Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spiritual Romance

Spiritual Romance

The spiritual masters related to their unrealized aspects of soul in romantic terms. As such, they painstakingly safeguarded the honor of their soul’s authenticity. They romanced their soul’s in this way through the darkness that called “night” and regaled it at the breaking light of realizations they called “day”. They understood that to properly draw forth their soul’s ingenuity it is essential to develop an intimacy with their soul’s intrinsic mystique.

Relationships that imbue a consonance of true intimacy are fortified by mutual trust. More than a passing faith, it is steadfastness that can only be achieved by an uncompromising loyalty. Only in this way can a expression of intimacy be truly shared as equals; eye to eye. When teaching secrets to the soul, they implored their students that each compromise to their soul’s authenticity was a akin to betraying their beloved. That each incursion of this trust erects a wall of spite. They explained that your beloved calls out to you, awaiting to be freed from bondage behind these walls. That she awaits the champion of her heart, to be reunited in True Love’s embrace.

This is why popular fairytales are replete with stories of brave princes who must find true love by slaying a dragon to secure their imprisoned beloved. It is because these mythos tap into a fundamental vein of existential truth. That each individual must slay a fire breathing dragon within that tries to claim dominion over their heart. Breath alludes to living vitality, and fire alludes to cruelty. Allusions to fire breathing sieges imply a surrendering of the heart’s authenticity to a conquest of reductionistic assault. It is then that eternal considerations grow dim and the latent resources of the soul are bound behind walls of disillusionment and fury. Chaste in her loyalty, she awaits for her beloved to slay the accuser and scale the rubble of apathy and deceit that envelop the heart. In this way, consciousness can draw forth the eternal light of wholeness, and secure the soul’s authenticity so that True Love can reign again. 

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Riding The Waves

The circuit of your life’s journey is connected by points of greater convergence. These are passages of amplified authenticity. Many see these passages as defining. They call them “moments of truth”. These portals of heightened realization transform your awareness into a higher range of beingness. It feels like being kissed by the momentum of an underlying wholeness. Gradually your soul reveals itself in ways that summon restorative consequence.

Natural order is designed to continually challenge each individual at the crux of their existential bias. This means that there are creative aspects of your soul’s divine nature that you elevate and other aspects that you repress. To the degree that you limit your creative light from seamlessly flowing within, is the degree to which natural order will gravitate restriction upon your experience in ways that entrench you in challenge and limitation. The solution is rooted in these moments of transcendent clarity. They release restorative passions that lead you to the achievement of greater authenticity.

As you stake claim to your points of inspiration, you can direct its restorative rush into a greater passion. It is at this apex of passion that you must break the co-dependent cycle of extending your energy to coping strategies for greater endurance and surrender to the overarching waves of grace. Like a child who finds serenity in a parents’ arms, you will journey assuredly in this embrace of greater realization.

There are those at the ocean’s banks who fear being swallowed by the waves, and there are those who seek and revel atop the waves. The difference between those who fear and those who revel in the waves is that those that revel in the waves know how to ride the waves. They revel because they have mastered how to recalibrate their approach so they discover euphoria on top of the waves. The greater the wave, the greater their ascent and its’ successive rush. Those the fear the waves, do not seek to find balance with them and therefore must retreat or get swept up in their undertow.

Consciousness is a vast ocean of unexplored potentials. Those who cower in the shadow of their potential are most apt to get swept up in unforgiving waves of consequence. Spiritual discipline is a rubric for venturing out into the sea of your soul’s potential and learning how to ride each wave of inspiration by harmonizing it in the realization of your soul’s greater benevolence.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013


The spiritual realization of wholeness was called by spiritual masters "harmony", "balance", "beauty"; but most fundamentally for our times, "peace". Peace is an expression of honouring the respective roles that together support conditions for imbuin
g diversity with the spirit of the realized "whole". In the ancient tongue, the words for "peace" and for wholeness were interchangeable. In today's age we have lost this subtle truth, and so in many ways "peace" continues to elude us.

When people perceive themselves as disconnected, and living in a world of seemingly disparate parts it is because they are far from finding wholeness within their own hearts. If their hearts know not the language of wholeness, then they invariably become part of the mechanism that suppresses a greater universal peace abound. 

For our world to achieve a lasting peace there needs to be an internal appreciation of the sacred roles respective parties contribute towards setting conditions for authentic expression and meaningful achievement. This involves a realization that within every synergetic process some roles are conducted overtly and others more covertly, and with it an appreciation of all the contributing parties. 
This appreciation, prepares conditions for authentic exchange and cross-polinization that bridges the honour of nations, peoples and cultures. It is an appreciation that creates the space for greater communion and spiritual interdependence. It affirms a trust for cultivating transformation; the spirit of mutual surrender involved in growing into becoming part of something so much more. 

