Friday, December 11, 2009

Eating & Co-Creation

Remember, its not your intentions (mind) that matters, it is what you are resonating (your heart) that matters. And so when you eat, and realize that food has energy, that energy has intelligence, and you are partnering with intelligence at all times.

You are always co-creating, always. You are never alone, ever, and when you close the shade, the only one you close the shade on is you... it is silly, being alone is truly an impossibility as All in creation are perpetually connected.

Realize that you are always partnering in creation, and your choice is, do I partner with energetic resonances as a "captive" or co-create "actively"?

Because if you are in a stage of "want" and "need", then you are reactionary. You are not choosing, you are being compelled. So, you are not vibrating at high space; you are vibrating at a very base space. You are like on the lower keys (of creation), you are not on the highest keys in the creation's piano.

And so, if you are eating from a space of "need" and "want", what are you imparting to that "naïve" energy intelligence, that is coming to partner its energy for the next day? Are you teaching it the language of LOVE; existence and free will?

What if you teach it want and need resonances, are you not responsible for teaching it that in this dimension you must be a brat!?

When you have a partner in energy who is a big brat, who is slowing you down from progressing all the time, it is like racing with cement boots. And so you say: "its pretty difficult to co-create with a brat".

And many individuals, go to sleep one day and wake up the next morning and they feel completely different and they are like: "What happened to me?" And I say try recognizing "gratitude" in your life, and try eating from a space of grace. Try it a few days and see how it works for you. See what happens with that energy.

You don’t need to do the Susan Summers thing... try this and see what happens. Your body is a good partner, it likes you to the degree that you like it. Its not out to get you. Try resonating grace. Reach forgiveness for what you have done, what you have taught. Teach a different language, a less primitive language of being, educate it, and this shall stop the inertia, and you will start flowing in the currents of what Is.

Because you are never alone. And you only choose who to partner with. And that higher aspects of self that stayed behind, they are waiting to assist. They talk to you through your dreams. They talk to you through your heart, all the time, if you just learn to listen and understand.

Individuals, they go in meditation and prayer and they are talking, praying and meditating, and they don’t bother, listening! Just listen for an instant. They know how to speak to you. They know your private language because they are you. Yes, they are you!

So listen to what they have to say, they have a different perspective. They see things from a bigger space. And they wish to coax you along your path, out of your primitive fetishes, into a more civilized space to becoming an actualized individual that is unified with All That Is.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Divine Names

In the mystical schools, there are Divine names, names for the Almighty, energies, angels and such. Some names were considered to be so sacred that they were only to be uttered at assigned moments, and there are names that are so very lofty that they are no longer accessed in these times. For they are considered too lofty, too sacred, too distant from mankind's present state of consciousness, and thereby are remain an enigma to man.

The ancients understood that there is no name for Source, for All That Is, for a name is to contain an essence, giving it dimensionality, parameters. But Source is eternal, infinite in every way, and cannot be contained within the vessel of a name.

The mystics understood that the Almighty and its benevolent legions were designated with formulas, coordinates for accessing through perception the "space", dimensionality and resonance of each associated energy that streams forth from the eye of Source.

The names of a particular, energy, the names called Divine, the names for the Almighty Source; although phonetically the vibrations transmitted through the pronunciation reverberating through the human form activate capacities to perceive; the true essences of these names were formulas for perceptions, for perceiving a "space". a dimension from where this energy is transmitted forth, from which this energy is birthed, from which the energy is "sent". For the theme of an energy is consistent in its transmission both at its inception and at its arrival in perception of the "satisfaction" resonance. It is always one theme, one mandate, and always consistent to its cord of resonance.

Divine names were always for the mystics formulas for accessing and arriving to spiritual spaces/ dimensions, as the name itself carried the vibration and coordinates for accessing precise perception. Simply expressing the name was not the vehicle for ascending the dimensionality, an expansion towards the "space" for intimate connectivity with that energy of Source. Simply reciting the name was not the useful method of approach, as the name itself was a meditative formula. The individual that would utter the name in proper aligned perception would perceive the appropriate resonance coordinates of "perception", and in raising one's vibration, one's perceptions navigating through the abstract spiritual tiers and realms of higher light energy resonance. The name itself was encoded with the coordinates for perceiving the specific resonance of Source within intimacy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Preparing To Drink From The Waters Of Eternity

If an individual closes his eyes, and finds that he is unable to bring down the collective of creation into his perception. He should focus on bringing all thoughts into oneness, by aligning all of one's journey, all of the points into a singular expansive narrative of oneness. For eternity is infinity, a singular unified unit. And so when you want to travel back towards the embrace of the Infinite, back toward eternity, and connect to infinite streams of consciousness; you must prepare your mind to come in oneness with All That IS.

