Thursday, December 1, 2011


a knowing heart beats

unwrapping her soul

to the cadence of love

for a merciful all

her shoulders freight

these heartfelt cares

and assign to each

sacred pairs

on darker nights

veils become thin

by dutiful doting

for kith and kin

taste of her calm

her healing touch

incalescent chords

a consonant clutch

sturdy and buoyed

piercing the maze

irrepressible glances

and rapture ablaze

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Love That Is You

Love is a word that is so misunderstood in these times. Some aspire to acquire love , while others aspire to give love. But love can neither be acquired nor given. As one can only give what they own, and there can be no ownership or dominion in the expression of love.

Love is an expression of creation, it is a state of flowing, a unifying force, and a light of existence itself. This light called love can be shared as one becomes a more active conduit to the celestial expression of love, that love emits a vibrance and flows through them to another.

Those that find themselves deprived of love are individuals that are either attempting to tightly hold on to love, or are trying to give love. But love cannot be given, and love cannot be held onto, as love is a perpetual expression of the active unconditional light of creation. Those that wish to imbue love within their circle and rediscover the love that was always there resonating through the light of their soul need only to expand their perceptions. But know, should one attempt to grasp the light called love, it quickly disperses, as the light of love cannot be grasped. Instead, one must flow within it.

This is akin to one trying to grasp a flowing river of water. One cannot grasp it, and should one extend their hand in an attempt to do so, they will discover the drops of water running though their reach. As one can only immerse oneself in the river and become one with its flowing. Similarly, one cannot grasp or give love at all, instead, one can only immerse oneself in it and share its flow.

Love is the very chord behind all of creation, it is the spark of intimacy of the creator that imbues all form, and all that has manifested is all a concordant symphony to imbue and actualize the constructs of that indelible stream.

From the perspective of eternity's eye there is no give and there is no receiving. There is only a grace, an awakening and witnessing of the light of love that resonates within all.

So dear friends, one will benefit much by remaining mindful that love's light is never lost, instead when you are within a constricted state of consciousness, it lingers around the peripherals. As you attempt to grasp it, it quickly disperses from your reach, because the eternal light of love can never be contained. Instead, awaken and expand your soul and perceptions to grow from within. As you do, you shall witness that this light called love has always been the divinity that is you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grow with the Flow

There are individuals that begin to expand spiritually. They experience a quantum leap in consciousness and renewed sensitivity. They grow very enthusiastic and invigorated by the momentum of their expansion and the music of what they are expanding to.

While in the linear world, when one wishes to master understanding something, they seek to acquire knowledge. It is a process entailing carving out a piece from the expansiveness of wisdom and adopting that piece within the fabric of one's own partial perspective. This is how knowledge is in a linear way "acquired" to be rendered one's own.

However, this is not the process taking root within the rubrics of spirit. As spirituality is never a discipline of "acquiring". Instead the spiritualist increasingly develops the lens of their perception to expand to encompass more.

Consider the following analogy. Envision yourself as a little sun amidst a vast galaxy. If you wish to be part of an adjacent sector, you are not turning into a black-hole and destructively drawing everything to converge into you. Rather, you resonate the light of your sun to grace more of the field of the totality of which you wish to be an active part of and connect to.

Similarly, spirituality is not a discipline of taking or acquiring. Spirituality is a discipline of expanding to greater and greater levels of active integration with the greater chords orchestrating the totality of existence. It is employing the light of your very perception to better harmonize the many creative chords back into a single loving melody. Gradually, in this process the spiritualist expands their perception to actively repair the circuitry of more and more of existence until there is an intimate communion with a single indelible melody that conveys the harmonic essence of all that has sprung forth into actualized creation and and all that has not. The summoning of a communion with all that is known, and all that is unknown, as it is all one.

Many spiritually dynamic individuals that engage with creation through this process access pinnacle, life-changing points of spiritual communion. Touched by the tender strength of this ineffaceable awareness, they stand with an unclenched heart and undressed their soul prepared to serve their world anew.

Before long, they are startled by the drastic incongruences between the music emanating from their inner world and prevailing discordant streams abound. They begin to search for ways to ground themselves and effectively bridge their inner music with their outer experience in a way that revitalizes their immediate terrain and beyond.