As societies grow increasingly complex they tend to attach greater weight to externalities that secure advantages of facility and rank. It is within this external social arena that imbalance erupts most vividly. Left unaddressed, injustices foster civil contention and social instability. Spiritual disciplines assert that the underlying origins of all external disparity, and social jostling are rooted in underlying corruptions to the architecture of more intrinsic processes. 

The soul is eternal. When activated, its' eternal resonance permeates through the veneer of temporary considerations that obfuscate eternal realizations. Like a lighthouse that shines a beacon to cut through a dense fog to guide wayfarers home, the soul's eternal perspective charges life with vision and re-sensitizes global consciousness. Together these rebalance societies in ways that support individual exceptionalism, without detracting from an ingrained reverence for the greater welfare of society. This synergetic balance prepares individuals and their societies to seek and attain new solutions that transform limitations that had previously handicapped personal and global arenas. It is a society that fosters synergistic partnerships by honouring the diverse sectors that contribute to an advancing culture. It is a civilization where the young honour their elderly and the elderly remain vital by holding sacred the possibilities of youth. Economies and policy in such societies are not governed by the jostling of competing interests, but by a deep sense of duty for fulfilling their soul's authentic mandate and remaining ever cognizant of the higher restorative balance at play in every "giver" and "taker" dynamic.

A soul is part of network that circulates an eternal vitality through the worlds of limitation. Each soul fulfills a distinct role in enhancing diverse creative expression and in fulfilling a more realized unity. It is impossible to truly compare one soul to another because each soul is an eternity expression that is infinite. Linear mathematics, form and logic cannot compute eternal variables;

1+1= 2
1-1= 0



There can be no hierarchies within the mathematics of eternal variables. Reductionistic logic cannot take hold amidst an arena of eternal consideration. When an individual is spiritually active they connect in an eternal way and thereby reveal themselves as being fundamentally incomparable. It is only through a guise of temporal binds that the eternal soul can ever become stifled with notions of competition and hierarchy.

Just as a particle physicist observes atomic particles in all structures to be at balance between fields of stasis and chaos, a spiritual master witnesses individuals as being at balance between the pull a of an over-arching harmonization and the push from fields diversifying form. Spiritual disciplines cultivate equanimity because they restore awareness with eternal consequence. Each soul is revealed as a resonant creative channel integral to the harmonization of all the other spectrums of creation into a greater light of heightened realization.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Recipe for Peace

The premise of spirituality is that all of creation is a synergetic dance. Its' ebb and flow drives perpetual exchange. Every giver is simultaneously receiving, and every receiver is simultaneously giving. While one process is achieved overtly, the other remains shrouded in mystique. Spirituality is the discipline for pulling back the curtain of mystery in ways that restore the architecture of the balance into realization.

Consider someone who gives a gift to another. To the untrained eye the receiver is returning nothing in exchange. However, a seasoned spiritualist realizes that the receiver is extending the gift of giving. By granting the gift of giving to the giver, the receiver bestows a gift that is spiritually affirming.

Most relate to the Divine as a benevolent giver of life. When someone is afforded a gift of giving, they are being extended a medium through which they can incorporate an active flow of this aspect Divinity. Spiritually, this equivalence of expression activates a shared vibrancy; a powerful wavelength for creative eros. This momentum propels the giver closer to the Divinity of their own soul. This is why giving warms the heart. It is why despite being wired by evolutionary circuitry that awards conquest, the spirit of humanity continue to arise with a generous spirit.

Spiritualists see receiving in a very different way than the common man. They see receiving as a playing a constructive role in amplifying the underlying unity. When receiving, they focus their heart's intention to dedicate the act in ways that spiritually affirm respective roles contributing to interconnectedness. Such honouring of the respective roles imbues diversity with a realized spirit of the "whole". This spiritual recipe for wholeness can be called "harmony", "balance", "beauty"; but most fundamentally for our times, "peace".

For our world to achieve a lasting peace there needs to be an internal appreciation of the sacred roles respective parties contribute towards setting conditions for authentic expression and meaningful achievement. This appreciation, prepares conditions for authentic exchange and cross-polinization that bridges the honour of nations, peoples and cultures. It is an appreciation that creates the space for greater communion and spiritual interdependence. It affirms the trust that cultivates transformation through the mutual surrender involved in growing into becoming part of something so much more.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Ecstatic Instant

The creation of all diversity arose from the simplicity of unexpressed potentials called Nothingness. In an act of True Love, this awareness gave light to expression for latent potentials. Through the confines of this ecstatic "instant", True Love was released and seeded to blossom into greater realization. 

This creative "instant" provided the canvas for experiencing degrees of realization. Its' sharing, gave rise to "otherness", "selfhood" and the formation of dimensional continuums for worlds, space and time. This "instant" constitutes the creative arc between the 0 and the 1; the transformation of consciousness from "Nothingness" to "Everythingness". 

All development happens within the confines of this space of inception. Within this arc of perpetual realization the range for experiential variation and complexity is realized. Paradoxes that arise are allowed to complete a circuit for transformed unity upon this arc of bridged singularities. For example, the existential paradox for how selfhood can simultaneously be both "realized" and "harmonized" is resolved through the actualizing arc of its' creative narrative. 

