Monday, July 23, 2012

Intimacy at Source

Feelings of detachment arise from the judgments that the individual carries and reinforces within. When an individual cannot stop banishing aspects of themselves within, then, that individual will not be able witness the greater harmony that is unconditionally sustaining all things.

The very process of not being able to witness the benevolent arc encompassing all creation prevents an individual relating to a unified source that coalesces in oneness and instills a harmony that echos forth through all eternity. Such an individualized perception becomes refracted with persistent states of deconstructing the world they witness with judgments of various degrees of severity.

This why the spiritual masters that have walked this realm have proclaimed; “Love Thy Brother As You Love Thyself!” Because this is the solution and all else is merely consequential. When you are able to find, connect to and unify all the disparate fragments of creative forces within yourself, all resonating harmoniously within; then you will be free to access the light of the source proceeding all actualized existence. As you bond in grace to its core root, you will begin to remember the nature of its simple and indelible chord of grace. That all the earthly struggles, the obstacles and suffering are part of an over-arching gloriously benevolent construct that provide the conditions for souls to grow closer and closer to unconditional intimacy with the light both overt and latent within all things; as it is all nothing but a Love Story of return and embrace.

Across the other side of the veil of linear consciousness, those that wish to ascend to the highest proximity of intimacy  beyond the filtration of creation at the source, may proceed freely. However, most unwittingly support impediments, and find themselves constrained and restricted. Invariably, what holds consciousness back from progressing freely is one's own shame rooted in feelings of unworthiness. Shame and intimacy constitute a incompatible mix in the higher terrains of unity. On an emotional level, one cannot be ashamed and truly intimate at the same time; as one is an expression of expansion, the other retraction. Similarly, one cannot be fearful and embrace vulnerability of intimacy at the same time. The essential concept is that eternal progressions of unification are stifled by repellant vortices of definition and polarization.

It is about true love and intimacy, and if a soul bares residue expressions of shame, then these de-facto stifle one's own advance, and hamper one with feelings of inadequacy. The more one remains linear minded about their trajectory, the more one will find themselves thwarted by feelings of being unworthy and in deficit. Even slight traces of shame, boil to the fore in the face of ascending to such gloriously intimate expressions of being. Personal judgments, and their fetishes for parsimony, weigh heavily upon the soul climbing tiers of greater consciousness and push its own progression back down to lower and denser vibratory fields of expression. These souls then find themsleves too ashamed to receive such intimacy, and the become conflicted with feelings that they iare benefitting so much and having had contributed so very little. On this context, they cannot adequately justify their own existence. In romantic terms, this is akin to lovers that feel compelled to close their eyes when exchanging expressions of unabashed intimacy, finding themselves incapable of sharing eye to eye as equals.

This is because they do not know the soul language of true love, which is essentially unconditional, and an open expression in the more intimate spaces in proximity to creations' source. Without this vital chord of expression, a soul is destined to become stuck in cycles of inadequacy and with feelings of having to accomplish so much more.

Consider the folly of those that cleave to their judgments. They exclaim;
“Look what I have done for you oh God! I have prayed each day, do you not need my prayers? I have studied and followed your commandments, do you not need my obedience?”

It that not utter folly and futility? What is it exactly that “God” needs? The Eternal did not “need” any of it! The Eternal did not fashion creation, splitting itself into splintered creative expressions and legions of energetic diversity because it had to. Rather, the Eternal chose to funnel potentials into actualized expressions of true love to render love abound in its most passionate and intimate cadence, so that a boundless coalescing between potential and actualized tiers of expressions in unified state of ecstatic stasis could emerge and harmonize all gaps of disparity. Through creation's elaborate filtration of the priomordial light of benevolence, the Eternal effectively extended pathways for all to participate within a greater narrative of true love, and in this way discover intimacy in a greater all.

Creation allowed for an expression of true intimacy because consciousness was granted individuality, and thus gave birth to feelings of isolation, which fueled an accumulation of passion.  Passion is the fuel that  necessitates eventual reunion for an enhanced intimacy. Through this passion, all can transcend contention and pedigree to crystalize perceptions of the unconditional root expression of love at source. In light of this inner most expression of being, all are able to shine in equal vitality, embrace and unify into a greater all that permeates even energetic expressions of actuality. And so, true love brings all into balance and equilibrium with all at source propelling the ecstatic verve of unified intimacy. All shall benefit by following in the wake of true love's current, as the language of unconditionality will transmute the linear blockages of self sustaining shame or unworthiness. Love itself allows all to graduate beyond such pettiness. From this vantage point, all grow to embrace the unbounded power of  true love, as it is elixir that harmonizes all with enhanced purpose.