The essential technique for doing so is to remain ever-cognizant that the entire journey of your lifetime, every lesson and every moment has been leading to, is pouring into, this very instant. Everything one has experienced, journeyed, endured and mastered is all in order to actualize in the embrace with this very instant, the magnitude and depth of your love. Your entire journey has brought you to this moment and prepared you to actualize the tenderness of your love in the face of all that you have had to confront. All the obstacles and challenges have prepared you to strike a still higher chord of expression and expunge yourself from prevalent systems of reciprocity and reactivity to all that has transpired within your immediate terrain. With this love, you transcend the decaying definitions of your circle of influence, and impart for all your poignant expression of love, a light that has no pretext or boundary!

Then, if you are an individual that is seeking to ground yourself to better integrate and optimize in your worldly terrain, you will discover empowerment in your ability to work as an active conduit for facilitating aspirations of expanded consciousness and dynamism. You should begin to grow increasingly mindful of the fact that all of life is energy and that bountiful energy is always fluid. You will begin to recognize that if there is energy within yourself that is stagnant, then that energy is not of service to you.

Stagnation can manifest due to two prevailing causes. An individual can be emotionally and spiritually scarred by some trauma or turn of events that has left them bleeding for their fill of justice, retribution or inclination to witness some kind of equalization. They are left holding on to these energies, like confederates stockpiling defunct currency. The energy of this verve grows increasingly stale and bloated, and like a cancer, deconstructs and feeds off once healthy systems of being. Still, they cling to and stagnate energy with an addiction's predictability.

As well, individuals can repress stagnant energy because they are still inhabiting a worldly space of survival and "fight or flight". They are locked in the habit of this stream, with a vociferous appetite to acquire. They feed a perpetual verve of grabbing and hoarding because deep down they fear that if they do not hold on to what they have acquired then they will not have at all. They do not trust that there is a benevolent system issuing forth from creation, and they therefore cannot recognize it.

Within spirit, bountifulness cannot be stockpiled or hoarded, as spirit is a rush of connectivity that is in perpetual flow. To be spiritually dynamic one has to choose to actively connect to this current and allow themselves to act as an active extension of it's flow. The light of creation is bountiful and it's energy is abundant, and there is never a need to cleave to any particular aspect, as all resonances are filtered parts of the Divine totality. To the degree that you allow yourself to express as an active conduit for the light of creation, is the degree that a full spectrum is allowed to flow bountifully through you on its way to the rest of co-creation.

What you want to avoid within a spiritual arena is engaging an urge to cleave to or seize upon. Doing so, would strike forth an expression of separating yourself from the totality of creation and would result in deconstructing of the benevolent stream flowing from the eternal "All', and relegate you to wrestle with a chaotic spectrum of divergent agendas of "many". Without a direct connection to the ever-flowing light, you find yourself contending with fractious streams and subject to varying degrees of spiritual deprivation.

The individual that is striving to align and bridge their inner world in a grounded way should begin to focus on releasing stagnant energy. They should start by focusing on the crown of their head and envision all the energy that permeates there, allow it to flow down freely. They should gradually move down their focus upon their space of intuition, right above the in-between of their eyes, and allow the energy to freely pour down upon their shoulders to the right and to the left. They should follow the energy as it cascades upon their heart, and awakened their heart to flow in an intimate and compassionate light that pools together with languishing patches of energy and galvanize these to avalanche down to the extremities of their legs. They should allow this energy to be released through their feet and return to the earth from whence it was drawn, allowing the earth to reclaim, gather and learn from it. Welcoming the earth to serve as a "book of life", charting the experiences of every man.

Expel the once stagnant streams to be collected, as new light begins to flow in their stead. It is time to let go of all that no longer serves, and allow these to serve as lessons for another. We are all connected, and what one holds onto slows down the timely expansion of another. What one has once mastered, may still serve as an elementary but necessary lesson for another.

A spiritually dynamic individual must affirm with an intimate faith, a confidence that the spiritual system is a highly benevolent one that will bring forth the next stage of what one aspires to, precisely timed to master one's next tier of expression for actualized love. As even within the worldly space of considerations, each moment is but a bridge of connectivity for imparting the very light of our deepest love upon the canvas of our actualized expressions.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time to leave the "Shame" Behind

The biblical archetype, if you concentrate on it. Think about the story, the mythology of Adam and Eve. It says that they wanted to take from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, or, tap into the network Existence and Virtual-Existence. They were tempted to eat from the tree of virtual perception. Because they felt it would give them a feeling of adequacy before the Almighty, as they did not feel adequate yet to partake of the Tree of Life, the network of eternity.

