Friday, November 13, 2009

Divine Names

In the mystical schools, there are Divine names, names for the Almighty, energies, angels and such. Some names were considered to be so sacred that they were only to be uttered at assigned moments, and there are names that are so very lofty that they are no longer accessed in these times. For they are considered too lofty, too sacred, too distant from mankind's present state of consciousness, and thereby are remain an enigma to man.

The ancients understood that there is no name for Source, for All That Is, for a name is to contain an essence, giving it dimensionality, parameters. But Source is eternal, infinite in every way, and cannot be contained within the vessel of a name.

The mystics understood that the Almighty and its benevolent legions were designated with formulas, coordinates for accessing through perception the "space", dimensionality and resonance of each associated energy that streams forth from the eye of Source.

The names of a particular, energy, the names called Divine, the names for the Almighty Source; although phonetically the vibrations transmitted through the pronunciation reverberating through the human form activate capacities to perceive; the true essences of these names were formulas for perceptions, for perceiving a "space". a dimension from where this energy is transmitted forth, from which this energy is birthed, from which the energy is "sent". For the theme of an energy is consistent in its transmission both at its inception and at its arrival in perception of the "satisfaction" resonance. It is always one theme, one mandate, and always consistent to its cord of resonance.

Divine names were always for the mystics formulas for accessing and arriving to spiritual spaces/ dimensions, as the name itself carried the vibration and coordinates for accessing precise perception. Simply expressing the name was not the vehicle for ascending the dimensionality, an expansion towards the "space" for intimate connectivity with that energy of Source. Simply reciting the name was not the useful method of approach, as the name itself was a meditative formula. The individual that would utter the name in proper aligned perception would perceive the appropriate resonance coordinates of "perception", and in raising one's vibration, one's perceptions navigating through the abstract spiritual tiers and realms of higher light energy resonance. The name itself was encoded with the coordinates for perceiving the specific resonance of Source within intimacy.