Each act of creativity is an echo of this synergetic architecture. Extremities of the creative spectrum are awarded expression through roles in this narrative arc bridging the singular poles, from 0 to 1, from "nullification" to "fusion". This euphoric pulse escalates into materialization from this primordial euphoric "instant". The surface of this creative "instant" extends to each creative chord the space to transform their vitality from tiers that are potential and simulated into expressions that are actual and authentic. Synergistically, another process progresses on the intrinsic level of this "instant". Each chord becomes transformed beyond the confines of their respective attributes in the fulfillment of this existential tapestry. This releases a light of love so true that it transcends the very embodiment of its' initial conception. Its realization draws near each time the superficial is instilled with the spirit of the intrinsic. 

It is like streams flowing from divergent terrains to join the rush of an expansive ocean. The creative spectrum is able to gradually explore its creative vitality before being swept in the rush of the realization of a higher synergy. The echo of this euphoric "instant" supports these heightened stages for realization. It is the very undercurrent catalyzing all creative discovery. 

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Body & Soul

The juxtaposition of body and soul is a dance between opposite ends of the creative spectrum. The body is an expression of form, while the soul is an expression of essence. While form relates to utility for shifting conditions of an intended journey, essence relates to the integrity fulfilled at the eventual destination. The body is an organism that matures and decays. The body's nervous system serves its' survival by remaining reactive. In contrast, the eternal soul fragment is an extension of  a constant that permeates vitality. It thrives when cultivating equanimity. 

Incarnating presents a challenging journey of decent for a fragment of soul. From a Greater Soul that is boundlessly etherial and intrinsic, it descends into a world partial to the superficial. As such, it enters corporeal confines that dim its' radiance. Friction and struggle are so much a part of the engine driving material consciousness. Through it all, the soul fragment must remain secure in its' authenticity. This is the path for harmonizing prevalent struggle, without becoming governed by it.

Like a sensor designed to detect broadcasts far away, the soul fragment is highly attuned and sensitive. It receives an array of input of impressions from the past, future and outside time itself. Consider a doctor listening to a patient's heartbeat with the aid of a stethoscope. The patient is instructed to breath deeply so that an accurate medical analysis can be conducted on his heart. Were the patient to ignore these instructions and instead talk loudly through the examination, the doctor would be unable to complete an accurate assessment. The doctor's stethoscope is designed to detect a patient's heart rhythm, but extraneous input reverberating through the patients' vocal chords has the effect of overstimulating the device. It is similar with the incarnated fragment of soul, subtle shifts of mood, emotion and general reactivity effect its' range of detection and the subject of its' connection.

A survivalist verve pervades the body's mechanics. Initially, the soul fragment is confounded by the caustic hum of its' surroundings. These wear on the soul fragment's acute sensitivity and interfere with a flow of vitality extending from the' Greater Soul. If the body is akin to rhythm, the soul is akin to harmony. An amateur musician would produce quite a lot of dissonance before competently orchestrating harmonic progressions between these two musical components. It is similarly challenging for a beginner to steer lasting coherence between their body and soul. If you are musically inclined, you will recognize that melody aptly bridges between rhythm and harmony. Similarly, the emotional integrity of your heart bridges constructive momentum between your body and soul to yield unified expression. This is why spiritual teachers advocate daily routines of techniques designed to rebalance the heart's emotional coherence. Each day the heart must take the lead and bridge through the surfacing impasses of the day. 

The soul fragment finds comfort in the sensory nurturing accessible through corporeality. Nurturing and bonding silence the body's survivalist din and activate the harmonics of the soul. This is because a lull of shared security disarms the body, while collective benevolent expression is native to the soul. These conditions allow the soul fragment to reconnect with the essential pulse of creative vitality extending from its' Greater Soul. This is why nurturing is especially key during a child's early development. If executed on an intrinsic level, it inculcates a halo of reverence for the soul's distinct creative expression throughout a child's maturation of identity and selfhood. Such reverence will secure the child's sensitivity in ways that promote soul consciousness with each bridge to individuation. For those that grow up without early childhood nurturing, it is never too late. From a spiritual standpoint, a lifetime is about the process of gradually uncoiling the full creative spectrum of your soul, and learning how to selflessly employ its' resources in ways that extend harmony. Ultimately, regardless of your upbringing, you are the sole arbiter over the development of your soul. Its' birthright is yours to reclaim. You can always choose to reset conditions to foster greater heart sensitivity and re-kindle your soul's latent ingenuity. No matter that challenge, you are at all times free to render choices that extend the terrain of your soul's authenticy. Essentially, you are at all times free to refine the love extending from your heart.

