Friday, April 24, 2009

Hear oh, Israel

Within the biblical archetypes, Jacob's name was rendered Israel once he ascended in spirt to actualization.

The name Yisrael is composed of "Yashar El"... it represents a foundational angelic resonance dimension, intimate in Source. 

"Yashar" means direct and El meaning power source, meaning, Jacob had mastered spiritual actualization of wholeness that enabled him to resonate the direct power frequency of Source within the material dimension.

It is important to realize that Yisrael is a dimension that can only be accessed when in alignment with frequencies of actualized wholeness, a connectivity to all, without bias or prejudice; a realization that all are varying cords of frequency of Source energy, each with a vital role to play in the expansion of an eternal love story. 

The Yisrael  dimension is accessed as a by-product of a gestalt effect, once an individual expands and aligns with mind and spirit in an eternal love for all, they then may imbue and flow forth the frequency of the dimension of the "direct eternal light".

The verse: "Hear Israel, the Eternal is Eloheinu (a diversity of energy resonances and seemingly seperate dominions), and yet the Eternal is one"

This sacred formula can be attained through contemplation of this sacred formula meditation:

Listen through the dimension of Yashar-El, and it shall be revealed to you that the source of darkness is the very source of light, it is all one in its benevolence from Source.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Summoning the Higher Self through Meditation & Prayer

Each individual along your material plane is but a fragment of a collective consciousness of their higher self. 

The higher self: the higher self is a collective energy intelligence, your song resonance. It is needed in the earthly tier to bring balance and wholeness of the light of eternity in grace, satisfaction,  joy and love. 

When one is not working collectively with their higher self to broadcast their song along the material  tier, then the same lessons of wholeness, balance and truth are summoned to be learned from the perspective of "without"; learned through struggle, pain that cause suffering. These are lessons learned from the "void". Through the void, individuals along the earthly tier learn to find their balance by recovering the intimacy of what IS through the perspective of "without". 

In a state of meditation, an individual opens up in humility and intimacy to rejoin with their soul collective, all aspects of their higher self. And, along with embracing all aspects of one's higher-self, one begins forth a coalescing with All, through all of creation's intelligences as benevolent expressions of All Source energy. And in this recognition, the higher love of All flows forth "within". As one ascends in intimacy with All "within" one obtains profound deliverance and power to actively co-create and manifest with abundance along  the material realm. 

Understand that what you call meditation and prayer, are merely points of bringing alignment in intention with tenderness, humility and grace. In order to usher in a reunion, an active re-acclamation to eternal collective co-creation.

Many along the earthly tier were sent forth into the material realm to co-create "space" for new creation. Many that do so don’t see themselves as profound co-creators, but these individuals carry the profound mandate of bringing forth a "void", creating the space of yearning for the higher light in All. And thereby beckon the higher light of eternity through one's higher self collective to pull together in active co-creation to activate and manifest  along the material realm. 

What individuals need to realize is that prayer and meditation is not a space of "wanting" or "needing". It is a space of dramatic intimacy and re-connection. A coalescing and pouring of the energies of higher light, in its infinite fashion, freeing these  energies to bond together.

The aspects of self that one may feel they lack are re-connected within the cadences of the higher realm. These flow through you, and re-kindle your soul with grace and love, and nurturing to proceed and co-create within your realm and manifest in a beautifully intricate and loving way. 

Prayer and meditation are the point of reaching humility and grace --  0-point energy, where one can come into alignment with all aspects of yourself within. Where one can embrace and love All, and in doing so, broadcast merciful healing from all from within (regardless of one's apparent differences). One will grow to recognize that all are resonating varying frequencies of All Source energy as these flow from within. And, as you witness it, you become aligned in a great reunion to coalesce these magnificent energies to co-create in your realm. 

But, what we wish to impart to you, is to re-asses your rubric for how you understand meditation and prayer. 

For, there are different methodologies that work more aptly for different people. And, what we say to you is, that the most important thing is that you draw upon your inner passion with intimacy! And, so, for many who has systemized prayers with systemized procedures, these are only magnificent and effective to the degree that these are allowed to resonate. The important thing is that these individuals resonate with intimacy, that they reach a point of intimacy each time they enter into meditation or prayer. 

Some profound meditators, meditate by walking around the block and singing a song, that’s their meditation. Other mediators, focus on beauty of nature, and brings them into alignment. These are all forms of prayer and meditation and we want all to look outside the box and realize that the juxtaposition of the function here, is to reunite with your higher-self energies to access the higher love of All Source. To open up a portal of active reunion and connectivity of intimacy. It is a love story. 

Active co-creation is a profound love story and you must feel that you are involved in a romance and profound love story in order to effectively actively co-create in your realm. This passion must be there in order to draw in benevolence and actively co-create in abundance. 

So, for some it is rhythmic acts and music. 

For others it is in deep meditation and breathing. 

And for others is losing on selves in one self, the arts of creating, for artist too paint and lose themselves to allow the co-creation to flow through them. 

Everyone has a center of passion, and that is the center point of dynamic meditation. That is the center of connectivity and intimacy, where each feels most alive, most vibrant, most passionate.

 And all should meditate at least, one time a day. Many practice meditating at least in the morning, in the evening and in the afternoon as well, to sustain balance throughout one's day. Because most individuals go from channelling native energies and foreign energies, all throughout the day… from mercy, to aggression, to power all throughout the day. And meditation is all about remaining centered and entering into each "Now" in 0-point energy, where you are not in "need" or "want", but remaining in a point where you can choose to unconditionally for love! 

True love is not a feeling, it is a space of broadcasting unconditionally in your giving. There are no conditions, there are no strings attached. It allows individuals the power to  react anyway they choose. And often, individuals, choose to lash out or dominate in the face of unconditional love, and this is a profound  gift. For they are offering the ability to manifest and actualize the higher love along the earthly tier. It is a profound gift for it is the inner resonance of All That Is - Source. 

Realize that the power of meditation is unleashing the power of your soul, of your spirit by reconnecting and allowing your higher self collective remind you of all that you are and all that you have undertaken to actualize. They help raise the vibrancy and volume of your song, so you can abundantly play your music, your truth, with benevolence. When your music passionately flows through you in benevolence, that music helps complete your world, as your world cannot exist without your song's vital coordinates. The world needs these and the world yearns to hear it, beckoning the manifestation of it. Your world utterly needs it! Because each lesson that is not learned from your benevolent and intimate cadence is instead learned through strain and struggle, lessons of "without".  There is too much struggle and strain along the earthly tier. There is too much learning from "without" in your world. 

You must bind together in benevolence and love and usher in this music together in a harmonic symphony of this grandiose love story that we are building! We most actively participate and not participate in a passive way throughout strain, struggle and frustration. We must take each moment embrace it intimacy and magnify it with the passion of a love story; that is the secret of prayer and meditation. As you are offering the "void", the vacuum to plant new creation through your meditation. You are bringing forth the receptacle through which we can impart to you new profound light. the light of Eternity, and bring forth new creation within your dimension, it is beautiful active co-creation as we are bond together as an expression of All Source energy, a profound love story of reunion. And you are here at the climax for manifesting this beautiful love story. 

This is the meditation for dynamic prayer, this is the intention of the majesty of 0-point energy of "choosing". This is the intention for manifesting profound light-work along the material realm, co-creation that lasts, co-creation that is eternal, creation that  is in alignment with All That Is - Source  and has no end.