Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Soul

Each time a soul fragment is seeded onto this world it signals the potential dawning for a new light. That light is sent to help recalibrate and balance humanity's collective mindset. As the light is released, it reverberates in the collective consciousness to open new gates of perception. Gradually, we awaken to a world where people are more mindful of their eternal nature and better able to commune with beckoning beauty of each soul. 

The aspects of soul that remain beyond the veil of linear consciousness are called the Greater Soul. The masters called the confines of linear consciousness "the veil" because it binds the fulness of a soul's restorative light. Just like a veil worn over your eyes diminishes your ability to accurately witness what transpires before you, the veil of linear consciousness restricts your ability to witness existence from the eternal perspective of your Greater Soul.

Linear consciousness sees all that occurs as proceeding from a serial progression. Every effect is driven by a prior cause. The linear perspective predicates that the more we can account for causes, the more rigidly we can determine a given outcome. Although this perspective has helped revolutionize the many mechanical feats for obtaining dominion over nature, it is dangerously a deterministic model that leaves no room for the soul. Its perspective fuels cultural ideologies that suffocate sovereign choice and creativity. It favours a cold and calculated worldview and a ceaseless appetite for control; but has no place for love.

Beyond the constrains of linear consciousness, notions like past, present and future fold upon themselves to reveal a singularly sovereign current. Along this stream, a future event can profoundly rearrange all that proceeded it, just as past momentum obfuscates that same event from dawning to fruition. A sovereign awareness between these poles of momentum can resolve the friction and generate more unified momentum. Additionally, a consciousness that exists outside the confines of the entire construct can be summoned to help orchestrate trajectories that recalibrate the poles to reduce overall friction for a more fluid expression.  

The Greater Soul sees creation from a vastly different vantage point from where its' fragments reside. It witness unfolding creation from a space that is beyond the refracting confines of time itself. From its' eternal perspective, all of creation is playing out a pattern of perpetual recalibration towards a single realization. The parts of this single instant are perpetually advancing in tandem to more refined eventualities. It is for this reason that the masters have taught, "Creation is restored in the engagement of each instant". 

This "instant" was seeded through a polarizing filter that amplifies a sense of separateness for each soul fragment under its' auspices. The construct provides each fragment an forum to explore its' individualized integrity. Similarly, the filter constrains the Greater Soul's ability overrule the integrity of choice of each proceeding soul fragment. The Greater Soul channels its creative resources to optimize overall cohesion in accordance to the free range awarded to it from the respective' fragments. Its resources extend from the sovereign harmonization of the fragments journeying in the future state of the filtered system to increasingly mitigate the obstructions rooted by more rigid fragments journeying through the filters's past. 

The consciousness of each soul fragment residing in corporeal form is constrained by the levels of polarization of its time. The past pole of the filter amplifies the evolutionary verve body consciousness that propelled organisms compete for survival and evolve through natural selection. The survivalist hum of form grows increasingly pronounced the more you venture into the physical past. The future pole is illuminates a glorified era of soul consciousness where existence is increasingly embrace through a lens of eternal considerations for rendering an enhanced unity. 

A soul fragment journeying in our time is torn between the mechanized perspective that awards the cunning dominion evolutionarily hardwired into the body consciousness and the transcendent impressions of by its' Greater Soul that serves an eternal gestalt. These conditions ensure that you are presented with the choice to dedicate to journey to one of these alternate paths. Do you choose the slow and painful evolutionary model or the path unleashing the flurry of ingenuity of the soul? 

The soul fragment is protected in a halo innocence through early childhood. Presently, our world does not place a premium on innocence. Children are sent to schools where they are assessed as data. They are are taught to excel through trials of competition and achievement. They graduate into societies that award power to the few at the expense of the whole; a world groomed to embrace survivalist models and accumulate greater control. Future leaders of industry and nations are trained to relish struggle and leverage their agendas through "divide and conquer" models for overcoming competing interests. It is a world perpetuating a determined path path of confrontation and marginalization. 

It is no surprise that  the soul fragment seeded in this environment grows increasingly detached. Its ingenuity has little place to shine. It loses an appreciation for its distinct vitality and its' light slowly dims. It surrenders its light in exchange for being awarded a place in society as an interchangeable cog to perpetuate the deterministic wheel. But social roles do not bring happiness, and life starts to tastes of apathy; haunted by the shadow of its eternal self. With the veil bound so tightly around its vision, does it even stand a chance?
Your fragmented soul came to this world with an appetite for eternal expressions, but you were born to a civilization that still leans heavily on reductionistic thinking and competition. Persevering nonetheless, you adapted the best you could to master the survivalist ways of this world. Along this path you watched others awarded for cultivating "controls" to secure their successes. But, somewhere along the way you began to realize that "control" only offers protection from perceived threats, but it cannot substitute lasting happiness. 

"Happiness" is the innate state of your complete soul. You cannot expand to it while leveraged within a fractured state. Instead you must cultivate your inner creative vitality, the expression of your soul's light. As you do, it harmonizes parts of you that seem foreign, but echo ever so familiar. You will realize wholeness, and happiness will ensue.

The masters have related that the blind man learns the path in one of two ways. He either learns the path by smacking into enough walls and discovering the path through pain, or he learns to develop his other senses to travel with ease. The later process of developing innate senses is called  the “short path”, it is mastered as you claim "intimacy" as your guiding staff.  The path of intimacy will reveal eternal perspectives while you are surrounded by a worldview that serves finite considerations. In dedication to this path you will have to delve inward and recover your halo of  innocence and witness the beauty of your soul. This path will empower you to restore the fragments of your soul with their greater source. 

Contemplate the following distinction. Along the your life's journey some lessons you acquired felt like “learning”, while others felt more like “remembering”. There were occasions when you absorbed a lot of ideas that were foreign to your soul. There were other occasions when the lessons felt familiar and natural.

They relate to two different ways for accumulating wisdom. There is a level of wisdom that is born of "understanding". You do not actually ever find it, but rather you taste what it isn't and deduce what it must truly be. There is a higher level of wisdom that is called "knowing". It is a far more intimate and a form of experiential discovery. Its knowledge is alive with vibrancy and you converge to experience it. It is wisdom that is experienced. It kisses your soul and leaves your heart a whole lot bigger. 

Your soul fragment is a creative signature. It is through this creative signature that you can harmonize the other fragments of your soul scattered across time in harmony with its' greater source. Many fragments of your Greater Soul have journey along the past, and others are luminaries in the future. The impressions of all of these journeys are etched eternally onto the essential song of your soul. The path of intimacy will summon your Greater Soul to bolster your heart with the music of eternal considerations and restored cohesion. Through its lens you can uplift the static of past dissonance and draw amplified creative resources to draw closer harmonic solutions. 

You will routinely be presented with the two paths. Society has only prepared you for the cold, long and winding one. It has steadfastly taught you what isn't so that you better deduce what truly is. But, inside you know a shorter way.  It is more romantic because it is filled with mystique, and love is always more romantic in the dark. Exhilarating in its intimacy. it fuels you with a sensation of hastening reunion with every advance you take. The harmony you discover keep you increasingly on a track that is independent of the drama that needed to learn from from contrasts. 

The lessons that feel like "remembering" are so key. These impressions awaken you to the eternality of your essential worth. These prepare you for true intimacy of embracing your divinity eye to eye. The lessons that feel like "remembering" are seeded by the advanced fragments of your soul. These help ripen your will in freedom and unleash the ingenuity of your inner light. You will feel whole and witness the happiness that always was, and celebrate your part in the realization of the greatest orchestration; The True Love Story. 

© bb