Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bodily Consciousness

So much of the bodily consciousness pertains to survival and perpetuation of its construction. It carries a verve of fight and flight, finding shelter, fuel for substance and sexual expression for the propagation of its genetic synthesis.

The bodily consciousness is a benevolent facet of creation that ensures that an angel having a journey within a material free-will construct will not become so preoccupied with the etherial that they will neglect their bodies very substance and maintenance. That said, the bodily consciousness is still in a persistent state of "need" because is substance and maintenance is routinely in demand requiring at the very least energy from food to be converted into the re-growth of cellular structure and the maintenance of its genetic constitution. It requires ample security so that one may be unburdened of "fear" and readily enter the spiritually higher tiers of dynamic consciousness. Yet, the bodily consciousness when unchecked, can grow to dominate the governance of portals of higher capacities of individual consciousness, and thereby become a cause disharmony and suffering.

An individual develops increased capacity for abstract cognitive ability and tends to trigger major markers of expanded development between ages 4-5, developing substantially further between ages 9-10, entering new stages of capacity in puberty ages 12-14, and then advancing extensively in ages 19-22.

These abstract cognitive abilities are a natural physical outgrowth of cognitive cellular tissue that reflects an upgrade of spiritual capacity within an individual for actively accessing key chords of spiritual/vibrational dimensionality within. The design of these stages of development is to gradually enhance the individual with increasing capacity to actively commune with the abstract and etherial; with the benevolent energy that is consciously vibrating within all things.

Man's bodily consciousness is part of an evolutionary program ensuring instinctual patterns for the continuance of one's species through procreation, procuring sustenance and security. From a macro perspective this programing is of a benevolent nature as it drives for the optimal evolution of the species. However, from an individualized perspective, the bodily consciousness can stifle higher development when allowed to trespass into the governance of one's abstract cognitive capacities.

Should the individual allow their ego to offer access for the bodily consciousness to take control of one's abstract cognitive capacities in spirit then a course for cyclical struggle and learning from "without" is firmly set for the trajectory of an individual's progression.

An individual can break the binds of this trajectory of progressing from "without" with great strides of spiritual advancement, but this proves most challenging because when the bodily consciousness has taken governance over one;s abstract cognitive capacities. This is because the bodily consciousness will use the abstract cognitive capacities to colour every scenario in terms of a "threat". As every situation becomes processed and imprinted with a narrative of threat and survival it further reinforces and perpetuates the bodily consciousness' corrupting role in this tier an spirit. This is why once the bodily consciousness is engrained within the tier of abstract cognitive capacities of spirit it proves so challenging for an individual to awaken to take active control of these capacities and ensure that the bodily consciousness recedes back into its natural maintenance role.

When an individual is in suffering from spiritual imbalance due to their bodily consciousness having taken over dominion over their abstract cognitive capacities, instead of employing sexual energy to exude creativity, vigor, zest and renewal; the individual will become preoccupied with sexual expression and pursuit to the detriment of balanced living. Similarly, the bodily consciousness in this misaligned role will continue to

reinforce narratives of urgency and threat, with every interaction positioned in terms of "struggle" or "flight" for protecting the very fabric of an individual's existence. In this way, the individual slowly slips into inhabiting very Machiavellian streams of justifications whereby every obstacle placed before one's choice of path is perceived as a "threat", an object to be maneuvered or leveraged into an extension of one's dominion.

This processing will happen even as no true threat exists, and will propel an out of balance approach where an individual is essentially detached from inner harmony and harmony with the surrounding world. All this being fueled by the core "pursuit of safety" signature that the bodily consciousness stirs.

The bodily consciousness is not something bad, or nefarious that needs to be repressed. It is simply an important cog in one's mechanism of consciousness that has a very specific role of lower maintenance of one's bodily form. In fact, most cases of personal imbalance where it is not of a chemical nature, are a byproduct of an individual either consciously choosing or unconsciously being seduced into allowing the ego to offer the bodily consciousness unfettered access to one's abstract cognitive capacities of spirit.

The following analogy will help illustrate the nature of these processes of imbalance. Consider the idea of a large corporation. You have a Chief Executive Officer who is in charge of all the various capacities and extensions of the company. The CEO must monitor considerations relating to the pursuit for growth, interconnectivity to communicate and receive feedback within its specialized field and business environment, maintenance of strategic relationships and exchange. Consider for a moment what would happen if an individual that was trained as a manager of "customer support" would suddenly take charge of the boardroom. This individual would not be mindful of the company's long term corporate outlook for profit or technological research and development of new intellectual assets. Nor would this individual be mindful of considerations for adjusting to the changing business landscape. This individual would simply be preoccupied with the latest emergency and support conflict that has arisen to the fore. Accordingly, key boardroom time becomes monopolized by customer service considerations and conflicts. New mandates are instituted company wide to address issues of repair, vetting customer complaints, and challenging. This individual sees the corporation through the lens of customer service. In a short time, the corporate environment would become rudderless, discombobulated and mired in a lack of productivity. Eventually, the company would eventually fail and reach dissolution.

Just as you would not want the manager of customer service to manage the boardroom of a company, you should not want your bodily consciousness managing your abstract cognitive spiritual capacities.

The goal is not to sublimate the bodily consciousness, and characterize it as tainted or bad. Rather, simply award it its natural role in maintaining one''s bodily form and physical experience. The spiritually dynamic individual will invert the ego from a stream of service to self to a stream of service to (self as) all. Without an overzealous service to self ego, the bodily consciousness will naturally preside over bodily maintenance and the abstract cognitive capacities of spirit will be free to engage in its naturally designed role of relating to the the eternal, of communing with the abstract and intangible; the giving and receiving with the vibrant energies of conscious resonance towards actively blossoming an eternally loving progression for all.