Tuesday, March 20, 2018

All the World is a Stage

An instructive work once written in the 15th century shared in regards to the disciplining of children -- to never discipline a child out of anger. A parent may pretend to be angry to emphasize a point but to never actually do so in anger. That if a parent was angry then that parent should postpone disciplining until such time they were no longer actually angry.
I believe this is because anger is a consuming force that spreads indiscriminately by consuming gentleness in others and turning hearts into husks of callousness. And so by parenting in anger -- the child will learn to create with anger and grow internally callous and hollow. A child will not be shepherded into a path of conscientious adulthood through commands and hostility -- but rather by inspiring a culture of authentic care -- and genuineness.
There are times in life when we must play a roles to achieve a desired outcome -- but a growth oriented soul mustn't lose themselves in the roles that they play. The ancient mystics imparted how our worldly experience is like a drama with a growth oriented choreography. But, that an aspirant will miss their mark and forget to grow if they identify too much with the dimming veils and roles they hide behind. It is therefore essential for any growth oriented person to dedicate their attention to routine mindfulness exercises to to get out out of the co-dependancy of social context and reinvigorate their innate states of loving kindness and genuineness --- in this way the light of their soul will not be dimmed by the trappings of this temporal world.
Now, we have all appreciated dramas with excellent actors -- and those actors work to perform their craft in ways that resonate authentic and inspire reflection. However -- if an actor would be so overcome with a role that they could not tell the difference between what is the drama and what is real -- then they are no longer acting at all -- and require medical intervention. It is the same with interpersonal trappings of this world -- you are here to play your roles while growing in genuineness and care. But -- if you lose yourself in this world that world starts to own you in ways that you feed off hostility and conflict then you are not a healthy soul -- and require greater intervention.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Soul is boundless
Boundlessly aware
Soul desires nothing
Soul is completely content
Soul is in accord with all things
Soul is heard on a high octave
There is no dissonance, no static
Soul does no want or need, it just is
Soul is completely unconditional
Soul is serving, irregardless
There is no concept of hierarchy
All is deserving to the soul
Soul plays nicely with all other souls
Soul is loyal,
It's faithfulness is unbound
Soul has the greatest reverence for freedom
Soul is a beacon of freedom
Another soul will recognize the freedom in your soul and
recognize the freedom in their soul
The wholeness of soul is circulating with vitality and potential
Soul is wise - not clever -
There are no problems to get around for your soul

Soul is at peace with all things

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Kabbalah of the 5 Levels of Soul

The light of Divinity is fluid and intimate.
However it is not of a sensual intimacy, but rather a refined eros of energetic intimacy.
Every individual is comprised of 5 channels of awareness that vie to control or emancipate creative vitality (שפע).
  1. Ruach BeHaimah ( רוח  בהמה)  
  2. Nefesh (נֶפֶש
  3. Neshamah (נשמה
  4. Chayah (חָיָה
  5. Yechidah (יְחִידָה)  

Ruach BeHaimah (רוח  בהמה

When left to its own devices the Ruach BeHaimah beats like a loud base or war drum. It rallies and consumes creative momentum while drowning out the input of more subtle and advanced creative processes that comprise overall awareness.

Nefesh (נֶפֶש

The nefesh (נֶפֶש) facilitates abstract cognitive and deductive processes that link the intellect to selfhood. It prosecutes existence through reductive approaches to reason to break down data in ways that can be isolated, measured and compared. Its processes are akin to a loud horn section that drowns out the musics of the other instruments with a clarion of might and bold conquest. 

Neshamah (נשמה

The neshamah (נשמה) is a network that carries creative vitality and a  current of restorative creative potentials from the Higher Soul’s boundless awareness.  It bridges the individual from deterministic processes into a greater orchestration for catalyzing an influx of new possibility into dimensions of greater fulfillment. The neshamah is like the soft, steadying music of a flute. Its restorative influence gets detected and enhanced as the baser channels of awareness get quieted.

Chayah (חָיָה)

The chayah (חָיָה) is akin to a collective unconscious driving the underlying characteristics of  a given civilization. It regulates the gravity of cultural pull over society. It is akin to a loud like choral section that accompanies the greater symphonic experience of existence.

