Wednesday, April 2, 2014


All sacred rites evoke a perspective of paradox to catalyze a greater convergence between realized and unrealized poles of Divinity.

Linear consciousness witnesses all that occurs as proceeding from a serial progression. Every effect is driven by a prior cause. The linear perspective predicates that the more we can account for causes, the more rigidly we can determine a given outcome. Although this perspective has helped revolutionize the many mechanical feats for obtaining dominion over nature, it is dangerously a deterministic model that leaves no room for the soul. Its perspective fuels cultural ideologies that suffocate sovereign choice and creativity. It favours a cold and calculated worldview and a ceaseless appetite for control; but has no place for love.

Beyond the constrains of linear consciousness, notions like past, present and future fold upon themselves to reveal a singularly sovereign current. Along this stream, a future event can profoundly rearrange all that proceeded it, just as past momentum obfuscates that same event from dawning to fruition. A sovereign awareness between these poles of momentum can resolve the friction and generate more unified momentum. Additionally, a consciousness that exists outside the confines of the entire construct can be summoned to help orchestrate trajectories that recalibrate the poles to reduce overall friction for a more fluid expression. Such processes were evoked by sages through dedication they called the re-unification of the Divine Name.

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