Thursday, October 24, 2013


The spiritual realization of wholeness was called by spiritual masters "harmony", "balance", "beauty"; but most fundamentally for our times, "peace". Peace is an expression of honouring the respective roles that together support conditions for imbuin
g diversity with the spirit of the realized "whole". In the ancient tongue, the words for "peace" and for wholeness were interchangeable. In today's age we have lost this subtle truth, and so in many ways "peace" continues to elude us.

When people perceive themselves as disconnected, and living in a world of seemingly disparate parts it is because they are far from finding wholeness within their own hearts. If their hearts know not the language of wholeness, then they invariably become part of the mechanism that suppresses a greater universal peace abound. 

For our world to achieve a lasting peace there needs to be an internal appreciation of the sacred roles respective parties contribute towards setting conditions for authentic expression and meaningful achievement. This involves a realization that within every synergetic process some roles are conducted overtly and others more covertly, and with it an appreciation of all the contributing parties. 
This appreciation, prepares conditions for authentic exchange and cross-polinization that bridges the honour of nations, peoples and cultures. It is an appreciation that creates the space for greater communion and spiritual interdependence. It affirms a trust for cultivating transformation; the spirit of mutual surrender involved in growing into becoming part of something so much more. 

As societies grow increasingly complex they tend to attach greater weight to externalities that secure advantages of facility and rank. It is within this external social arena that imbalance erupts most vividly. Left unaddressed, injustices foster civil contention and social instability. Spiritual disciplines assert that the underlying origins of all external disparity, and social jostling are rooted in underlying corruptions to the architecture of more intrinsic processes. 

The soul is eternal. When activated, its' eternal resonance permeates through the veneer of temporary considerations that obfuscate eternal realizations. Like a lighthouse that shines a beacon to cut through a dense fog to guide wayfarers home, the soul's eternal perspective charges life with vision and re-sensitizes global consciousness. Together these rebalance societies in ways that support individual exceptionalism, without detracting from an ingrained reverence for the greater welfare of society. This synergetic balance prepares individuals and their societies to seek and attain new solutions that transform limitations that had previously handicapped personal and global arenas. It is a society that fosters synergistic partnerships by honouring the diverse sectors that contribute to an advancing culture. It is a civilization where the young honour their elderly and the elderly remain vital by holding sacred the possibilities of youth. Economies and policy in such societies are not governed by the jostling of competing interests, but by a deep sense of duty for fulfilling their soul's authentic mandate and remaining ever cognizant of the higher restorative balance at play in every "giver" and "taker" dynamic.

A soul is part of network that circulates an eternal vitality through the worlds of limitation. Each soul fulfills a distinct role in enhancing diverse creative expression and in fulfilling a more realized unity. It is impossible to truly compare one soul to another because each soul is an eternity expression that is infinite. Linear mathematics, form and logic cannot compute eternal variables;

1+1= 2
1-1= 0



There can be no hierarchies within the mathematics of eternal variables. Reductionistic logic cannot take hold amidst an arena of eternal consideration. When an individual is spiritually active they connect in an eternal way and thereby reveal themselves as being fundamentally incomparable. It is only through a guise of temporal binds that the eternal soul can ever become stifled with notions of competition and hierarchy.

Just as a particle physicist observes atomic particles in all structures to be at balance between fields of stasis and chaos, a spiritual master witnesses individuals as being at balance between the pull a of an over-arching harmonization and the push from fields diversifying form. Spiritual disciplines cultivate equanimity because they restore awareness with eternal consequence. Each soul is revealed as a resonant creative channel integral to the harmonization of all the other spectrums of creation into a greater light of heightened realization.

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