Wednesday, June 26, 2013



The Greater Soul resides outside the filters of time. Its' fragments are seeded into creation in ways that extend through the past, the future and the perspective of your present now. Each soul fragment that incarnates accepts a charge to experiment with creation through the confines of materiality and its veil of linear consciousness. From there, they go to catalyze creation through the power of their soul's creative signature. This experience provides the fragment with a platform to extend its range of authentic expression. It is like a musician who grew up with up with a favourite melody. As the musician masters his craft, he attempts to interject new tempos, harmonies, exploring abstract jazz compositions that expand on the expressed creative terrain of the simple melody.

Each soul fragment is connected through its' Greater Soul to all it's other fragments journeying through the past and future. While in a fragmented state, a fragment witnesses time sequentially, with future occurrences being predicated by events past. From a unified state, soul fragments operating in the past, present and future are all working in tandem on the achievement of a single creative instant. Consider for a moment the way you see light. You experience light as a unified expression regardless of which particular photon particle is first to be processed by receptors in your eye. Similarly, from the perspective of the Greater Soul all time is energy in perpetual recalibration of a single euphoric realization.

A re-unified soul fragment can proactively reset momentum for future states of consciousness in ways that empower future fragments to mitigate disruptive dissonance orchestrated in the past. These resources of the soul retroactively redirect self-serving or polarizing cycles being set in motion. Not only does this chart new possibilities for the future, but it drives harmonious creation by removing impediments to a powerful stream. Consider a raft flowing precariously down a rapids. The turbulence of the rapids is produced as the rush of water crashes into rocks impeding the river's harmonic flow. Were you to remove the obstructing stones from the river, the pace of flow would dramatically increase and the raft would coast in greater harmony. 

The degree of spiritual drag confronted in the future is relative to the depths of dissonance being emotionally evoked by fragments living in the past. The drag is akin to a dense fog that obfuscates spiritual clarity. Just as static scrambles a radio signal, dissonance scrambles the influx of the Greater Soul. This has the effect of becoming closed off to the ingenuity of more advanced fragments trying to aid from the future. It is therefore essential to harmoniously reintegrate dissonant impressions radiating in the past. Without such unification, impressions of fragments past will continually disrupt the conscious realization of harmonic states reigning in the future. 
Countering the drag from fragments past is the advanced momentum resounding back from the euphoric future. There, advanced soul fragments work to harmonize with fragments operating in the past and facilitate an enhanced unity. The greater the unity, the greater the amplification of the creative resources extended by the Greater Soul onto the worldly stage. When unified, the soul fragments complete a single circuit of enhanced illumination. It is akin to a light that beams brightly as an electrical current is released through reconnecting circuitry at the flip of a switch.
At times, there are soul fragments in the past that have advanced to profound levels of intimacy with their Greater Soul. These illuminated individuals loosen the binds of past dissonance, and plant seeds within the collective consciousness to galvanize impressions that seed expansive harmony in the future. These "ascended" soul fragments of the past attain advanced states by developing a strong spiritual bond with fellow soul fragments harmonizing creation's narrative retroactively from their station in the future. It was in this fashion that great spiritual luminaries of the past were capable of such powerful feats of love and compassion that their impressions bent the underlying rules of natural law governing the earth.

The momentum seeded by each soul fragment has instant repercussions upon the trajectory of the rest. The pendulum of momentum shifts as a fragment binds together with its fellow fragments in ways that mitigate prevailing impediments of progress. Regardless of level of advancement a particular fragment, it is connected to fragments with great spiritual mastery prepared to aid from the future. All fragments are intricately connected in what they help create and orchestrate, and there none that is unworthy of expanding to their soul's highest grace. Solutions for this world are seeded within to bloom throughout. Such is the nature of all lasting creation.

Fragments that achieve a graceful embrace of their Greater Soul's creative signature while living a material experience are designated as spiritually "sovereign" or "free". This stage of development means that their journey is no longer de-facto predicated as merely repercussions of dissonance flowing from the past. A karmic balance can no longer hinder their destiny because they have accessed a facility to retroactively transform all that has preceded. In this way, they have an enhanced ability to help script their own destiny and the destiny of the greater human race.
Once spiritually sovereign, they experience enhanced sensitivity. That sensitivity gives them greater range. With that range they are able to "hear" the euphoric music resonating in the future. The music gets closer as they remain in grace, connected to their soul's song of truth.  Gradually, they grow enraptured by the euphoric flow. They live their lives like they are dancing to music that others cannot hear. With this sensitivity comes enhanced heart coherence. It enables them to connect to all of existence in ways that heal. They grow less callous to prevailing suffering and apathy. They can no longer encourage with the harsh  conditions that put humanity through cycles of divide. They grow boldly in their love, regardless of worldly sentiment because they can sense that world conflict is just a fallout of the density of dissonance radiating from a more primitive past. Instead, they awaken to a mandate of pro-actively seeding greater harmonization. Their shadow of separateness is shed and they dutifully serve all of creation by anchoring the clarifying music of future harmonization. From the ecstatic expression from which they were hewn, each soul fragments will be rendered whole again.  
Each sovereign fragment works to galvanize greater cohesively by propelling advancements that transform of the narrative for all of creation. With each one added new sun dawns bringing with it a resign of new possibilities. Each one is a link. Each one is needed. With each connection creative resources flowing from the Greater Soul are allowed to flow unbridled. Increasingly the harmonics of its' flow thin the linear veil and time itself. Many cultures use a phrase for a time of great illumination and peace on earth. Their spiritual teachers would say "when the time comes", but they would not say when we come to the time. That is because they taught their students techniques for how to draw a time closer.They too saw time a teaming with life capable of reaching out and embracing your heart.
They envisioned such restoration while evoking the popular refrain; "As above, so below". They understood that as the veil grows thinner, our world becomes a place where the once seemingly impossible, becomes increasingly imminent.

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