Survivalist friction propels the evolution of material consciousness. When you identify with "form" you are most apt to feel spiritually drained, abandoned and divided. These are called times of "constricted consciousness". To get through these times, many are taught to lean on to the simple faith that their journey has a higher purpose. That they are journeying in the company of a greater awareness. From a more unified perspective, the notion of "alone" is a complete facade and an utter impossibility within spirit. By achieving a unified soul-centred space of consciousness you witness yourself as an active expression of a pervasive and expansive awareness. It is from this space that you spiritually activate the nature of your heart's expressions as advancement of an overarching divinity. This is why spiritual masters recognized descents into "constricted-consciousness" as momentous opportunities for pro-actively catalyzing spiritual re-unifications. By entering into the abyss and uplifting it to a higher grace, you instil elevated impressions for a new pathway. The pathway is a bridge that widens its' narrows for all those that had struggled with such a descent in the past. This is the way the light begins to dawn within the darkness, and gradually, the dominance of darkness begins to recede. 

This works in a way that is also trans-linear, as the achievement simultaneously releases the grip on those struggling with it in the past, while simultaneously immunizing many from falling prey to pull of a similar decline in the future. It is like a scout traversing through high grasses and thicket that obscure his vision to secure a path. He works diligently chopping down the chest high grasses and clearing the thicket to make a trail that others will follow with clarity and ease. 

The masters saw these feats as having the effect of releasing latent spiritual momentum. That there are pockets of spiritual vitality detached from the flow of the greater orchestration. They dedicated themselves to teaching their students how to diligently corral the lost reserves that contribute to the flux and turbulence playing out on a the worldly stage. They celebrated such inner feats as having transformational effects well beyond one's personal arena.

Your incarnated soul fragment was sent to experiment with the creative vitality extending from your Greater Soul. Throughout your worldly journey, you will always confront the choice of whether to engage with form or the intrinsic. When you engage with form, you extend to it a part of your soul's vitality. By making this connection you will experience attachments. These attachments with distort your awareness and direction. When journeying across the nihilistic flux of the worldly veneer many seek refuge in these attachments, but they are just shells of identity that further disconnect them from their soul's authenticity. The level of consciousness you choose to connect with and enter into will have the effect of either amplifying or repressing your Greater Soul's vitality. It is always your choice how to connect experientially.

Your heart sings a melody that extends bridges. With the music of your heart you choose where, and to what degree you share your soul's vitality. Do you choose to splice yourself into externalities that cloak from your awareness your greatest resource? Or, do you penetrate the superficial just enough to seed it with the intrinsic and allow the obfuscations to gradually recede in season? If you choose correctly, you will find that those in the practice of planting seeds learn to expect the unexpected.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013



The Greater Soul resides outside the filters of time. Its' fragments are seeded into creation in ways that extend through the past, the future and the perspective of your present now. Each soul fragment that incarnates accepts a charge to experiment with creation through the confines of materiality and its veil of linear consciousness. From there, they go to catalyze creation through the power of their soul's creative signature. This experience provides the fragment with a platform to extend its range of authentic expression. It is like a musician who grew up with up with a favourite melody. As the musician masters his craft, he attempts to interject new tempos, harmonies, exploring abstract jazz compositions that expand on the expressed creative terrain of the simple melody.

Each soul fragment is connected through its' Greater Soul to all it's other fragments journeying through the past and future. While in a fragmented state, a fragment witnesses time sequentially, with future occurrences being predicated by events past. From a unified state, soul fragments operating in the past, present and future are all working in tandem on the achievement of a single creative instant. Consider for a moment the way you see light. You experience light as a unified expression regardless of which particular photon particle is first to be processed by receptors in your eye. Similarly, from the perspective of the Greater Soul all time is energy in perpetual recalibration of a single euphoric realization.

A re-unified soul fragment can proactively reset momentum for future states of consciousness in ways that empower future fragments to mitigate disruptive dissonance orchestrated in the past. These resources of the soul retroactively redirect self-serving or polarizing cycles being set in motion. Not only does this chart new possibilities for the future, but it drives harmonious creation by removing impediments to a powerful stream. Consider a raft flowing precariously down a rapids. The turbulence of the rapids is produced as the rush of water crashes into rocks impeding the river's harmonic flow. Were you to remove the obstructing stones from the river, the pace of flow would dramatically increase and the raft would coast in greater harmony. 

The degree of spiritual drag confronted in the future is relative to the depths of dissonance being emotionally evoked by fragments living in the past. The drag is akin to a dense fog that obfuscates spiritual clarity. Just as static scrambles a radio signal, dissonance scrambles the influx of the Greater Soul. This has the effect of becoming closed off to the ingenuity of more advanced fragments trying to aid from the future. It is therefore essential to harmoniously reintegrate dissonant impressions radiating in the past. Without such unification, impressions of fragments past will continually disrupt the conscious realization of harmonic states reigning in the future. 
Countering the drag from fragments past is the advanced momentum resounding back from the euphoric future. There, advanced soul fragments work to harmonize with fragments operating in the past and facilitate an enhanced unity. The greater the unity, the greater the amplification of the creative resources extended by the Greater Soul onto the worldly stage. When unified, the soul fragments complete a single circuit of enhanced illumination. It is akin to a light that beams brightly as an electrical current is released through reconnecting circuitry at the flip of a switch.
At times, there are soul fragments in the past that have advanced to profound levels of intimacy with their Greater Soul. These illuminated individuals loosen the binds of past dissonance, and plant seeds within the collective consciousness to galvanize impressions that seed expansive harmony in the future. These "ascended" soul fragments of the past attain advanced states by developing a strong spiritual bond with fellow soul fragments harmonizing creation's narrative retroactively from their station in the future. It was in this fashion that great spiritual luminaries of the past were capable of such powerful feats of love and compassion that their impressions bent the underlying rules of natural law governing the earth.