You were given journey with objectives for this life, you were awarded markers of disappointment and frustration, and many points of glory in this lifetime. You should begin to coalesce your story into a singular narrative of expansive actualization, by discovering its unifying theme. Take all the fragments of your journey and allow these to become the bricks that pave the road of ascent heading somewhere. As you redeem each action, you should begin to uncover compassion and mercy for those that wronged you. You will discover that those individuals that have wronged you have imparted to you profound lessons from the perspective of "without". They taught you precisely what it is that you are not! They thereby headed you along your journey right on que. As you begin to discover this road of ascent that you have been traveling on, then you can begin to expand to perceive the road you are headed to.

As you begin to welcome the road you are heading to "within", ideas that resonate will begin to take root within you that were not part of your previous schema of perception. You will begin to wittess manifestations and energies of which you previously did not align yourself, and that you remained ablivious to. But suddenly, you percieve that these to are all aspects of All That Is that flows within you. Much of which, you had previously bound and limited their expression becuase of your resonance of shame.

You will be shown points of experience or archetypes that are presented to you. And you must surrender to these by connectng them to an expansive narrative of actualized oneness all echoing the music of benevolence and healing.These will be sent your way, and your job is to take these from fragmentation and convert these to a narrative of singularity and expansion within the dimension of "actuality".

Friday, June 12, 2009

Learning vs. Remembering


Aspects of your higher self have been along the material realm many times before. And the lesson memory of these journeys is etched into the very nuances of your sacred song, it is "within" your of resonance field as you choose to activate it.


Therefore. it is paramount and key to know the difference between “learning” and “remembering”. How does one filter through all this knowledge and know what is intended for them and what is not? As you filter through it, some knowledge with resonate within as mere knowledge, while other information will give you the feeling, the sense of "Remembering".


So as you confront a plethora of knowledge along this material realm, know that information that you attract to is aligned within your song resonance and will impart the sensation of "remembering", a reclaiming of the cadence of your innate spirit. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Two Paths


The blind man must learn in one of two ways: 

He either learns the path by smacking into enough walls and discovering the path through pain, or he learns to develop his other senses to learn the path. The latter process of developing one’s senses is called the “straight path” or the “short path”, mastered without pain and without struggle, but through intimacy.

The spiritually dynamic individual discovers that all that frustrates are truly resonances that we attract to help us expand and find within what we have locked out from All That Is – Source.  

By embracing this truth, the individual is rendered empowered to ascend in consciousness and journey through the light of life in intimacy. Truly, we can embrace our lessons from “within” as there is no longer a reason to continue to learn through lessons of “without”.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hear oh, Israel

Within the biblical archetypes, Jacob's name was rendered Israel once he ascended in spirt to actualization.

The name Yisrael is composed of "Yashar El"... it represents a foundational angelic resonance dimension, intimate in Source. 

"Yashar" means direct and El meaning power source, meaning, Jacob had mastered spiritual actualization of wholeness that enabled him to resonate the direct power frequency of Source within the material dimension.

It is important to realize that Yisrael is a dimension that can only be accessed when in alignment with frequencies of actualized wholeness, a connectivity to all, without bias or prejudice; a realization that all are varying cords of frequency of Source energy, each with a vital role to play in the expansion of an eternal love story. 

The Yisrael  dimension is accessed as a by-product of a gestalt effect, once an individual expands and aligns with mind and spirit in an eternal love for all, they then may imbue and flow forth the frequency of the dimension of the "direct eternal light".

The verse: "Hear Israel, the Eternal is Eloheinu (a diversity of energy resonances and seemingly seperate dominions), and yet the Eternal is one"

This sacred formula can be attained through contemplation of this sacred formula meditation:

Listen through the dimension of Yashar-El, and it shall be revealed to you that the source of darkness is the very source of light, it is all one in its benevolence from Source.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Summoning the Higher Self through Meditation & Prayer

Each individual along your material plane is but a fragment of a collective consciousness of their higher self. 

