Friday, June 6, 2008

Spiritual Humility; When Opposites Attract

Access to the "tree of life" is granted when you simultaneously attain and align perceptions of the divine in nullification of self called "spiritual humility". "Spiritual humility" is called by the mystics "a good heart"; the heart that finds pleasure through benefiting others."Humility"is a universal  "humility" precursor for attaining levels of transcendent intimacy among divergence approaches to the spiritual path. Without a underlying understanding of the processes of "spiritual humility" your spiritual advances will invariably get rebuffed by the "light". Many spiritual aspirants struggle in this way, and their awareness gets stuck in rejection and nihilism that lead to an utter loss of freedom that the sages called a "hardened heart". Those who attain authentic levels of "spiritual  humility" are freely advance of the 
the corrective "light" of grace

Spiritual humility is at the  fulcrum any eternal ascent of connectivity. It secures a potent bond between the mystique of the Divine feminine (/Shechina) and the realized soul. True lovers coalesce into fluid expressions of mutual trust and shared authenticity. They shed the polarizing shackles of parsimonious give and take to inculcate a greater spirit of communion. Although each enters limited by their respective definitions, they surrender to merge into something greater, and lose their creative limitations and definitions. Together they emerge as one, an embodiment of the spirit of something exalted and boundless.

There are two paths for "spiritual humility"; one path is spiritually "masculine" and while the other is spiritually "feminine". Every individual has an innate predilection towards embracing one of these two paths. As a spiritual aspirant advances into a realization of Divine unity, the aspirant is coaxed to graduate into a harmonious synthesis of both paths to spiritual humility. 

The Spiritually Feminine Path:

The spiritually feminine path to true humility is represented by 
the biblical archetype persona of "Judah", and is the secret to the spiritual 
"scepter" getting realized through a descendant of "David". Those who will reign over a future time of realized peace, harmony and consolation  will ultimately do so as an embodiment of this feminine, communal-centric expression of spiritual humility. It is by evoking the spirit of the realized community that spiritual leadership takes root. In this path, the individual surrenders considerations of selfhood and pedigree and finds satisfaction and duty in the greater realization of others. The self is witnessed in the manifestation of the other. Since each individual is part of the underlying circuitry for the greater realization of the light, the light is realized in  the self as the greater community transforms into appropriate conduits for realizing the Divine "light". Then the capacity of the underlying circuitry of awareness can circulate with greater frequency to break forth a light of collective realization and transcendence. This light is the love of the Almighty and it is realized as it is sharing within the community of man.

This spiritually feminine path to humility places greater emphasis on subjugating individualistic pursuits and achievement as a path of greater realization. The aspirant embraces only those expressions that facilitate conditions for the light to better flow through the collective.

The Spiritually Masculine Path:

The spiritually "masculine" path to humility is personified 
by the biblical archetype persona of "Joseph". In this counter-intuitive approach to spiritual humility, the aspirant seeks to embody the  idealized fullness of  his most intrinsic self; all rooted in a motivation to uplift the external into greater harmonization with the intrinsic. Followers of the spiritually masculine path embrace completely their 
individualism and inner gifts, but rather than leading a life of instead of vanity and nihilism, the aspirant remains humbled by the enormity of debt he owes to the future spirit of his actualized self as an expression of realized Divinity </"Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh">. With each achievement he feels greater debt to his destiny and works diligently at directing his inner gifts in ways that transform the world and bridges civilization in closer communion with wholeness. 

Students of masculine humility recognize that the more they are granted inner gifts from above, the greater their reciprocally debt to their respective actualized destinies. To them, the weight of this ever-looming debt is the crux of their loyal devotion and deep humility. These spiritually gifted individual postulate; 
"I am not greater, only far more in debt along my path to greater realization". 
It is because of their spiritual integrity is rooted in "individualization" that the "children of Joseph" are cast as the apt spiritual foil to the corruptive nihilistic forces of the "children of Edom" (/Red/ Oppression), as the sages have taught; 
"the exile of Edom will conclude by a defeat at the hand of the anointed of Joseph".

The sages have postulated that the spiritual humility of Joseph's path is more suited to thrive amidst exile, while the path to spiritual humility of Judah is most suited for leading over communal realization of the world to come. In the biblical narrative this distinction is hinted at the way Judah thrives in the Holy Land, while Joseph reigns supreme amidst Egyptian exile. This is why the sages have imparted that the anointed of David (from the line of Judah) will not deliver redemption before the arrival, struggle and passing of the anointed of Joseph. Even in the biblical narrative, Joseph's spiritually "masculine" path to humility is misunderstood as being, foreign, antithetical and dangerous for those following the spiritually "feminine" path of "Judah". 

It is interesting to note that each of these expressions to humility are reflected sociologically in mass culture. Societies unable to train their spiritual drive for the feminine path to spiritual humility find themselves ushering in communist or fascist socialism movements, while societies unable to master  drive for the masculine path to spiritual humility may find themselves prosecuting over anarcho-capitalism, extreme libertarianism or vapid narcism. True peace (/shleimut/ wholeness) arrives once the paths of feminine and masculine humility completely coalesce into a single expression of love for the spirit of each individual and reverence for the spirit of the greater community. The spirit of love is best realized through state of mutual surrender that summon forth the  transcendent. This is the path to healing consolation that will grow into wellspring of blessing for all.

Fri, 6 June 2008 / 3rd of Sivan, 5768