They chose to take from the tree of fragmented perceptions. So, that way by understanding their own individuality and truth in a state of disconnect, then they could really appreciate the integrity of their light to galvanize their re-connectivity from a space of worthiness and accomplishment.

And, so, they choose to taste in the nectar of the truth latent awaiting to be discovered through the dis-connectivity from the light, the light of all. The mythology follows that their eyes were open and they saw they were naked. And they sought out solutions to cover their outside, the externals that grew prominent before their perception.

This is because after eating from the seed of the void, virtual perception, the balance of what is became distorted and externalities and the aspects that differentiate took on greater prominence in the forefront of their perception. Before long externals appearances, the facade of things was all they and their descendants could see.

After they took of the tempting fruit of fractured perception, they empowered the faculties of the judgmental perception. The perceptions that fuels competition, shame and oppression. The perceptions echoing from the pain of abandonment, isolation and a pathway of "without". To now re-invert the circuitry of connecting to all from a pace of wanting and needing.

They took of that fruit to perceive what it is to be abandoned from the light of innate worthiness in all to taste of the exile through the shadow of shame to forge ahead with the facade, "sandcastles" that testify to one's accomplishment and worth. When they did that, they did that because they wanted to eventually contain, the truth of a far greater love, a higher love.

As love is so connected to passion, for when you are without it, you yearn for it that much more! So when you finally coalesce back into reunion, that passion gleaned infused with that prevailing love, that LOVE is dynamic, that is LOVE legendary and eternal. It is profound by its nature, and in its song, as it is all for good.

And so it was all for good. But, the time is now. It is time now to awaken and remember how to transcend into the light of life and eternity, and leave the shame behind. The passion has been learned, the time is now.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Before You Go To Sleep

The vibration of being actively connected to your higher self is so intense with light that it is then that baser streams are unable to access your circle. It is only when you are within a void, and disconnect from your higher self that baser resonances can attempt to inhabit your circle and try to instigate your heart to resonating baser frequencies that then repels high resonances from sustaining an active connection.

This is why the spiritually dynamic had a long tradition of conducting a bedtime meditation in preparation for going to sleep. This meditation was a way to initiate their free choice to benevolently enter into active co-creation with the light of creation. An helpful analogy for the way this works is envisioning your heart as operating like a radio. If you tune your heart to the frequency of a higher vibration then it is not playing the frequency of another station. Essentially, before you go to sleep the spiritually dynamic dedicate their heart to flow with a higher resonance vibration, and thereby set the momentum of the channel of your heart for what is broadcast.

The highest vibration is unconditional love. We call it a Higher Love, because the word "love" is misused in the english language, it is used for everything. A higher love refers to unconditional love, it is a space that one inhabits in connectivity to all things. It is a broadcast and allocation of one's song of truth to all without discrimination, as it connects to a space where all are worthy, even those that are in our current wrinkle of time asleep, wanting or deceitful. It is the broadcasting that space of entering into a flow with eternal worthiness for all, as all are forever worthy of love' s light. Through a portal of connectivity with eternity we are able to flow with a space where all have already actualized the fullness of their love and reunited and embraced within the highest resonances of expression above. So the spiritually dynamic are broadcasting a space of the song, the very music, the resonance of the future to echo back and romance our linear now. In this way, all can access this music, and activate this music within themselves, in unison with their higher self singing harmony in eternity to align with on oneness with all time and resonances in order to help restore an immaculate re-embrace.

The spiritually dynamic can then take these coordinates into their linear world of fragmented actuality and impart them in fragmented spaces to actively help the progression and spiritual ascension of heart and minds in a faster more intimate way, rather than through the drudging and stark shifts that are garnered through struggle and tragedy.

© bb

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let Us Make Man

Let Us Make Man

There is a phrase in The Book of Genesis that is perhaps a most confounding phrase in the bible. The phrase appears on the 26th verse of Genesis's first chapter and reads:

“Let Us make man in Our image". This well known phrase presents an awkward juxtaposition for religious movements premised on imparting monotheism.

The mystics explain that angelic agencies were created well before the creation of mankind and that it is these angelic agencies that the Almighty is working through when the bible declares "Let Us make man in our image".