The momentum seeded by each soul fragment has instant repercussions upon the trajectory of the rest. The pendulum of momentum shifts as a fragment binds together with its fellow fragments in ways that mitigate prevailing impediments of progress. Regardless of level of advancement a particular fragment, it is connected to fragments with great spiritual mastery prepared to aid from the future. All fragments are intricately connected in what they help create and orchestrate, and there none that is unworthy of expanding to their soul's highest grace. Solutions for this world are seeded within to bloom throughout. Such is the nature of all lasting creation.

Fragments that achieve a graceful embrace of their Greater Soul's creative signature while living a material experience are designated as spiritually "sovereign" or "free". This stage of development means that their journey is no longer de-facto predicated as merely repercussions of dissonance flowing from the past. A karmic balance can no longer hinder their destiny because they have accessed a facility to retroactively transform all that has preceded. In this way, they have an enhanced ability to help script their own destiny and the destiny of the greater human race.
Once spiritually sovereign, they experience enhanced sensitivity. That sensitivity gives them greater range. With that range they are able to "hear" the euphoric music resonating in the future. The music gets closer as they remain in grace, connected to their soul's song of truth.  Gradually, they grow enraptured by the euphoric flow. They live their lives like they are dancing to music that others cannot hear. With this sensitivity comes enhanced heart coherence. It enables them to connect to all of existence in ways that heal. They grow less callous to prevailing suffering and apathy. They can no longer encourage with the harsh  conditions that put humanity through cycles of divide. They grow boldly in their love, regardless of worldly sentiment because they can sense that world conflict is just a fallout of the density of dissonance radiating from a more primitive past. Instead, they awaken to a mandate of pro-actively seeding greater harmonization. Their shadow of separateness is shed and they dutifully serve all of creation by anchoring the clarifying music of future harmonization. From the ecstatic expression from which they were hewn, each soul fragments will be rendered whole again.  
Each sovereign fragment works to galvanize greater cohesively by propelling advancements that transform of the narrative for all of creation. With each one added new sun dawns bringing with it a resign of new possibilities. Each one is a link. Each one is needed. With each connection creative resources flowing from the Greater Soul are allowed to flow unbridled. Increasingly the harmonics of its' flow thin the linear veil and time itself. Many cultures use a phrase for a time of great illumination and peace on earth. Their spiritual teachers would say "when the time comes", but they would not say when we come to the time. That is because they taught their students techniques for how to draw a time closer.They too saw time a teaming with life capable of reaching out and embracing your heart.
They envisioned such restoration while evoking the popular refrain; "As above, so below". They understood that as the veil grows thinner, our world becomes a place where the once seemingly impossible, becomes increasingly imminent.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The 36 Hidden Righteous

There is a mystical tradition that at all times there are appointed 36 hidden righteous that accept a special responsibility that helps increasingly bridge our world with the divinity beyond. Part of their mandate was to endure passages of incredible hardship and suffering. Their sacred task was to meet the suffering at its depths and through the authenticity of their love uplift the momentum of their tears towards ecstasy (מקְבל יסורים באהבה). 

The hidden righteous (צַדִיקִים נִסתָּרים) would immerse themselves in dedications designed to help restore the obscured feminine divine (שכינה) within worldly consciousness and beyond. In accordance to tradition, the feminine Divine (שכינה) was said to have been lost and exiled as a byproduct of collective strife and prejudice. 

The hidden righteous (צַדִיקִים נִסתָּרים) would privately conduct unifications (יחודים) where they would share their presence and accompany the feminine divine (שכינה) through the hardships of exile. They would share the burden of her suffering, and help transform the suffering to ecstatic states that would restore her spirit.  In this way the feminine Divine (שכינה) could ascend again to harmonize our world with an enhanced clarity of spiritual enlightenment. 

According to one tradition the book of Job (איוב) was a work of fiction authored by the master Moses. He is said to have prepared it as a meditation for those grappled with why the righteous are allowed to become afflicted and suffer in this world. Throughout the work, Job's friends attempt to offer explanations and guidance for he had been devastated and afflicted so tragically. 

In the path of truth, Job was afflicted so that his friends would be able to surround him with a presence of consolation that could feed an enhanced spirit of unity. The reverberations of that unity would become a transcendent testament to Job's unconditional love (לשמה). 

