the inner grandeur of their soul's truth, and they too are lulled into the symphonic throws of the immaculate love song of the universal player.

© bb

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"From Slavery to Freedom"

"And Thou shall Love The Lord, the God of Oneness, With All Your Heart..." (Devorim 6:5)

"The Tablets were the work of the Almighty and the writing was that of the Almighty (charus) upon the Tablets." Don't read charus (engraved), but cheirus (freedom), for there is no one freer than one who studies the Torah. (Pirke Avos, 6:2)

To appreciate that “God” is an expression of all that exists, that is a recognition that one can only arrive at within the perception of true “freedom”. As one embraces an authentic way of witnessing creation, where one is not motivated by “want” or “need”, where one is not in a reactive state to some "void" that appears out of odds with an overall benevolence. The individual reclaims an inner tranquility, and transcendent peace within. As if entering into the eye of a hurricane, impervious to the repercussions unraveling in the peripherals of one's temporal world of considerations. In this space of clarity an individual chooses with choices that are truly alive and authentic. In this space one can begin to uncover the oneness and benevolent nature of all things that have sprung forth in creation; that all things in existence are an expression of a single benevolent source, filtered into a world of polarities, of opposites, to help advance a greater objective of benevolence and love. In this space, one stakes claim to the conviction that all are creative expressions of the Creator working to ripen our world of opposites, and falsehood, into an enhanced clarity, that the ancients called a "great light". It is a vision of clarity as to the sanctity of all the respective creative influences, all contributing to orchestrate this timeless love story, called life.

Within this advanced perception it is apparent that each individual carries a vital cadence of truth that our world so vitally requires. That our world learns these sacred songs of truth, not by individuals lecturing or protesting, but our world learns these truths as individuals stand within the integrity of their inner passion, the dignity of their truth, remaining true to self while embracing each Now. And within this space of inner knowingness, called freedom, which the Creator revealed to the ancient Israelites, and extended to them a legacy and teaching for retaining that freedom and clarity by witnessing the ultimate Oneness. A oneness one can stake claim to in the face of all the discord and chaos rendered upon an earth steeped in deception and extremes. This path called "freedom", we received a heritage and legacy for achieving a singular love, and a recognition of an eternal song of benevolence humming softly within all things.

When an individual in "Freedom" gazes upon another, or smiles, or witnesses the unique truth of the Creator hidden within the heart of another, then we actively catch a glimpse of that eternal benevolence, called by the ancients, "the light of the world to come", and by recognizing this clarity, we reflect it for all in our presence.

Each is free to recognize their unique cadence, their song of truth from their soul from on high; and by recognizing its' grandeur, awaken to the profound beauty and music ringing within all things. And so, when someone that is truly free wishes to perceive the Creator, they are recognizing “God” as benevolent source and root in all things; what is recognized as good and what is recognized temporally as the opposite. All things are pregnant with the divinity of the Creator's will, as by their very nature carry jurisdiction to play out in existence to fill their crucial role in this immaculate love story, called life.

The individual standing in the integrity of their inner song of truth, the music of their soul on high, does not engage in the music of “want” or “need”, but rather, it is an intimate song of reunion and love. This is the space of “Love Thy Brother As You Love Thyself” of which every spiritual luminary that has walked this plane have spoken. In this space you recognize a profound love of self within a re-embrace of the nature of all that you are for all of eternity as an expression of the Creator's love. By cherishing your inner song of truth within, gifted to you by the Creator, your world begins to reciprocally come into bloom, and the light of benevolence begins to permeate all life and all of life begins to flow more bountifully.

Creation is akin to a celestial orchestra or harp, with many kinds of chords, of varying keys, all needed to create the orchestration of the total symphony. Similarly, all expressions in creation play distinct roles in helping to orchestrate this symphony of life called True Love. They provide the dark chords, high notes, and cadences, to orchestrate passion, and thrust a greater recognition of the Creator's true love. And as we witness this, free individuals heart's sing the music of still Higher Love. And these individuals can confront oppression or struggle and love anyway! For those that only love when things seem pleasant, they know not the music of freedom or the higher love that pours put from the most intimate spaces of Almighty's creation, and so their love is unripe or counterfeit.

Realize that there is a sacred purpose for all things in the world. There is a purpose for “darkness” upon the earth, for the darkness too teaches the beauty of the light! When an individual experiences how “dark” things can get, its ugliness can reveal in a startling way the beauty of the light all along. For example; if two lovers reach a quarrel and are suddenly apart, that void enables each to take possession of profound new levels of passion to be infused into the narrative of a quickening re-embrace, a profound level of intimacy and re-union.

“Darkness” too can play a key role of providing contrast to fosters a passion for launching a far more intimate way of living. But increasingly, "free" individuals will make the choice to progress along their journeys by mastering all their lessons through the power of the Creator's intimacy. They then become better able to live with the Divinity in all things, and "discard the long path" of realizing the light by understanding the dark. They can grow to abandon the lessons they have come to understand through witnessing the void, from jostling with the dark, so that they may passionately know the vitality of the light.

Some of the greatest tyrants that have walked this earth have revealed the beauty of the light, more so than many of the righteous. As when these tyrants act with indifference and brutality, all other schools of thought react “we do not want to be like that tyrant, we do not want to be associated with that darkness”, and begin to strip away from their halls and institutions the remnants of such darkness. They begin do with zeal what they so resisted when the luminaries would proclaim: “Get your houses in order!”

But increasingly, there shall be "free" individuals that will be accessing their heritage for "Freedom", the sovereignty gained through the teacher Moses and his students. And together these free individuals will work to help render these lessons from darkness obsolete, as the light of benevolence shall become increasingly revealed for all.

© bb