The higher self: the higher self is a collective energy intelligence, your song resonance. It is needed in the earthly tier to bring balance and wholeness of the light of eternity in grace, satisfaction,  joy and love. 

When one is not working collectively with their higher self to broadcast their song along the material  tier, then the same lessons of wholeness, balance and truth are summoned to be learned from the perspective of "without"; learned through struggle, pain that cause suffering. These are lessons learned from the "void". Through the void, individuals along the earthly tier learn to find their balance by recovering the intimacy of what IS through the perspective of "without". 

In a state of meditation, an individual opens up in humility and intimacy to rejoin with their soul collective, all aspects of their higher self. And, along with embracing all aspects of one's higher-self, one begins forth a coalescing with All, through all of creation's intelligences as benevolent expressions of All Source energy. And in this recognition, the higher love of All flows forth "within". As one ascends in intimacy with All "within" one obtains profound deliverance and power to actively co-create and manifest with abundance along  the material realm. 

Understand that what you call meditation and prayer, are merely points of bringing alignment in intention with tenderness, humility and grace. In order to usher in a reunion, an active re-acclamation to eternal collective co-creation.

Many along the earthly tier were sent forth into the material realm to co-create "space" for new creation. Many that do so don’t see themselves as profound co-creators, but these individuals carry the profound mandate of bringing forth a "void", creating the space of yearning for the higher light in All. And thereby beckon the higher light of eternity through one's higher self collective to pull together in active co-creation to activate and manifest  along the material realm. 

What individuals need to realize is that prayer and meditation is not a space of "wanting" or "needing". It is a space of dramatic intimacy and re-connection. A coalescing and pouring of the energies of higher light, in its infinite fashion, freeing these  energies to bond together.

The aspects of self that one may feel they lack are re-connected within the cadences of the higher realm. These flow through you, and re-kindle your soul with grace and love, and nurturing to proceed and co-create within your realm and manifest in a beautifully intricate and loving way. 

Prayer and meditation are the point of reaching humility and grace --  0-point energy, where one can come into alignment with all aspects of yourself within. Where one can embrace and love All, and in doing so, broadcast merciful healing from all from within (regardless of one's apparent differences). One will grow to recognize that all are resonating varying frequencies of All Source energy as these flow from within. And, as you witness it, you become aligned in a great reunion to coalesce these magnificent energies to co-create in your realm. 

But, what we wish to impart to you, is to re-asses your rubric for how you understand meditation and prayer. 

For, there are different methodologies that work more aptly for different people. And, what we say to you is, that the most important thing is that you draw upon your inner passion with intimacy! And, so, for many who has systemized prayers with systemized procedures, these are only magnificent and effective to the degree that these are allowed to resonate. The important thing is that these individuals resonate with intimacy, that they reach a point of intimacy each time they enter into meditation or prayer. 

Some profound meditators, meditate by walking around the block and singing a song, that’s their meditation. Other mediators, focus on beauty of nature, and brings them into alignment. These are all forms of prayer and meditation and we want all to look outside the box and realize that the juxtaposition of the function here, is to reunite with your higher-self energies to access the higher love of All Source. To open up a portal of active reunion and connectivity of intimacy. It is a love story. 

Active co-creation is a profound love story and you must feel that you are involved in a romance and profound love story in order to effectively actively co-create in your realm. This passion must be there in order to draw in benevolence and actively co-create in abundance. 

So, for some it is rhythmic acts and music. 

For others it is in deep meditation and breathing. 

And for others is losing on selves in one self, the arts of creating, for artist too paint and lose themselves to allow the co-creation to flow through them. 

Everyone has a center of passion, and that is the center point of dynamic meditation. That is the center of connectivity and intimacy, where each feels most alive, most vibrant, most passionate.

 And all should meditate at least, one time a day. Many practice meditating at least in the morning, in the evening and in the afternoon as well, to sustain balance throughout one's day. Because most individuals go from channelling native energies and foreign energies, all throughout the day… from mercy, to aggression, to power all throughout the day. And meditation is all about remaining centered and entering into each "Now" in 0-point energy, where you are not in "need" or "want", but remaining in a point where you can choose to unconditionally for love! 

