Sunday, December 12, 2010

To Be of the Light

To Be of the Light

A spiritually dynamic individual must recover a foundation of what innately is of "the light" and what intently is of "the dark". Only in this way, can a spiritually dynamic individual navigate recovering the languishing light that exists within all while paying no heed to that which postures as "the light" as they leverage off the light of others through fear, dominion and seduction to sustain their own self-serving agendas.

To be of the light is to be in tune with the core heart resonance of all that flows within. It is a space of great sensitivity, compassion and care. It is a stream of devotion and service; a poignant longing for the eventual benevolent re-connectivity of all.

Those who consciously navigate through the material world of polarities with sensitivity and spiritual dynamism need only to hold up energetic agencies and their activities of energetic expression to the following litmus test:

Is this agency on an active trajectory to uncovering the languishing light within all, reigniting the void to produce a still greater light of illuminated knowing and understanding?
Is this agency compassionate even to that which it does not aspire to be like?
Is this agency wielding the light of inspiration, but is not using their will to force, compel or leverage another?

Only through this lens of distinctions will it become apparent for one to truly discern what is in service to reconnecting the light in all and what is posing as "the light" in order to further render dominion for itself.

Much is said of "the dark", so much is spoken of its seduction and its thirst for power, its drive to create its own fiefdom leveraged upon the backs of the ignorant. Its methods of seduction, organization and execution that coax the ignorant masses to surrender their innate sovereignty and freedom. But little is explored relating the most elementary indicators for recognizing the most illuminating distinction between "the light" and "the dark". "The dark" will grow its dominion by coaxing ignorant individuals with spiritual potentials to surrender their light and will to the dominion of their agencies, methods and agendas. They seal this arrangement by providing the ignorant with the optics and feeling that they have a greater verve of "control" and "power".

An individual that is not in a place of harmony and peace with what truly is finds themselves susceptible to borrowing upon the verve of darker chords of creation for a facade of "power" because they feel a deep void, out of balance with the innate harmony of what Is. They feel abandoned, angry, and innately, they feel impotent and weak.

The energies of "the dark" will operate with the aim of rendering individual's with spiritual potential callous. They will attempt to place individual into scenarios where they can best induce expressions of stark cynicism, callousness and indifference. At first such callousness will be brought to the fore for that which is perceived as different, opposite, or as a threat to the individual. They will try to position these as opposite, different, and most importantly; irredeemable. In this way, they will begin to envelop the individual's heart with the coarse substance of callousness for that which is unlike them. And this is how it grows, for as they as one acquires a "hardened heart" for what is perceived as different, the cynicism and callousness will spread like a cancer, until the individual finds themselves unable to identify themselves by what they are: but only by what they are not. Thus, they link their very identity to the separation of what they abhor and detest. They will continue to segment and divide in their perceptions all of creation through the lens of the negative streams and characteristics they perceive as being innate to their construct of an "other". All this contributes to the numbing of their senses and faculties to a sincere perception of what is actually stirring within their own heart. This will proceed further and further along, until the individual has separated himself and reduced the vast majority of creation he is able to witness, all while not knowing what he is, but only by defining himself through the distorted lens of what he is not. Such is trajectory of the seduction of the darker chords of creation.

The way out of this viscous cycle of leveraging one's heart resonance and perception with such dire devolvement is available at all times through one's innate expression of true "feeling". A true feeling within the chord of "compassion" is powerful enough to begin to fuel the uncovering of the innate connectivity of all. For, at all times, an individual can reach profound chords of compassion and access connectivity to advocate, heal and feel for what is not like oneself. An individual that is able to exhibit a verve of compassion for the latent light that exists within the fabric of all creation is an individual that can begin to coax it alight. This is an individual that is connected with the sacred light of all! For through this chord one has taken an active role in the poignant stream of the light progression to a collective ascension and re-connectivity. For this is the very definition of what it means to be "of the light".

Individuals who are spiritually dynamic must go through the discipline of daily visualizing that which is not like them, that which they do not aspire to be like, that which they find abhorrent and send profound cadences of "compassion". Sending compassion for the abandonment resonance that is quaking within these individuals that has crumbled their constitution by way of the seduction of these base trajectories. Recognize this resonance of "abandonment", and receive it with arms outstretched to realign it at its foundational core, to release the latent light within, to cut through the substance of callousness that enveloped their true core so that they may too be of service in a dynamic way to help progress an actualization of the gradual re-connection of "many" back into "all".

Sunday, October 3, 2010

midnight angel

midnight angel of glances serene

open your music box for all to glean

of your harmonic chords and supple delight

a moonlit precursor for the eternal light

washing away the malevolent ways

with rays of comeliness bringing better days

she carries the waters of wonder to come

unsheathing within each the golden sun

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Rush of Home

oh, fair jubilee

silhouette serene

wings that accord

hastening sent

daring & divine

stilled in motion

breath of heaven

cords ecstatic

harmony singing

lights caressing

soft dew driven

tender sanctity

soutenu of love

tour en l'air

a rush of home

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A New Sun Rising

a new sun is rising

she is the morning's dew

solace's pledge of tenderness

she faithfully dances in softer hues

to ripen the first fruits of a majestic tune

with eyes reflecting a consonance of yore

her lips plump with surrender's might

the enduring kiss of harmony virtue

I stand unguarded by her side

with overwhelming tenderness

answering the measure of her heart

within, the cadence of devotion

bathed in innocence and erstwhile longing

oh, fair effloresce made of light

I breathe to blossom her sweetest scent

a clarion resounds to once impregnable walls

as we sway to the music of sweet release

spirits aloft beneath a irrepressible sun

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time to Advance

In the spiraling twists of your destiny's hue, cling to me beloved, anchor your song onto that which is constant and never in flux.

Caress the echo of your sweet release from contrast and change to pour your soul forward within the intimacy of your sacred verve.

You are beckoned forward to progress along your tier by transcending all that attaches and divides.

For you are a key of salvation, intimately chosen and powerful in your intimacy, advance your love for the betterment of all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

True Spirituality (Kidusha)

So much is misunderstood about the nature of spirit, as spirit is not a science, it is not linear. Spirit is a connectivity, a space of merging with eternity where linear machinations fold and implode upon themselves, and things progress in non-linear fashion where you could go from the middle straight to an end point, or from the end point directly to the beginning in a fraction of the time as a linear progression of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. It is called "the short path" and it is called the path of "intimacy"; and spirit is intimacy.

To be spiritual is to merge in alignment with your intimate self and dedicate that intimacy within the vitality that is you, that song of truth, and dedicate it to an emerging realignment and merging; an emergence of a gestalt to reunite with a Higher Collective of you. This is a reunion of oneness progressing back into the singular "all". That is spirit, that is spirituality.

Spirituality is two lovers running on the beach back into an immaculate re-embrace. Spirituality cannot be used as a weapon, spirituality cannot be used to coerce, spirituality that is coercion is not spiritual. For spirituality is intimacy and love, and oppression is not love and is not intimate.

It is like two lovers and when one lover is with another both must remain vulnerable and expand into a greater sum of the parts, a gestalt phenomenon back into a higher collective of oneness. Together they coalesce and form something that is greater than the sum of their individual selves, and that is spirituality, that is intimacy, that is reunion, that is the river of eternity flowing forth to usher in the gradual expansion of "many" back into "all".