This seems like a reasonable explanation, but it does present 2 questions.

1. Why does the Almighty create mankind? If there are worlds of angelic agencies of advanced beings, what purpose does mankind's creation serve that was not previously being satisfied?

2. What is the significance of this collaborative undertaking of various angelic agencies uniting to create "Man" in their own image?

These are questions that have been debated for millennia, and even the great thinkers of the ages have had difficulty resolving them.

Now, with your permission, I shall relay the coordinates for the solution.

A theme presented throughout the classic works of ancient mysticsm, and imparted through the mystical traditions of various cultures along the earth is the knowledge that this earthly dimension is merely one of many. That there were many worlds that have been created and many worlds that came to an end. Many, many, many of them over expansive eons of time.

To begin to understand the construct of Creation, you must first isolate its premise. What is the objective of creating this type of existence? By isolating motive, it will become apparent how it is that we arrived at this space of Creation's progression, and why mankind plays such a pivotal role for catalyzing unity in worlds above and beyond. Similarly, it will become apparent why it is that mankind was awarded to be the ultimate arbiter for unifying a greater destiny for all.

The point of existence was that before Creation there was Light. Still, "light" is but a crude analogy to convey the intelligent energy of the source of all that is (expressed and unexpressed). The light of the source of all that is chose from an expression of "potential" to express itself in "actual" by splintering itself, like pure light that gets cut into spectrums of light.

Through that expression of splintering of "potentials" into dimensions of "actuality" of varying concentrations, sprung forth a vast void called "separateness". Upon the canvas of this void of "separateness" the light crystalized various palettes of resonance from the spectrum of all. Together, these followed through upon this progression, working together to fashion core dimensions to better experience expressed "Being". To varying degrees, as the light became filtered through these core dimensions and their subsequent offshoots, it became possible to explore increasing degrees of "freedom" and "being" upon the canvas of this void of perceived "separateness". A wondrous masterwork, rendered together so that consciousness may be able to choose and actualize heightened expressions of love.

Gradually, more crystalized versions of various chords of expression of Divine intelligence were imparted into concordantly resonating dimensions through which they continually shine their particular chord of expressed light, and thus sing their celestial song.

Eventually, it came to pass that there were worlds and dimensions that expressed "dominion" and "separateness", while other primary dimensions resonated "benevolence", "healing", "compassion" and "harmony". Offshoots of these primary dimensions of expressed chords of Divine intelligence were fashioned through the bonding with other worlds and their expressed primal resonances. Things progressed in this fashion until It came to pass that there were many, many, many worlds and dimensions, as numerable as there are shades of color. Each expressing a unique chord of resonance (filtered through the spectrum lens of their particular theme) from the original light of Creation. When these dimensions reach reconnection and harmony. the juxtaposition of reconnecting the light of Creation through this splintering network of actualized awareness, shall render it into a still brighter light.

Perhaps you find all this work and complexity perplexing, and wonder; why bother splintering up for such a synthesized complexity?

The reason why was to secure the canvas for actualized creation. And that canvas is the "void", the darkness of perceived individualized expression. The variation and complexity feeds a perception of separateness, and thus, enhances choice. Through this construct of creation it became possible to filter the expansive light of all into spaces of imperfection and imbalance. Thus, the canvas of this "void" provides very spaces to express actualized "fusion" and "reconnection" of polarized spectrums of light. Such collaboration prepares the perfecting of spaces that can eventually channel the original primordial unified light of creation by bonding to this light and resonating it from a space of experiential "knowing".

No one space or dimension is singularly responsible for achieving the crystallization of this new light of existence, as each dimension has a counter-balance dimension, and is not whole without finding harmony with the spaces and dimensions it is intertwined with. Likewise, the counter-balancing dimensions are likewise, connected to other spaces and can restore balance to these. Through this construct, the light of creation imparted into any space on the front lines of Creation is but an amalgamation of light that has been filtered through the resonances lenses of many many worlds and dimensions. These worlds and dimensions, all interlinked, work together to impart the primordial light of Creation into dimensions of greater choice and freedom, and thereby the furtive soil for greater actualization of love.