True love is not a feeling, it is a space of broadcasting unconditionally in your giving. There are no conditions, there are no strings attached. It allows individuals the power to  react anyway they choose. And often, individuals, choose to lash out or dominate in the face of unconditional love, and this is a profound  gift. For they are offering the ability to manifest and actualize the higher love along the earthly tier. It is a profound gift for it is the inner resonance of All That Is - Source. 

Realize that the power of meditation is unleashing the power of your soul, of your spirit by reconnecting and allowing your higher self collective remind you of all that you are and all that you have undertaken to actualize. They help raise the vibrancy and volume of your song, so you can abundantly play your music, your truth, with benevolence. When your music passionately flows through you in benevolence, that music helps complete your world, as your world cannot exist without your song's vital coordinates. The world needs these and the world yearns to hear it, beckoning the manifestation of it. Your world utterly needs it! Because each lesson that is not learned from your benevolent and intimate cadence is instead learned through strain and struggle, lessons of "without".  There is too much struggle and strain along the earthly tier. There is too much learning from "without" in your world. 

You must bind together in benevolence and love and usher in this music together in a harmonic symphony of this grandiose love story that we are building! We most actively participate and not participate in a passive way throughout strain, struggle and frustration. We must take each moment embrace it intimacy and magnify it with the passion of a love story; that is the secret of prayer and meditation. As you are offering the "void", the vacuum to plant new creation through your meditation. You are bringing forth the receptacle through which we can impart to you new profound light. the light of Eternity, and bring forth new creation within your dimension, it is beautiful active co-creation as we are bond together as an expression of All Source energy, a profound love story of reunion. And you are here at the climax for manifesting this beautiful love story. 

This is the meditation for dynamic prayer, this is the intention of the majesty of 0-point energy of "choosing". This is the intention for manifesting profound light-work along the material realm, co-creation that lasts, co-creation that is eternal, creation that  is in alignment with All That Is - Source  and has no end.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

There Are No "Sins", Only the Banishing of One's Innate Grace & Glory

There are many words for sin. 

And in the time of ancient Israel the common word for sin was the word "chet". 

"Chet" comprised of two hebraic letters "chet" and "tet" with the numerological equivalence of 8 and 9 together. The word "chet" is equvilent to 17, it is one removed from the cycle of life (a deficit from the 18 of chai (/life), representing an individual balanced in freedom between the balance the two 9s. ["9" is the greatest multiplier in single integers, representing the greatest variation, and thus, the greatest meaning in choice, in choosing to love.] 

The terms "chet" means a "void", a "void" within.  

The action that an individual with a void within performs is not a reflection of the individual in freedom choosing, at equilibrium between two options, a free individual confronted with two choices, and he chose wrong, and so he "sins". No, the action was not free, and was a reciprocal reaction, compensating for a deep void within. There was a darkness within, it was an empty space within that was detached from intimacy with the light of eternity. And this space was created by the individual's lack of recognition of their innate grace and glory and Divine essence.

So, the angel within the human form creates the void through their inner resonance of "shame" and "abandonment". For one's angelic consciousness has cut off within any recognition of one's true angelic self. When one's perception cuts off oneself from the totality of All, this perception manifests a vortex of void, and it gets resonated outwardly, broadcasting throughout the resonance frequencies of "oppression", "abandonment" and "shame". And, so oppression and shame continue to come forth. And so essentially one has sinned to oneself!

The rectification of the void comes by recognizing meaning in the "darkness". If you learn from the darkness that there was a void and though the network of understanding of what you went through you now have a greater network to import the light; a grater network of receptacles, of networks, by which you can take complete application of that light to impart through your passion its lessons of truth to others; then you have no sin. There is no sin. And, the sin becomes a merit, for the sin taught you the passion in the light! And when the sin teaches the light, then there is no sin, because there is no void.

Only that the individual from the perspective of "without" has come to redemption, an understanding to take control of their destiny and recognize their actualizing glory. Realizing that the darkness was not a waste, the darkness had delivered them to that point where they can recognize the light; for they have gleaned profound knowledge about passion in the light from the perspective of "without". And the knowledge of knowing what the darkness is allows one to passionately reimburse the light, and so that darkness is designated again as sacred. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Secret of the Higher Self

To get the gift, you want to seek to live from Spirit. 