The expressions of their words were not what was needed to help fulfill this. Rather, it was the expression of their very presence that would give testament to their inherent interrelationship and the spirit of unity. This is reflective of the path used to restore the feminine divine (שכינה). We are to comfort her in her affliction through our sheer presence. It is our very presence that is key. Just being present. This alone resurrects her spirit of unity to gives rise to harmonic euphoria. 

By accentuating our inherent interrelationship through silence, the hidden righteous (צַדִיקִים נִסתָּרים) restore the eternal breach for exile of ascended consciousness to subside. This frees the feminine divine (שכינה) to reign in our worldly consciousness again.  

"He delivers the afflicted in their affliction, And opens their ear in time of oppression. He enticed you from the mouth of distress, Instead of it, a broad place with no constraint; And that which was set on your table is fullness. (איוב: Job 36:15-16)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Soul

Each time a soul fragment is seeded onto this world it signals the potential dawning for a new light. That light is sent to help recalibrate and balance humanity's collective mindset. As the light is released, it reverberates in the collective consciousness to open new gates of perception. Gradually, we awaken to a world where people are more mindful of their eternal nature and better able to commune with beckoning beauty of each soul. 

The aspects of soul that remain beyond the veil of linear consciousness are called the Greater Soul. The masters called the confines of linear consciousness "the veil" because it binds the fulness of a soul's restorative light. Just like a veil worn over your eyes diminishes your ability to accurately witness what transpires before you, the veil of linear consciousness restricts your ability to witness existence from the eternal perspective of your Greater Soul.

Linear consciousness sees all that occurs as proceeding from a serial progression. Every effect is driven by a prior cause. The linear perspective predicates that the more we can account for causes, the more rigidly we can determine a given outcome. Although this perspective has helped revolutionize the many mechanical feats for obtaining dominion over nature, it is dangerously a deterministic model that leaves no room for the soul. Its perspective fuels cultural ideologies that suffocate sovereign choice and creativity. It favours a cold and calculated worldview and a ceaseless appetite for control; but has no place for love.

Beyond the constrains of linear consciousness, notions like past, present and future fold upon themselves to reveal a singularly sovereign current. Along this stream, a future event can profoundly rearrange all that proceeded it, just as past momentum obfuscates that same event from dawning to fruition. A sovereign awareness between these poles of momentum can resolve the friction and generate more unified momentum. Additionally, a consciousness that exists outside the confines of the entire construct can be summoned to help orchestrate trajectories that recalibrate the poles to reduce overall friction for a more fluid expression.  

The Greater Soul sees creation from a vastly different vantage point from where its' fragments reside. It witness unfolding creation from a space that is beyond the refracting confines of time itself. From its' eternal perspective, all of creation is playing out a pattern of perpetual recalibration towards a single realization. The parts of this single instant are perpetually advancing in tandem to more refined eventualities. It is for this reason that the masters have taught, "Creation is restored in the engagement of each instant". 

This "instant" was seeded through a polarizing filter that amplifies a sense of separateness for each soul fragment under its' auspices. The construct provides each fragment an forum to explore its' individualized integrity. Similarly, the filter constrains the Greater Soul's ability overrule the integrity of choice of each proceeding soul fragment. The Greater Soul channels its creative resources to optimize overall cohesion in accordance to the free range awarded to it from the respective' fragments. Its resources extend from the sovereign harmonization of the fragments journeying in the future state of the filtered system to increasingly mitigate the obstructions rooted by more rigid fragments journeying through the filters's past. 

The consciousness of each soul fragment residing in corporeal form is constrained by the levels of polarization of its time. The past pole of the filter amplifies the evolutionary verve body consciousness that propelled organisms compete for survival and evolve through natural selection. The survivalist hum of form grows increasingly pronounced the more you venture into the physical past. The future pole is illuminates a glorified era of soul consciousness where existence is increasingly embrace through a lens of eternal considerations for rendering an enhanced unity. 

A soul fragment journeying in our time is torn between the mechanized perspective that awards the cunning dominion evolutionarily hardwired into the body consciousness and the transcendent impressions of by its' Greater Soul that serves an eternal gestalt. These conditions ensure that you are presented with the choice to dedicate to journey to one of these alternate paths. Do you choose the slow and painful evolutionary model or the path unleashing the flurry of ingenuity of the soul? 

The soul fragment is protected in a halo innocence through early childhood. Presently, our world does not place a premium on innocence. Children are sent to schools where they are assessed as data. They are are taught to excel through trials of competition and achievement. They graduate into societies that award power to the few at the expense of the whole; a world groomed to embrace survivalist models and accumulate greater control. Future leaders of industry and nations are trained to relish struggle and leverage their agendas through "divide and conquer" models for overcoming competing interests. It is a world perpetuating a determined path path of confrontation and marginalization. 

