Friday, April 24, 2009

Hear oh, Israel

Within the biblical archetypes, Jacob's name was rendered Israel once he ascended in spirt to actualization.

The name Yisrael is composed of "Yashar El"... it represents a foundational angelic resonance dimension, intimate in Source. 

"Yashar" means direct and El meaning power source, meaning, Jacob had mastered spiritual actualization of wholeness that enabled him to resonate the direct power frequency of Source within the material dimension.

It is important to realize that Yisrael is a dimension that can only be accessed when in alignment with frequencies of actualized wholeness, a connectivity to all, without bias or prejudice; a realization that all are varying cords of frequency of Source energy, each with a vital role to play in the expansion of an eternal love story. 

The Yisrael  dimension is accessed as a by-product of a gestalt effect, once an individual expands and aligns with mind and spirit in an eternal love for all, they then may imbue and flow forth the frequency of the dimension of the "direct eternal light".

The verse: "Hear Israel, the Eternal is Eloheinu (a diversity of energy resonances and seemingly seperate dominions), and yet the Eternal is one"

This sacred formula can be attained through contemplation of this sacred formula meditation:

Listen through the dimension of Yashar-El, and it shall be revealed to you that the source of darkness is the very source of light, it is all one in its benevolence from Source.

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