Then you are not merely asking for "life", a life that is a flash in the pan, a blink of the eye. That is not the life you are asking for. For through Spirit you are asking for the assistance to wake up to the magnificence and magnitude of your own Divinity, of your own song as an Angel, as a spark of All Source.

For as you awaken to that Eternal stream, you enable your higher self that lives for All eternity, you enable it to awaken, and come alive within your present "Now". 

And I want to impart a sacred secret about the Higher Self. And this involves a bit of a paradox, so, please bare with me... 

For one must understand, that from the perspective of beyond the veil, all is Eternal. And in the highest resonance All is One. And so, when you are in a fragmented state, in aspects of "shame" and "oppression", then there are aspects within yourself that you are struggling with, instead of flowing with in unison through the unity of All.


When this is splintering of self is happening, you become stuck in "fractured" time; in "past", "present" and "future" constructs. 

But we wish to impart to you that in truth, there is no past and there is no future. There is only a repetition of "Nows". And these nows come into manifestation along with the collective resonances from above and the collective resonances from below. You recreate your world in each instant!!! 

And so, when you are in a perspective of "without", the fractured consciousness of "past", "present" and "future", when you are struggling and trying to block out aspects that your own expansion, or your energies are diverted into the struggle of sustaining aspects that are completely "virtual" and are not real (at All); When this splintering take root, then the individual's Higher Self does not exist!

And you will ask, how can that be, how can an individual's Higher Self not exist?

Well, it is because from beyond the veil, the Higher Self exist in a space that is timeless, a harmonized Oneness; and so at moments where you and your Higher Self are unaligned in oneness, your higher self does not exist in your manifested "now"! For within the true "Now", there is coalescing of your fragments of "past", "present" and "future" and there is only a single eternal "Now". But when you are out of oneness, and out of alignment with All within, then there is an aspect of your higher self that is not alive from the perspective of Eternity --- and that aspect is you! 

You are part of the collective of your higher self and you are the conduit that is desperately missing. You are not pulling your energies through your natural higher self collective and it is because of this that from your vantage point your Higher Self does not appear to exist (in your fractured Now) at All. And in such a state, to a great degree their energies and abilities to help you manifest are not existent, or accessible to your awareness. For you have blocked them out, and rendered them obsolete; so they do not exist because they are impeded from flowing through you. 

As you enter into meditation or prayer to achieve balance and harmony with All That Is "within", in intimacy you reignite your "passion" and this triggers the activation of your spiritual memory through your Higher Self collective. 

This memory "song" begins to echo into the unconscious levels of your deeper self. Slowly, within this aligned intimacy you begin to be flooded with the loving cadences of your Higher Self collective. You witness the song of your Higher Self and with this recognition you bring forth a reunion with the cadences of eternal life enhance in oneness your experience along the material plane. For, if this very same moment were to become the end of your material journey, because you are in a state of fulfilled unification, your song shines throughout the oneness of eternity beyond the veil. But, at moments when you in a fractured alignment, your Higher Self retroactively doesn't exist (from the perspective of your fractured perception), for your resonance is fractured and the Higher Self collective are of the oneness that transcends time and space considerations. When your journey is not in oneness, when your journey is fragmented, they are restricted and are restricted by you from existing in relation to you. They are like potentials that are never brought into the fruition of your actuality. They require your recognition to unify with you, and together flow abundantly along your tier of corporeal existence. 

They await for you to retain alignment in each "Now", for you govern your Now in the dimension of actuality in the material realm. You are awarded with free choice, and your choices manifest the actuality that you experience. You are awarded the bountiful freedom to choose to love or oppress. You can become stagnated in oppression or liberated through the freedom to True Love, loving All collectively from "within". You have that power, that vital power of choice. 

And when you reach that alignment in meditation, in balance, or harmony; it is a prayer of intimacy! When you reach that alignment, then your Higher Self is manifested to exist. For if the world that you know would end in this aligned moment, you are aligned with the light of eternity. At that particular moment, all is aligned and yes, the higher self exist eternally in all dimensions forever.

This is a great secret for an individual never knows when their time on this earth tier will end, so make each moment's resonance as if it was your last. Remain in complete balance at 0-point energy, sustaining the flow of that true love into your every Now. Co-Create actively and rejoin with your Higher Self collective. Allow them to make a difference through you. Offer them the channel to be impactful through you to help make this world more intimate, more loving and more real. Help introduce to all consciousness, resonances, frequencies and cords of energy to the Real World. For that is the nature of the coalescing of the great love song of All That Is. And we do not want to be detached from our loved ones.

