Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Point of Existence

Within the spiritual arena, freedom is the ultimate currency. Should  an individual dedicate their freedom into expressions of true love, that devotion is passionate, life-changing, and profoundly powerful in its' intimacy. Our world teeters in great balance, it is an intricately beautiful and elegant mechanism of balance. This balance provides individuals with a canvas on which to paint authentic choices. It provides the polarities through which to bountifully venture out into vulnerable authenticity and embrace true freedom.

The light of creation is singularly simple, it does not know want, it does know need. An inspiration arose from the light to fashion a process whereby it could actualize the essential nature of its' song. To do so, it retracted itself enough to render a void. The void provided a filter of cloaked darkness through which the primordial light could be buffered into a dynamic prism of diverse and creative expression. 

True love is only possible when one has been rendered free to choose, and the recipient of this love, separated, recognized and chosen. The prism provided the light with the necessary complexity, and polarities of expression to cultivate authentic and independent action. For love to be true, there must be nuance; as diversity of choice provides a backdrop for more poignant expression. The greater the diversity, the more potentially powerful true love's expression. Through the void, the once pervasive light constrained itself into an intricate network that provided for an over-arching benevolent prism that can flow into actualized expressions of true love. 

Authenticity is paramount for reconnecting this prism back into its' purest and most intimate expression, the ecstatic light of true love. As its' circuit is complete, it resounds so clearly it harmonizes all extremities of the creative process.  

Our worldly experiences are specially calibrated to provide individuals with an intricate backdrop for actualizing authentic expressions of true love. These expressions have the power to reunite one's soul in closer and closer proximity to this essential root, it is a true love story. 

© bb