Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The "Cup of Tears"

The mystics imparted wisdom relating to various tiers and dimensions of creation. A poignant example is the legend they recount about the "Dimension of Tears".
When translating insight about the essentially abstract "Dimension of Tears" into linear terms, they employ an analogy of a great celestial "cup"; a vessel that collects the emotion from every tear that is shed by humanity in a given year. Every tear is counted and is designated as precious.

The analogy was designed to convey a secret that there is an actual dimension dedicated to gathering all of the emotional chords released in relation to struggle and strain by everyhuman soul.

The mystics prepared linear analogies for better understanding the processes of inter-dimensional dimensions. They explain that unawakened individuals often find that they are blocked off from ernest and intimate expression, unable to rise above their own callousness because they believe they are too bound by their own harsh judgements of self and others. Oftentimes, these individuals will also succumb to feeling beat-down by the prevailing judgements of those within within their circle of influence. The mystics impart that tears open a dynamic portal for overcoming the prevailing inertia of division, definition and blocks that cripple one within a mindset of polarities that repel connected awareness. Callousness and indifference exiles an individual from their Higher Self's attempts to echo through one's heart streams of unity with eternal resonances of all creation from beyond the veil.

The mystics clearly articulate that the the mechanism of Portal of Tears is so inter-dimensionally aligned with ushering forth the solutions of eternal streams of oneness that from this perspective "tears" can shatter all definition! As well, they convey that through the benevolent conversion of these these tears, floodgates of eternal streams of oneness beckon forth to renew hearts along our earthly tier. The mystics accentuate that every tear is collected, counted and cherished, as the ministering angels of this sacred dimension transfer these tears into the "celestial cup".When the celestial cup of tears grows full, the floodgates of deliverance opens allowing the music of our higher selves to rush over us and awaken us from our slumber in linearity. After this reunion, there will be no more room for tears of sorrow and struggle along our earthly tier. And the tears that will be shed will be only tears of joy and the ecstatic tears of reunion and intimacy.

Intertwined with the lessons imparted through this linear archetype is the idea that in every year there is a predetermined amount of tears that will flow. The nature of these tears is not predestined, but they maintain that a specific amount of tears is predestined to flow each year along the material tier. Whether these tears are shed in elation and ecstasy, or in heartache and strain is dependent upon the vibration of the collective consciousness of mankind and penultimately, the choice of each individual to exude a higher love.

A modern mystic could approach this idea as indicating that there a mechanism at play here with mechanics akin to the natural laws of physics of which we are familiar. The idea being that the earth in our dimension needs to maintain balance and equilibrium of energy. When an imbalance arises, there needs to be a release mechanism to counter-balance the momentum in the opposite direction. This means that as tears release an energetic tension within the individual, they also releases tensions rooted in the overall collective consciousness of mankind along the earthly grid, as all are connected.

For example, if mankind chooses to act primitively and cause undo suffering and strain through service to self pursuits, the momentum of such pursuits are such that these energies render individuals and cultures callously indifferent, and swept up in the habits of the mind related to dominion and oppression. The tears shed work to energetically release the momentum that was turned to the side of dominion and oppression. They energetically cleanse and instill sensitively to many rendered callousness by witnessing, acting or enduring abuse that with time becomes "normalized" on the level of the collective consciousness of mankind.

Another helpful analogy for some is to understand tears as collective payment within a controlled system for redeeming the momentum created through many wayward souls of mankind. The inter-dimensional mechanism of tears is fashioned to helps reclaim the energetic sway that "dominion" and "oppression" had along the material dimension and reset momentum for more benevolent energetic streams to contribute. In a way, a "scapegoat" to redeem the collective momentum is delivered in the form of tears.

Even the darker energetic chords of "struggle", "strain", "oppression", "hopelessness", "dominion" and "seduction" all serve a benevolent purpose from the perspective of the totality of all. They play the role helping individuals learn to reclaim and stand in their sacred song of truth. They offer the "long path" of recovery for individuals that avoid entering into the intimacy of their sacred song of truth to make spiritually dynamic choices in alignment with their signature theme. Through "the long path", harsh lessons are put in play to repel the individual to the comforts of their signature song of truth within. To accomplish this, the repelling energetic chords assigned to one's journey are the parallel opposite to intimate renditions of individual's signature theme, there song of truth when played in "freedom".

A spiritually dynamic individual will appreciate that when they confront an oppressor that treats them in a vile manner, they can diagnose what is the energetic archetype that is fueling this oppressor and what lesson is being imparted through this occurrence to better play the benevolent opposite chord while engaging one's heart in alignments with one's song of truth. The repulsion from the opposite stream helps launch one back into the dynamic benevolent and intimate essence of one's sacred song. In this way, the baser streams help cultivate "the long path" to help render conditions that awaken individual's to the empowerment of taking their journey while standing within their sacred song with with profound intimacy.