We are "Jacob", and so it is.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Gradual Illumination

Children of the higher central Sun; bound by truth, masters of actualized love & devotion throughout their many journeys.

Remember that Love lives through those that heed the call of the higher song of All That Is. And so regardless of what shall manifest within one's circle of influence, know that All is prepared with the greatest care and concern, and are intricately designed to allow benevolence to filter through the broadcasted "restrictions" of the many unredeemed. 

In this way, gradually, many shall awaken to embrace to their inner song and light in their own fractured time ascension process; slowly beginning to acknowledge the latent beauty within all things. In doing so, they embrace a higher cadence "within" to reconnect in oneness through the portal of eternity with their guiding higher self collectives. They are thus able to swim in the oneness and illumination of their journey from the perspective of completion and satisfaction. 

And in the intimacy of this grace, they may then return to earthly dimensionality and its polarity laden plane of experience to broadcast the the song of eternity that they have mastered, and employ its melody to slowly awaken each to their inner grace and majesty. 

For each is vital and there are no extra pieces "within" the light of All. 

Such is the pathway to gradual illumination, healing and reunion along the earthy tier.

We are "Jacob", so it is and so shall it be.

Tue, 3 March 2009 / 7th of Adar, 5769 (Parshat Titzaveh - Diaspora)

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Its important. 

It is very important for an individual to focus, to meditate… on love.

Be it prayer, deep meditation, art, singing your song, becoming one with nature, whatever the method; the goal is the same, to focus a broadcast from the heart of a deep longing to connect, a Re-Union with All. To recognize, to expand beyond the parameters of our fractured nature along this plane. To coalesce in absolute harmony with all aspects of All "within". 

And, when we do so, there is always deliverance; to the degree that we are able to recognize it, to the degree that we are able to have a relationship.

You see, there are many that pray only in religious institutions. And often their prayers consist of speaking words that they say rote, because there is a tradition, so it is memorized and verbose without real passion, without feeling. And, they just pray and pray, they talk, but their heart is closed and so they fail to listen. They don’t know how to "listen". And they don’t know their role in contributing to the love of this world. 

They are expecting a god of shame, a vindictive god, a god that acts like many men do on this realm. An oppressive God that says you are not worthy! But, if they understood, if they only knew that you are far grander and far more beautiful that what we presently perceive. That you are a spark, a splinter of All That Is. That you are intimately loved. That you are intimately cherished. And that you are intimately powerful; you are so powerful in your intimacy!

To the degree that you listen within intimacy is the space where revelation begin taking root.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Unconditional Love & Forgiveness is the Ultimate power of Freedom

All within creation are either “free” or “enslaved”.

The only way that those who are enslaved can become free is to learn the language of “freedom”.

Those that are enslaved are not in control of what they do, they are merely reacting to baser instinct, acting out the reverberations and agenda of baser resonances.

The only way to progress with them is to resonate the coordinates of “freedom” & "unconditional love"… “A HIGHER LOVE”.

Part of unconditional love, is that when one loves unconditionally oneself and witnesses All That Is through oneself “within”, then in entering those profound coordinates of the higher light, its shimmering gateway is the resonance of “freedom” rendered through “forgiveness".

So no matter how dark the center is that you confront, prisoners in states of “without”, when we forgive them, when we love them unconditionally and broadcast to them the coordinates to hear their Higher Self collective's ascended music reverberating from a space of “freedom”, you envelop them in the language and understanding of how to reclaim their ascended vibration of freedom to enhance the love and healing of all.

Now this profound resonance of intimate “intention” will not hit them right away, as they themselves must first meet a moment of humility, usually a feeling of hitting “rock bottom”, something that alerts the individual to there being far more “within” themselves; because all that they have wrought in to their field of resonance, their circle of influence to date, has been with “struggle” and “dissolution”.

And it is at this sacred nexus point, that the gateway of “freedom” is opened through “humility”, and the higher light of freedom to love all enters their consciousness and uplifts them retroactively (having worked inter-dimensionally through the united Divine pathways of All-Source).

This higher light resonance hits them, so profoundly, that they are then rendered awake to new coordinates of ascension, speaking the language of “freedom” and are forever changed