Yechidah (יְחִידָה)  

The yechidah (יְחִידָה) channel of awareness emanates from a unified and timeless perspective. It is the consonance of higher soul supporting the awareness and creative output of all incarnations connected to its’ soul root (unique creative spectrum). It is a perspective where the creative light of Eternal and the Soul blur as one and the same. It is through a network of yechidah root souls that Divinity recreates and calibrates existence as a single  instant. It is from the yechidah level of soul that neshamah unlocks to new creative potentials for the individual and the greater world that restores fatalistic trajectories with the sovereignty to orchestrate greater potentials into harmonized fulfillment. The yechidah is akin to the soft harmonizing of a heavenly harp, its music can only be proactively catalyzed by raising awareness beyond the baser din of other instrumentation, and tuning the other levels of awareness to accentuate its’ soft, indelible song.

When an individual draws the creative raw influx of creative vitality from the soul’s network, and rather than allowing it to seamlessly flow, contains it through the brute reductive processes of nefesh level processing, then it will have the effect of amplifying the ego. This extrinsic pride hardens the aspirants heart and separating him from the approaches of  vulnerable authenticity needed to rise to access the higher more subtle processes.

Without the conditions for vulnerably intimate ecstatic states, the aspirant’s intentions become deluded in ways that repel the aspirant from fluidly advancing on their path of fluid spiritual realization. Musically, the this aspirant grows increasingly unable to detect the higher musics with clarity and is therefore unable  tame the baser music to support in the higher orchestration.

Should aspirant raise the dormant vitality at the Ruach BeHaimah or Nefesh channel of awareness to interface with current of the free flowing new vitality at the Neshamah level of awareness it will balance out the stasis of tension fallout from the pull and repress conflicts between mind and body — 
this will open the doors of perception to the corrective creative processes that will heighten awareness through graceful metacognitive states, so  creativity and greater harmonization can orchestrate and thrive. 

Should the aspirant raise the new and revitalized  influx of creative vitality to overflow at a chayah level of awareness — it will harmonize the tug-a-war between their individual and cultural self. This restoration will   gradually open gates more fluid  altruistic service, delivering heightened sensitivity for extrasensory perception. Together, the aspirant will arise with an awareness restored with greater balance and simplicity; able to sense the encroaching of past pitfalls  and transcend past fallout.

Should the aspirant raise the new and revitalized creative influx to interface at a yechidah level — he will open the door to resetting potentials that can alter the trajectory of progress for time itself and impacting the trajectory of personal and greater history. This link will shorten the path to Divine inspiration and give sanction to intuitive direction and instruction from your future realized expressions of soul through the Divine name Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה).

May the merit of this primer help shorten the path of struggle and emancipate a direct path of intimate living and authenticity where the light of the Shechinah (שְׁכִינָה‎) [Divine Feminine light of latent potentials] can reign for all.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Emancipating Anticipation

"Hashivenu Hashem Elecha Ve'Nashuva Chadesh Yamenu KeKedem" 
Restore us to You, the Eternal, that we may be restored! 
Rejuvenate our days as of old. (Lam. 5:21)

Along the spiritual path, you practice maintaining your heart’s authenticity in ways that add fulfillment to creation. In time, you graduate to orchestrate your heart’s expression in ways that infuse new spirit into awareness that has been levelled by deficit. You grow to lead a spiritually liberated path that inspires others to invest in developing a relationship with their own soul’s future realization.

Invariably, the path of spiritual maturation requires you to unwrap your truest self by quieting the reactive mind and connecting your heart to a place of timeless contentment. To attain this, it is key to actively link your heart to the parts of your soul residing in a time of future realization. In this way, your heart will be secure from extending its vitality into motivations of endurance — a creative expression that necessitates an inccuring of long obstacles.
The heart of a true spiritualist is treasured because it has cultivated a refined sensitivity. However, a gentle heart cannot soldier through difficulties without these taking a heavy toll. It is therefore essential for you to cultivate disciplines for reviving your heart’s vitality each day. You do this by bathing your awareness in the bliss that will be realized at a future time. It means cultivating feelings of perpetual “renewal” -- these will refine the quality of your spirit and help your soul seed solutions ahead of your intended path. Gradually, you grow to master anchoring your heart in a space of perpetual "arrival", to seed the blossoming of lasting success.

