Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Ecstatic Instant

The creation of all diversity arose from the simplicity of unexpressed potentials called Nothingness. In an act of True Love, this awareness gave light to expression for latent potentials. Through the confines of this ecstatic "instant", True Love was released and seeded to blossom into greater realization. 

This creative "instant" provided the canvas for experiencing degrees of realization. Its' sharing, gave rise to "otherness", "selfhood" and the formation of dimensional continuums for worlds, space and time. This "instant" constitutes the creative arc between the 0 and the 1; the transformation of consciousness from "Nothingness" to "Everythingness". 

All development happens within the confines of this space of inception. Within this arc of perpetual realization the range for experiential variation and complexity is realized. Paradoxes that arise are allowed to complete a circuit for transformed unity upon this arc of bridged singularities. For example, the existential paradox for how selfhood can simultaneously be both "realized" and "harmonized" is resolved through the actualizing arc of its' creative narrative. 

Each act of creativity is an echo of this synergetic architecture. Extremities of the creative spectrum are awarded expression through roles in this narrative arc bridging the singular poles, from 0 to 1, from "nullification" to "fusion". This euphoric pulse escalates into materialization from this primordial euphoric "instant". The surface of this creative "instant" extends to each creative chord the space to transform their vitality from tiers that are potential and simulated into expressions that are actual and authentic. Synergistically, another process progresses on the intrinsic level of this "instant". Each chord becomes transformed beyond the confines of their respective attributes in the fulfillment of this existential tapestry. This releases a light of love so true that it transcends the very embodiment of its' initial conception. Its realization draws near each time the superficial is instilled with the spirit of the intrinsic. 

It is like streams flowing from divergent terrains to join the rush of an expansive ocean. The creative spectrum is able to gradually explore its creative vitality before being swept in the rush of the realization of a higher synergy. The echo of this euphoric "instant" supports these heightened stages for realization. It is the very undercurrent catalyzing all creative discovery. 

© bb

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