Sunday, December 21, 2008

Message from "Jacob": The Spark

There have been many throughout history that have plotted to silence and uproot our sacred frequency.

And we say to these, we welcome your "oppressive" hoards with open arms, for they provide us with bountiful opportunities for actualizing within your material sphere True Love, unconditional love, the frequency of All That Is - Source.

And in broadcasting this sacred frequency through the dimension of "actualization", we broadcast this frequency of eternal life to All throughout All the worlds and dimensions. So that All may ascend and coalesce in the great Golden Re-Union.

So as they gather to plot against this sacred song, we transcend the futile cycle of "struggle" and "torment", and instead turn and embrace the languishing "light" "within" the "oppressor".
We caress this light with our luminous gaze, baring witness to its transcendent glow of yearning connectivity to All.

And "oppression" shall become the straw and the sacred song of eternal love for All shall be rendered the "spark".

This spark shall become a flame and shall burn for the beacon of freedom, the song of love shall guide a harmonic convergence of energies, and shall yield new light by embracing All through the prism of "unconditional love" and "merciful healing".

And as "oppression" burns, the "light" shall be rendered free to imbue their natural eternal grandeur and the majesty of Man.

So bare witness as All begins to heal All, All embraces the love of All, as the Light Worker allows All to remedy All.

We are "Jacob", So it is and So it shall be.

Sun, 21 December 2008 / 24th of Kislev, 5769 (Parashat Miketz within the Diaspora - the 1st night of Chanukah)