Friday, March 13, 2009

The Secret of the Higher Self

To get the gift, you want to seek to live from Spirit. 

Then you are not merely asking for "life", a life that is a flash in the pan, a blink of the eye. That is not the life you are asking for. For through Spirit you are asking for the assistance to wake up to the magnificence and magnitude of your own Divinity, of your own song as an Angel, as a spark of All Source.

For as you awaken to that Eternal stream, you enable your higher self that lives for All eternity, you enable it to awaken, and come alive within your present "Now". 

And I want to impart a sacred secret about the Higher Self. And this involves a bit of a paradox, so, please bare with me... 

For one must understand, that from the perspective of beyond the veil, all is Eternal. And in the highest resonance All is One. And so, when you are in a fragmented state, in aspects of "shame" and "oppression", then there are aspects within yourself that you are struggling with, instead of flowing with in unison through the unity of All.


When this is splintering of self is happening, you become stuck in "fractured" time; in "past", "present" and "future" constructs. 

But we wish to impart to you that in truth, there is no past and there is no future. There is only a repetition of "Nows". And these nows come into manifestation along with the collective resonances from above and the collective resonances from below. You recreate your world in each instant!!! 

And so, when you are in a perspective of "without", the fractured consciousness of "past", "present" and "future", when you are struggling and trying to block out aspects that your own expansion, or your energies are diverted into the struggle of sustaining aspects that are completely "virtual" and are not real (at All); When this splintering take root, then the individual's Higher Self does not exist!

And you will ask, how can that be, how can an individual's Higher Self not exist?

Well, it is because from beyond the veil, the Higher Self exist in a space that is timeless, a harmonized Oneness; and so at moments where you and your Higher Self are unaligned in oneness, your higher self does not exist in your manifested "now"! For within the true "Now", there is coalescing of your fragments of "past", "present" and "future" and there is only a single eternal "Now". But when you are out of oneness, and out of alignment with All within, then there is an aspect of your higher self that is not alive from the perspective of Eternity --- and that aspect is you! 

You are part of the collective of your higher self and you are the conduit that is desperately missing. You are not pulling your energies through your natural higher self collective and it is because of this that from your vantage point your Higher Self does not appear to exist (in your fractured Now) at All. And in such a state, to a great degree their energies and abilities to help you manifest are not existent, or accessible to your awareness. For you have blocked them out, and rendered them obsolete; so they do not exist because they are impeded from flowing through you. 

As you enter into meditation or prayer to achieve balance and harmony with All That Is "within", in intimacy you reignite your "passion" and this triggers the activation of your spiritual memory through your Higher Self collective. 

This memory "song" begins to echo into the unconscious levels of your deeper self. Slowly, within this aligned intimacy you begin to be flooded with the loving cadences of your Higher Self collective. You witness the song of your Higher Self and with this recognition you bring forth a reunion with the cadences of eternal life enhance in oneness your experience along the material plane. For, if this very same moment were to become the end of your material journey, because you are in a state of fulfilled unification, your song shines throughout the oneness of eternity beyond the veil. But, at moments when you in a fractured alignment, your Higher Self retroactively doesn't exist (from the perspective of your fractured perception), for your resonance is fractured and the Higher Self collective are of the oneness that transcends time and space considerations. When your journey is not in oneness, when your journey is fragmented, they are restricted and are restricted by you from existing in relation to you. They are like potentials that are never brought into the fruition of your actuality. They require your recognition to unify with you, and together flow abundantly along your tier of corporeal existence. 

They await for you to retain alignment in each "Now", for you govern your Now in the dimension of actuality in the material realm. You are awarded with free choice, and your choices manifest the actuality that you experience. You are awarded the bountiful freedom to choose to love or oppress. You can become stagnated in oppression or liberated through the freedom to True Love, loving All collectively from "within". You have that power, that vital power of choice. 

And when you reach that alignment in meditation, in balance, or harmony; it is a prayer of intimacy! When you reach that alignment, then your Higher Self is manifested to exist. For if the world that you know would end in this aligned moment, you are aligned with the light of eternity. At that particular moment, all is aligned and yes, the higher self exist eternally in all dimensions forever.

This is a great secret for an individual never knows when their time on this earth tier will end, so make each moment's resonance as if it was your last. Remain in complete balance at 0-point energy, sustaining the flow of that true love into your every Now. Co-Create actively and rejoin with your Higher Self collective. Allow them to make a difference through you. Offer them the channel to be impactful through you to help make this world more intimate, more loving and more real. Help introduce to all consciousness, resonances, frequencies and cords of energy to the Real World. For that is the nature of the coalescing of the great love song of All That Is. And we do not want to be detached from our loved ones.

We are "Jacob", and so it is.