Sunday, April 1, 2012

"From Slavery to Freedom"

"And Thou shall Love The Lord, the God of Oneness, With All Your Heart..." (Devorim 6:5)

"The Tablets were the work of the Almighty and the writing was that of the Almighty (charus) upon the Tablets." Don't read charus (engraved), but cheirus (freedom), for there is no one freer than one who studies the Torah. (Pirke Avos, 6:2)

To appreciate that “God” is an expression of all that exists, that is a recognition that one can only arrive at within the perception of true “freedom”. As one embraces an authentic way of witnessing creation, where one is not motivated by “want” or “need”, where one is not in a reactive state to some "void" that appears out of odds with an overall benevolence. The individual reclaims an inner tranquility, and transcendent peace within. As if entering into the eye of a hurricane, impervious to the repercussions unraveling in the peripherals of one's temporal world of considerations. In this space of clarity an individual chooses with choices that are truly alive and authentic. In this space one can begin to uncover the oneness and benevolent nature of all things that have sprung forth in creation; that all things in existence are an expression of a single benevolent source, filtered into a world of polarities, of opposites, to help advance a greater objective of benevolence and love. In this space, one stakes claim to the conviction that all are creative expressions of the Creator working to ripen our world of opposites, and falsehood, into an enhanced clarity, that the ancients called a "great light". It is a vision of clarity as to the sanctity of all the respective creative influences, all contributing to orchestrate this timeless love story, called life.

Within this advanced perception it is apparent that each individual carries a vital cadence of truth that our world so vitally requires. That our world learns these sacred songs of truth, not by individuals lecturing or protesting, but our world learns these truths as individuals stand within the integrity of their inner passion, the dignity of their truth, remaining true to self while embracing each Now. And within this space of inner knowingness, called freedom, which the Creator revealed to the ancient Israelites, and extended to them a legacy and teaching for retaining that freedom and clarity by witnessing the ultimate Oneness. A oneness one can stake claim to in the face of all the discord and chaos rendered upon an earth steeped in deception and extremes. This path called "freedom", we received a heritage and legacy for achieving a singular love, and a recognition of an eternal song of benevolence humming softly within all things.

When an individual in "Freedom" gazes upon another, or smiles, or witnesses the unique truth of the Creator hidden within the heart of another, then we actively catch a glimpse of that eternal benevolence, called by the ancients, "the light of the world to come", and by recognizing this clarity, we reflect it for all in our presence.

Each is free to recognize their unique cadence, their song of truth from their soul from on high; and by recognizing its' grandeur, awaken to the profound beauty and music ringing within all things. And so, when someone that is truly free wishes to perceive the Creator, they are recognizing “God” as benevolent source and root in all things; what is recognized as good and what is recognized temporally as the opposite. All things are pregnant with the divinity of the Creator's will, as by their very nature carry jurisdiction to play out in existence to fill their crucial role in this immaculate love story, called life.

The individual standing in the integrity of their inner song of truth, the music of their soul on high, does not engage in the music of “want” or “need”, but rather, it is an intimate song of reunion and love. This is the space of “Love Thy Brother As You Love Thyself” of which every spiritual luminary that has walked this plane have spoken. In this space you recognize a profound love of self within a re-embrace of the nature of all that you are for all of eternity as an expression of the Creator's love. By cherishing your inner song of truth within, gifted to you by the Creator, your world begins to reciprocally come into bloom, and the light of benevolence begins to permeate all life and all of life begins to flow more bountifully.

Creation is akin to a celestial orchestra or harp, with many kinds of chords, of varying keys, all needed to create the orchestration of the total symphony. Similarly, all expressions in creation play distinct roles in helping to orchestrate this symphony of life called True Love. They provide the dark chords, high notes, and cadences, to orchestrate passion, and thrust a greater recognition of the Creator's true love. And as we witness this, free individuals heart's sing the music of still Higher Love. And these individuals can confront oppression or struggle and love anyway! For those that only love when things seem pleasant, they know not the music of freedom or the higher love that pours put from the most intimate spaces of Almighty's creation, and so their love is unripe or counterfeit.

Realize that there is a sacred purpose for all things in the world. There is a purpose for “darkness” upon the earth, for the darkness too teaches the beauty of the light! When an individual experiences how “dark” things can get, its ugliness can reveal in a startling way the beauty of the light all along. For example; if two lovers reach a quarrel and are suddenly apart, that void enables each to take possession of profound new levels of passion to be infused into the narrative of a quickening re-embrace, a profound level of intimacy and re-union.

“Darkness” too can play a key role of providing contrast to fosters a passion for launching a far more intimate way of living. But increasingly, "free" individuals will make the choice to progress along their journeys by mastering all their lessons through the power of the Creator's intimacy. They then become better able to live with the Divinity in all things, and "discard the long path" of realizing the light by understanding the dark. They can grow to abandon the lessons they have come to understand through witnessing the void, from jostling with the dark, so that they may passionately know the vitality of the light.

Some of the greatest tyrants that have walked this earth have revealed the beauty of the light, more so than many of the righteous. As when these tyrants act with indifference and brutality, all other schools of thought react “we do not want to be like that tyrant, we do not want to be associated with that darkness”, and begin to strip away from their halls and institutions the remnants of such darkness. They begin do with zeal what they so resisted when the luminaries would proclaim: “Get your houses in order!”

But increasingly, there shall be "free" individuals that will be accessing their heritage for "Freedom", the sovereignty gained through the teacher Moses and his students. And together these free individuals will work to help render these lessons from darkness obsolete, as the light of benevolence shall become increasingly revealed for all.

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