Thursday, November 22, 2012

Drawing Time

From a linear perspective, you see "time" as fixed increments, as if you are approaching a destination. You see time as a grid of predetermined markers and see yourself progressing from each perceived event and circumstance. From this viewpoint, it is easy to understand why many grow burdened by fatalistic notions.  

Drawing Time
When you begin to look inward and assess time from an quantum perspective, you gradually witness time as being far more fluid and intricate. Like many spiritual masters that have come before, you can grow to recognize that your perception is not the only thing that is fluid, but rather, that time itself is teaming with life!  

Layers and layers of dimensional tiers and vibration worlds are actively jostling, adjusting for prominent expression in a grand trajectory of cosmic momentum. Harmonic potentials and regressive streams of momentum ebb in and out of prominence like a cosmic pulse that hastens and slow is to the beat of an individual and collective vibrational consciousness. The way we integrate with this flowing mechanism effects how things develop within our space/time continuum.   

Consider that scientists for millennia perceived the sun as revolving around the earth. They thought that the earth was stationary and that the sun and other celestial bodies revolved around it. As societies acquired better tools 
and science for charting such phenomenon, they deduced that in fact not just the earth, but space, universes along with their celestial bodies are all in perpetual motion.  

This is a useful analogy for grasping the concept of time from a quantum perspective. It is not like a linear model, where you are on a road and driving to a particular station of destiny. Rather, there are tiers and tiers of potential shifts that are perpetually in motion, cascading one above the other. Shifts within your reality are catalyzed as complimentary tiers of influence align to seamlessly flow its momentum one to the other. It is akin to a fountain revolving spouts of different heights, outpouring one to the other. 

Gradually you grow to the reality that there are both default linear and active trans-linear pathways for progress. By default, time lapses in linear fashion as a byproduct of prevalent consciousness, but you have the ability to accelerate time through engaging a trans-linear model. This pro-active approach to time responds to changes within yourself that trigger singularities that increase your range to energetic spaces. As you expand in this fashion, you can award access for advanced streams to flow into your reality and thereby shift into a trans-linear trajectory that enhances the conditions for personal and overall progress. Thereby, the actual distance between your worldly perceptions and a destined occurrence is increasingly contingent upon the stage of dimensional reality and participation that you expand to. 

Getting Quantum
The spiritual principle for change is that momentum reaches actuality to help mobilize consciousness to stream in flow with a greater overarching benevolence. This means that the same truth being arrived at through a fallout of a given event, can already be evident in the consciousness in someone who has actively connected to an advanced space of perception. This individual has karmic jurisdiction to bypass particular "lessons", as this progress was already flourishing in consciousness. For many awakened, time is teeming with life. Humanity is awarded the power to draw time closer as we expand to future momentums of consciousness. These processes take root on both societal and individualized levels consciousness. 

Consider for a moment that even within the English language many use the phrase; "when the time comes". Innately, there are traces within the cultural mindset that still bare the seeds of this truth; that time is not limited to progressing in a linear way. Rather, for those who awaken to the overall orchestration, time is teeming with life. Humanity has  the power to draw time closer as we grow empowered to integrate future perspectives of consciousness that await. It is a process akin to two lovers that call out to each other passionately in the night as they run towards immaculate reunion.

As an awakened soul, you have the power to more rapidly master lessons of progress. These lessons can transpire by default in a linear way that is an extension of a slow and plodding evolutionary model. These can often take millennia to stabilize in ways that see societies propelling to more humane ways of relating to each other and the world they inhabit. Generations of competitive extremities, suffering and wars spin toward eventual paradigm shifts in how we integrate to the universal sanctity engrained within all things.  

You can visualize the physics of this mechanism. A conscious void takes root within the worldly collective mindset. The void pulls upon the collective consciousness to fill it. The torque from this pulling manifests in bouts of instability and friction on a macro scale. The collective consciousness gradually uncovers this "blind spot" after cycles of trial and error approaches to address the dysfunctional fallout.  Gradually, through these lessons of "without" the truth is reintegrated and harmonized into the collective consciousness, and the "blind-spot" is filled.

Still, these lessons can more easily and swiftly complete this transition by harmonizing the "blind-spot" through the process of proactively seeding the missing truth into the collective consciousness through cultivating the transformational work within. In this way we seed advancement and integrate its clarity through every stage of our living expression. This is called "short path", a "quantum leap" of singularity that transcends linear timelines. Humanity is awarded the power to unify with our future on a soul level, and harmonize our environment through the clarity and perspective of a far more advanced times. The benefits of this are two-fold; it increasingly harmonizes your inner life and circle of influence, and simultaneously advances more rapid solutions to be proactively seeded in the collective consciousness of mankind.

This is the technique for empowering time to greet you. To be more precise, time does not move, rather, you are shifting your vibratory perception of holographic reality to better align with a more enlightened and less rigid dimensional space. In this way, you introduce stability into your world from a space that has already bypassed the prevalent instabilities. It is a space pregnant with the essential truths that are presently unrealized within your worldly frame of reference. Through this nexus, humanity can actively catalyze a bypassing of evolutionary lessons learned from polarities and struggle, and birth that same truth harmoniously into the collective mindset through a quantum-leap in consciousness. 

Should we as humanity dedicate to refining ourselves within through disciplines of unifying singularity, we can deliver that child of advanced thought to take root in our world free of any need for enduring centuries of labour pains.

This is called "Drawing Time" and it is a technique that is very powerful. Individuals growing up are taught about the virtues of "patience". In most cases, the energetic mindset of "patience" is a mindset discipline that involves accepting what is akin to an imposed prison sentence. It is as if the individual must serve a certain increment  before earning relief or obtaining a given objective. A cursory assessment of the mindset of most people passively engaged through patience would illustrate that these individuals are reinforcing disempowering passivity, and in an oppressed and repressive mental state. A spiritually engaged individual would approach the notion of patience proactively. Rather than focusing on passively serving time, you engage in accessing the feelings of elation and satisfaction that are resounding at the future, and imbuing this stream more and more so in each present Now. By doing so, you actively energetically seed your consciousness with the vibrational truth of the future. This allows that future to better fuse with the density of consciousness of your present, and dimensionally align to contract into the overriding momentum of your world. 

Rather than passively waiting, you practice a discipline of amplifying within your heart the rejuvenation, elation, warmth, discovery, wonder and cohesive authenticity that will flow abundantly at the arrival of that awaited for juncture. As you invigorate these streams, you shift the density of your space of consciousness and overall circle of influence to better align with the future space of bounty. By steadily transcending the limitations of the linear-minded construct, you increasingly draw closer the dawning of unrestrained potentials. 

This process requires discipline and practice, and the results from such dedication will reveal themselves in a gradual, but steady fashion. As you become expert in this subtle terrain you will discover shifts in your experience developing more rapidly in relation to the sheer volume of the positive emotional expression you have cultivated and directed towards this unified aim.

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