Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Silhouette Of Spirit

The silhouette of spirit is like a woman's heart; you advance by treading softly as you exchange expressions of mutual surrender. To progress through the path of intimacy you must engage your love with delicacy.  You cannot be forceful, as force is a prosecution of your present limited scope of identity. Like a seed that must crack open in order to develop into something expansive, fragrant and lush, spiritual advancement requires letting go of what was in order to cultivate a romance with the emergence of realization to come.

To engage the latent resources of your soul you must share from a place of devotional surrender. This means levelling the barriers that separate you from your eternal nature. You must bravely free the weights of limiting thoughts and indictments to clear a path to the deepest recesses of your heart. This is the space for true spiritual communion and transcendence. 

It is in the darkness of the unrealized that you must beseech your beloved and share an unwavering love to unite. It is from the pit of such depths that your reach will grace the mystique of the unknown resources of your soul. She is always steps ahead of your present scope understanding and beyond the grasp of your minds prevailing definitions. Therefore, you must surrender and treasure her. Celebrate her by providing her with the room to reciprocate your authenticity.

Through routine spiritual dedication that cultivate genuine expressions of true surrender you will prepare place for her to assent and commune.Gradually, she will help you shed your biases and paint your perception with a merciful hue. She will uplift the structures of your awareness by bathing you with tender inspirations that free your mind to realize heightened perspectives. In the throws of her clutch, she will revive your heart with heightened expression and reorient your thoughts for harmony to reign.

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