It is no surprise that  the soul fragment seeded in this environment grows increasingly detached. Its ingenuity has little place to shine. It loses an appreciation for its distinct vitality and its' light slowly dims. It surrenders its light in exchange for being awarded a place in society as an interchangeable cog to perpetuate the deterministic wheel. But social roles do not bring happiness, and life starts to tastes of apathy; haunted by the shadow of its eternal self. With the veil bound so tightly around its vision, does it even stand a chance?
Your fragmented soul came to this world with an appetite for eternal expressions, but you were born to a civilization that still leans heavily on reductionistic thinking and competition. Persevering nonetheless, you adapted the best you could to master the survivalist ways of this world. Along this path you watched others awarded for cultivating "controls" to secure their successes. But, somewhere along the way you began to realize that "control" only offers protection from perceived threats, but it cannot substitute lasting happiness. 

"Happiness" is the innate state of your complete soul. You cannot expand to it while leveraged within a fractured state. Instead you must cultivate your inner creative vitality, the expression of your soul's light. As you do, it harmonizes parts of you that seem foreign, but echo ever so familiar. You will realize wholeness, and happiness will ensue.

The masters have related that the blind man learns the path in one of two ways. He either learns the path by smacking into enough walls and discovering the path through pain, or he learns to develop his other senses to travel with ease. The later process of developing innate senses is called  the “short path”, it is mastered as you claim "intimacy" as your guiding staff.  The path of intimacy will reveal eternal perspectives while you are surrounded by a worldview that serves finite considerations. In dedication to this path you will have to delve inward and recover your halo of  innocence and witness the beauty of your soul. This path will empower you to restore the fragments of your soul with their greater source. 

Contemplate the following distinction. Along the your life's journey some lessons you acquired felt like “learning”, while others felt more like “remembering”. There were occasions when you absorbed a lot of ideas that were foreign to your soul. There were other occasions when the lessons felt familiar and natural.

They relate to two different ways for accumulating wisdom. There is a level of wisdom that is born of "understanding". You do not actually ever find it, but rather you taste what it isn't and deduce what it must truly be. There is a higher level of wisdom that is called "knowing". It is a far more intimate and a form of experiential discovery. Its knowledge is alive with vibrancy and you converge to experience it. It is wisdom that is experienced. It kisses your soul and leaves your heart a whole lot bigger. 

Your soul fragment is a creative signature. It is through this creative signature that you can harmonize the other fragments of your soul scattered across time in harmony with its' greater source. Many fragments of your Greater Soul have journey along the past, and others are luminaries in the future. The impressions of all of these journeys are etched eternally onto the essential song of your soul. The path of intimacy will summon your Greater Soul to bolster your heart with the music of eternal considerations and restored cohesion. Through its lens you can uplift the static of past dissonance and draw amplified creative resources to draw closer harmonic solutions. 

You will routinely be presented with the two paths. Society has only prepared you for the cold, long and winding one. It has steadfastly taught you what isn't so that you better deduce what truly is. But, inside you know a shorter way.  It is more romantic because it is filled with mystique, and love is always more romantic in the dark. Exhilarating in its intimacy. it fuels you with a sensation of hastening reunion with every advance you take. The harmony you discover keep you increasingly on a track that is independent of the drama that needed to learn from from contrasts. 

The lessons that feel like "remembering" are so key. These impressions awaken you to the eternality of your essential worth. These prepare you for true intimacy of embracing your divinity eye to eye. The lessons that feel like "remembering" are seeded by the advanced fragments of your soul. These help ripen your will in freedom and unleash the ingenuity of your inner light. You will feel whole and witness the happiness that always was, and celebrate your part in the realization of the greatest orchestration; The True Love Story. 

© bb

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eye to Eye

Our world is governed by great balance. It is an intricately designed balance of contrasting extremities. This balance was set in place to provide a perfected theatre for authentic choice. Through the polarizing filter of this balance a soul becomes better groomed to make sovereign choices and gain greater responsibility. As the soul grows, it cultivates ripe choices and dedicates these towards love. Because these choices are ripened in the context of this balance, the love that is shared is passionate and powerful in its intimacy. 

An essential secret of the spiritual masters is; 
"The answer to every "why" in existence is to help render your love greater and more authentic." It may appear simple, but its truth is so very profound. 

Our worldly existence has been calibrated to provide a creative canvas for authentic expression. Each soul has countless opportunities to partner in expressions of true love. Amidst this balance, a soul can grow to share a love so true it reflects the very nature of the source from which it was hewn. 

The source consciousness from which all has sprung was not compelled by "want" or "need". Instead, the source consciousness set in motion a sovereign choice that seeded existence with the ripening of an equally sovereign choice. It was through these choices of equivalent sovereignty that a most intimate revelation could come to light.  The souls that pass through this realization would grow to bathe themselves and all of existence through the unconditionality of this timeless love. 

True lovers share their authenticity "eye to eye" from a weightless place of mutual surrender. Similarly, the balanced filter provides the lens through which all of creation can graduate to the light of True Love. This sets the stage for existence itself to gradually coalesce and share with the greatest intimacy. 