In sum, it means securing a gravitating expression of raw satisfaction! Through it you grow animated with the feeling of embracing all that you are for all eternity —ready to seize the reigns of a life you were specifically built for! This is the secret indelible expression fueling hearts destined for lasting success and heightened realization.
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Thursday, July 16, 2015


The spiritual masters described Divinity as boundless awareness that fashioned creation into a place where it can be sequestered and masked amidst the respective roles of “giver” and “taker”. At an early age, we are prompted to reconcile the mysterious ways of Divinity — a force that both grants life and inevitably collects it. Divinity separated itself between expressions of ”Creator" and the embodiment of its’ realizing light encased in ”creation". 

To launch creation’s stage, the Eternal light of this boundless awareness is projected through a lens of “otherness” that polarizes it onto “latent” and “realized” states. It is through the “void” of this divide that creation is cultivated as a fertile medium for individualized creative fulfillment. 

The void of this divide casts the shadow of “separateness” into awareness.  The spiritual masters called this “shadow” spiritual “darkness” —
 this being the underlying meaning of the spiritual archetype depicting humanity as being “made in the shadow of God”. 

The spiritual masters taught their students how the void projected into creation at light’s divide gave rise and influence to spiritual “darkness”. That this spiritual  “darkness” compels creative forces of obscurity to amplify perceptions “separateness”, “limit” and “pedigree” to bind humanity from unified states of Greater Soul awareness. They too explained that these forces of obscurity are compelled to bind humanity’s awareness from readily realizing their underlying interconnectivity of the light. The secret justification being — that these very conditions of veiled separation prepare this world as a place for individual realization and the discovery of exceptional diversity, meaning and autonomy. 

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Law of Miracles

The light of the soul imbues vitality into creation from a space of perfected union.

Along the creative stage, a lens of dualism is erected that converts the unified vitality of the soul into lawful structures of increasing complexity. This greater complexity help support creative spaces where awareness can experience and create with greater authenticity.

Dualism establishes a strict lawfulness, and this lawfulness is stabilized by the juxtaposing momentum of the opposing forces it sets in motion. Left unchecked, the unified creative vitality of the soul is lost to the juxtaposing flux dualistic drives. The additional creative vitality appropriated from the soul's unified light helps reinforce the structures that maintain stasis for the dualistic status quo and its governing lawfulness.

An enlightenment spiritualist draws forth a light for unified realization from the root of their soul and safely couriers it through more complex stages of creative realization. Under inspired active stewardship, the unified light of realization overcomes the juxtaposing din and gradually harmonizes competing forces into synergistic realization. This gradually changes the very lawfulness of creation and loosen the structures sustaining the polarizing stasis. This loosens the controls of dualistic structures governing the lawful stasis, and these begin to adjust accordingly or collapse, This spiritual catalyst represents a dawning for new possibilities to seed our world into enlightened realization. Gradually, the very lawfulness of nature itself becomes imbued with new possibility. Then, people gradually awaken to, a world where the very structures that impede a lasting peace from being realized, grow harmonized; as the impossible becomes increasingly eminent.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Spiritual Desire

Developing greater spiritual awareness means dedicating yourself to expanding beyond your worldly considerations and making room in your awareness for a relationship greater processes at play. It is a discipline that requires you to surrender your previous paradigms so you can grow into playing a more active role in a greater orchestration. Your job is not to busy yourself in ways that you escape yourself, but rather that you occupy the fullness of yourself in ways that help you realize your most intrinsic self. To do so you must focus on developing your spiritual capacity for desire. Your heart's desire is like a muscle, it can developed to encompass more expansive levels of creation. 

Revelation that surpasses your immediate desire will go unrealized. This is because you can only expand to what you have previously prepared an equivalent desire for. The cultivation of your spiritual desire invariably involves a deep unwavering acknowledgement about how interdependent you are with spirit in realizing greater wholeness; both with your own soul, and in removing confines to the mysteries of greater Divinity.

Spiritual desire is evocative of the urgent chemistry of torn apart lovers. Each step you take in advancement is an engagement with a promise of climactic fulfillment and reunion. Those who are serious about developing their soul's latent potentials are constantly cultivating the development of their desire for greater communion. The greater your goal and aspiration, the greater the spiritual desire that that needs to be honed. As without equivalent spiritual desire, grace and revelation invariably go unrealized.  

Desire is the very vessel through which revelation extends and realization grows. The development of your spiritual desire is innately a visceral recognition of how deeply your drive extends to connecting with the unrealized aspects of your soul towards securing greater wholeness. If followed diligently, the results invariably lead to fulfillment of both your own soul and the mysteries of greater Divinity dawning within all things.

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