Spiritually dynamic individuals galvanize freedom and inner reunion for all by exuding abundance, harmonic love, healing and merciful grace. It pains the sensitive soul to witness anyone suffering, even if the suffering is deemed "necessary", it still feels harsh. Therefore, the spiritually dynamic continually yearn for individuals to discover the "short path" of intimacy, and climb the tiers of perception rapidly.

The mystics share that when things become thoroughly oppressive that the momentum of imbalance along the earthly tier produced by energies of "struggle" and "dominion" grows pervasive. The prominence of baser energetic streams in the collective psyche is bolstered by their central thematic function within the very fabric of the earth's evolutionary construct that relies on "survival of the fittest" and "fight and flight" mechanisms. Gradually, "struggle" and "dominion" gain too prominent a role imparting the lessons of "the long path" within the collective psyche, and many begin to mistakenly maintain that "the long path" is truly the only path.

Contemplate this idea intently; the "tears" of each year are predicated to counter prevailing imbalances.

Tear function spiritually by helping to loosen the grip of the collective mindset on the slow evolutionary pathways of learning from struggle and threat of "the long path", and open for all access to the wider streams of benevolence. To reset balance and allow abundant access to "the short path" for those that seek it, there are a measured amount of tears that will be shed in a given year. The tears that flow from this perspective have little to do with the world of the individual, as the tears are flowing to deliver the greatest benevolence for the collective consciousness of man.

From beyond the veil, the interconnectedness and oneness of all things is an ever-present light. But from a linear minded perspective along our earthly tier you will find those that who act with righteousness suffer and those who act with righteousness benefit. Similarly, you will also witness those that who act wickedly suffer and those who act wickedly profit. This "randomness" is integral to maintaining the integrity of expression within the earthly free-will construct. In this way, one's choices can be rendered with a love that is impactful and meaningful in the freedom it imparts for all of creation.

The mystics in sharing these secrets highlighted a most poignant role for the shedding of tears along the earthly tier. This role is so much more meaningful and profound than the margins of the stylized dramatic narratives of individuals. Tears involve so much more than what the a linear mindset can perceive. There is such a profound elegance of wisdom in the relief mechanism of tears. One can share a most empowering realization to another that that the very tears one sheds helps lighten the load of our world's tension and opens portals for greater benevolence.

No tear is neglected, as each contributes to extending vaster conduits for individuals to reset and access "the short path" of ascending in consciousness and navigating their journey in chords of expanded intimacy with all of creation. The individual that sheds tears of suffering can recognize through this powerful secret the imputus to convert tears of suffering into tears of joy and elation. This realization is so very powerful for sensitive souls to recognize that when they shed tears they may do so, so another need not!

They are shedding tears because a measured amount of tears will be shed in a given year, and as they play their role shedding tears of "mercy" so dutifully, they open floodgates of benevolence to wash the world anew. These tears of "mercy" shed by sensitive souls ensure that so many others need not shed tears of helplessness and strain. The music of these merciful tears are so profound and sacred, so utterly beautiful!

Consider the following analogy.
Actors that take on a part in a production yearn to play a dramatic role.
They exclaim: "Give me a role I can bleed with. Give me a part I can feel. Give me a Shakespearian role. Give me a tragedy, something I can explore well."

We are all "actors" along this realm. Some acting in freedom, some acting without knowing, but acting nonetheless in a timeless drama, this immaculate love story called LIFE.

The really good players ask for a dramatic role. They ask to shed the merciful tears for all so that others will not have to, so they can help open floodgates for a greater benevolence to wash over all. They standby for their cue to play their song of truth with the utmost intimacy to bring forth the greatest loving revelation for for light in all; a time of great connectivity and re-embrace. These roles are dynamic and are played by actors that allow the most loving music to flow from their hearts.

There is yet another secret that the mystics impart relating to the celestial "Cup of Tears".
If humanity as a group would collectively put this secret into practice there could never be anymore tears of struggle or strain along the earthly tier.

There is a finite, measured amount of tears that are to be shed in a given year to help bring relief and take away the momentum of dominion and oppression. It is known by all that tears are a relief mechanism that offer physical release to increasing tension. And the mystics impart that just as tears function in this fashion in physical terms, they also function in this fashion within the inter-dimensional ways of spirit. If only humanity would only grasp the magnitude of tears and how we are all so very interconnected, If humanity would begin to conceive of the impact of each individual just taking 5 minutes of time to focus upon the tears of another. Focusing intently on converting those tears of sorrow into streams of mercy. Recognizing that there is a measured amount of tears predicated each year to help release the tension of oppressive paradigms along the earthly tier.

If people would focus on just taking a few minutes to concentrate on converting these into tears of "mercy", there is much strength in numbers.

Individuals can just take a few moments to focus on converting to mercy the tears of another so that we need never witness tears of suffering along this realm to release the prevailing tensions. Envision revolutionary shifts taking hold along the earthly tier without bursts of "anger", "struggle" or "protest", but through exceptional expressions of "compassion", true compassion! So powerfully intimate such a collective expression could be.