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Friday, April 19, 2013

To Render Suffering Obsolete

There is but only latent light and apparent light. You begin to see the visage of an overarching benevolent hand driving all of existence as you complete the circuit of grace in your perceived consciousness. A byproduct of do so is that latent light too will transform into the vibrancy of the revealed light. This is because that which of obscures sustains off the latent light. As the latent light is set alight through the clarity of grace, it grows too bright and transparent for that which obscures to cleave to it without itself becoming forever transformed into an expression of greater light.

Your soul’s sovereignty is secure as you embrace a cohesive unity. This is because within a cohesive singularity there can be no suffering, imbalance or disparity. A unity grows and grows as greater conduit for its own viability. Susceptibility to shifts from a united field of consciousness stems from a partiality to aspects of the revealed benevolent light, and innate bias to the unrevealed latent light. It is torque that is attracted by the aspects of creation that you have not yet consciously reconciled in harmony with. These visit you as “difficulties” to reveal the blockages of your soul, so that you may mitigate these to better network with the fullness of your soul’s light.

Here is a powerful technique for expanded soul consciousness and enhanced connectivity to the light. Start to embrace your soul's journey as constituting a "narrative for actualizing oneness". Abstractly, this means that you can see that your consciousness was once more crude and through the momentum of the future your soul consciousness becomes increasingly more refined.

This refining from of soul consciousness from past to the future is akin to a rolling pebble. That pebble may start out rough and jagged, but the more it rolls, the rounder and smoother it gets. And the smoother and rounder that pebble gets, the more fit it will be to roll down a single track without rocking or jumping off. When that pebble is perfectly smooth and round it will fit seamlessly in it's intended slot and will effortlessly roll unimpeded. Your soul’s lens of consciousness became course because of your perceived separation from the totality of all that you are as a reflection of the divinity within all things. Your worldly journey drives you closer and closer to a sustained consciousness of witnessing the hidden divinity within all things that you witness. Everything that happens to you is send by a benevolent hand to help polish your soul’s lens of perception clearer and clearer. Embracing this narrative will help you reconcile all that transpires within a unified grace.

Eternity, like infinity, is a "plural singularity". If you wish for your consciousness to enter through the door of Eternal considerations then the unified creative expressions on the other side of that door must be able to flow out freely as it is opened. To do so, you must conform your lens of perception with the key of "unity", as unity too is a singular.

Although your diverse worldly experiences pull at your consciousness with competing momentum that drive for prominence; you can harmonize them into a cohesive unity by award all that you perceive with roles that help propel that a "singular actualizing narrative" of unified advancement. This works precisely because eternity echoes of oneness, and the door is best unsealed by a consciousness that is harmonized in oneness.

You will find that by practicing this discipline your perspective on time and personal challenges will shift profoundly. You will begin to witness that all that happens to you is not random, but part of that greater more intimate narrative. All that you find agreeable is attracting you closer to the pathway of your soul's destiny, and all that you find disagreeable is evicting you from its direction, back on the same course. The hardships and dissonance are akin to a pinball machine flipper that knocks the ball sharply into the targeted hole. What is disagreeable to your soul is working with you, propelling you away on cue to guide your journey away from the creative expressions that are a distraction from the song of your soul and its unique mandate. Practicing the "Singular Narrative" technique will allow you to experience free of any need for struggle, fatigue and agenda because all of creation is participating in helping you reach a unified state of soul consciousness.

You master journeying forward by embracing the lessons of "without" as pushing you to develop further "within", and the lessons of "within" as filling you with greater intimacy to connect with all that is eternal. Increasingly, you witness all of creation as conspiring to help you expand your perceptions so that the love of your soul can better flow outwardly throughout. This is the foundation for a profound shift of perspective. Instead of struggling with challenges and impediments, every waking opportunity becomes a stage for a romantic engagement with the love of your own soul; the parts of the Eternal that approach foreignly, but echo evermore familiar within.

Your heart will have found grace. Your perceptions will grow increasingly aligned. You will find that you are able to sustain this momentum regardless of what transpires because you recognize from "without" and revel more so "within". You will perceive "reality" within the perspective of a singular narrative of your soul's ascent because it is serves as a cohesive "key". Your soul will soar and swim effortlessly with the eternal flow from which it was hewn. It is a key of unity that is fit for unlocking the polarizing veil of linearity.  With it you can release the eternal flow to convert all that you perceive into an illuminated expression of benevolence. This is the awareness from which all commenced from and all is returning back to.

This technique will allow your spirit to journey without the "highs" and "lows". It will gradually negate a co-dependency for lessons deduced from "drama". You will accept the light of your soul's love just as it simply is. You will be free to cultivate a consciousness that plows ahead seeding your field of perception with perpetual benevolence. Before long, you will discover that the road of our journey has contracted, and you have illuminated the "short path", the called “intimacy” that will render suffering obsolete.

© bb