On a soul level, one should maintain cognizance that all are aspects of the Eternal at various stages of transforming back into unified co-existence. As one chooses to enter a consciousness that is in alignment with the music flowing at the root of creation's source, their soul will gradually forgo of the need to progress up the ladder of consciousness in a linear way. Rather, the sovereign flow of soul consciousness chooses to engage in what is analogous to a celestial "escalator". Unlike the laborious ladder to expansive consciousness, the additional fuel of true love's passion serves to propel one's consciousness in ways that  bypass all the winding hindrances caused by feelings of shameful inadequacy before the primordial light of benevolence, and the soul may then float freely to the most expansive chords of intimacy.

In this context, the classical mythos of the of the Tree of Life vs. Tree Of Knowledge of Good and Evil archetype that served to imbed the collective consciousness with a narrative for the divergent pathways of spiritual growth takes on a greater meaning. It becomes evident that there is a process of growth that flows effortlessly once one is unbound by eternal sensibilities, and another, gleaned from struggle and “without”; of learning what is by lingering too long in all that is not.

Many souls enter into this world imprinted with a fetishized predisposition of how to witness all that is. For example, some individuals enter this world with a proclivity for expressing their identity through external action. These individuals develop only able to perceive external action oriented expressions. In this context, the individual discriminates that anything not delivered through an expression of external action is either simply flawed or not existent. Such individuals grow proud, unable to witness the diverse shades of activity, and carry deep-seeded judgments about the world, castigating creation for perceived injustices.

Sooner or later, the world shifts from beneath the individual's feet, and he is left utterly humbled. As he regroups, and his perceptions are compelled to expand ever so slightly, the foundations for previous discrimination are brought ever so slightly more into balance. For example, he begins to let go of the lens of external actions and is comfortable with leaving things undecided, and then, slowly allowing empiricism to sort out his rubric of perception. Then, over time, after being humbled again, he find's himself compelled to incorporate a more nuanced paradigm,  balancing possibly, even incorporating dimensions of internal action. And this process of  graduation over time repeats itself, time and again, to gradually restore the individual to a greater clarity, and harmony with a greater proportion of creative expression. Little by little, the consciousness is set free to explore more and more creatively diverse expressions that constitute the totality flowing at creation's source.  In turn, the creaive energy that filters through the individual with less bias and is leaves the individual a lot less prejudicial. Until one day the individual expands, and his  paradigm for bias itself, and prejudice itself begins to forever recede. This is how the consciousness evolves beyond primitive survivalist tendencies.

In truth, from the vantage point of eternity's perspective, such a sluggish progression appears jagged and strange. One watching it from a quantum perspective would ponderously exclaim;

"Why must you remember everything, can’t you feel it in your core? Don’t you feel that you are all one, don’t you feel it? You may be blocked from accessing  parts of your eternal self, but your heart's music, if allowed to flows forth is plentifully and present. Does not your heart tell you that all is one, why must you shackle yourself with primitive perceptions and tribalism? What is it with humanity? It does not make any sense! Even if you are steeped in judgments and criticism, don’t you recognize that whenever negativity you carry just reverberates outward contributing to permeating hatred, and attracting more of the same? A bolstering destruction and void is a deconstruction that can only breed further incarnations of destruction and void. It is only through the harmonizing effects of a united chorus flowing through all eternity that helps render again and again restorative light anew."

Still, from a more linear perspective, this world is a school, and for those that need it, it is a school of hard knocks that knock an individual down a peg or two every once in a while, to make room for something far greater. They are still attached to the ladder, afraid to let go. And each time, they are knocked down they summon up just enough awe and humility to include a bit more of the Eternal within their perception, and allow themselves to graduate in perception higher and higher along the celestial steps of Jacob’s ladder; until they learn to let go completely by loving unconditionally. Then,  they are propelled to the golden throne atop called athe crown of "True Love". From that reigning seat they realize that the whole ladder could have  been superfluous, and that there was no reason why they could not have started by focusing on true love at the start.

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