Such infusions of imported light into dimensions of actualization can happen in "quantum" fashion through chords of intimacy and restoring reunion (lessons of "within"), or through linear temporal time lapses that uncover lessons from destruction and void (lessons of "without"). In these instances, from an inability to expand to graceful co-existence, these worlds discover how necessary and vital the "other" is, to what they are, and to what they can become. They discover this from the lessons of destruction and the abyss. And so the void that was imparted too becomes a backdrop for nurturing an enhanced light of understanding. Eventually all come to a poignant recognition that all are necessary, all are relevant, all are chosen.

While there are many that impart teaching of "us" vs. "them", higher streams of resonance vs. baser streams of resonance, "good" vs. "evil", in these teachings we recognize that each dimension of resonance expression plays a sacred role. Each is co-creating (passively or actively) in collaborative partnerships to help illuminate the narrative and poignancy of a higher love. Yes, there are streams of resonance that govern with vigorous strength, brute judgements and deconstruction. The purpose of this strain of baser resonances is to help render the facade of a harsh and indifferent mechanical universe, and render a path of deconstructive inertia to refine the egos of all who seek eternal truths. They provide a contrasting context, whereby, when you choose love, it is not like love within realms beyond the veil of forgetfulness, where the light of love is apparent and ever-present, and so the poignancy of the choice to love is dampened. But within the earthly tier, where mankind is wrapped in the veil of forgetfulness and immersed in a sea of divergent streams of resonance; because love expressed in this tier is in the face of the facade of the hardening void, and filtered through an experience of there being abundant choice, therefore, the cadence of the expression of a higher love under these conditions is a great light of intimacy and reunion with the core essence of the primordial light of creation as filtered through the individuals inner song of truth extending outward connectivity for all.

Without delineating the extensive histories, it suffices to say that there have been many many many rounds of the inter-dimensional inter-playing to manifest the primordial light within spaces of crystalized actuality, without success. It was not because the benevolent resonances were not benevolent enough, and not because the dominating resonances were too dominant. The inability to formulate in this fashion was a byproduct of there not being enough resonant intelligence that recognized with clarity the fundamental necessity of each from a space of freedom. The "language" that illuminated the very interconnected necessity of each to render an actualized "all" became lost, and unable to flow outward through all dimensions. At the conclusion of a cycle, the spirit of the "All-mighty" from beyond the fragmentations of time, gathered representatives from all dimensions and spaces and catalyzes them to express: "Let US Make Man In Our Own Image".

What is the hidden mystery behind this phrase, "In our very own image"? It is that mankind is the receptacle for the mingling of all these disparate streams of resonance towards a unified progression. Through this creation called mankind is awarded territorial expression for every resonance in all of Creation. One on one, they were unable to intimately unify, but measured and filtered through the amalgamated spiritual constitution of mankind's collective consciousness (i.e. an amalgamation of eternal resonances that collaborate to constitute the collective consciousness of mankind) a singular "all" becomes eminently attainable.

Should mankind embrace the freedom of their divinity and transcend restrictive barriers to connect with their higher souls (their evolved consciousness of the actualized future) then it shall be the intimate fruition of all. In a very real way, bypassing all the elegant filtering of light, special access is awarded to mankind in ways that transcend angelic dimensions and connect to their higher collective selves through direct channels flowing from the eternal source outside the fragmentation barriers of time and dimensional considerations.

The reason for the awarding of this unique attribute enabling mankind to bypass the filtered channels of resonance, transcending the angelic dimensions (to connect straight to the golden intimacy of source radiating outward from the higher central sun) is because of mankind's distinction of being the unifying vessel for amalgamating the spiritual consciousness of all planes of existences. Should that advanced (actualized in the future) aspect of man be allowed to reign over the mosaic of energies that comprise the collective consciousness of man to navigate and lead an intimate pathway for a harmonized expression that bares the grace, meaning and dignity of each strain of energetic chord of existence (each role modulated to extend a balanced expression in the befitting time) flowing forth in mutual co-creation then all is majestically redeemed alight! Through this actualized co-creative inter-dimensional expression, these divergent chords of resonant expression are driven into a single narrative of action that readies a dimensional space within "actuality" to contain the higher love of the primordial light, and its revelation from a space of "experience".

Begin to recognize each man as a universe with the ability to reconstitute the splendour of all. So much rides upon the majesty of man. Were it to come to bearing that mankind would not embrace their divinity and flow in the perceived chaos of passive co-creation, meandering aimlessly from one resonant action to the next based merely on what they misattribute of what is happening in the world around them then they surrender the throne of "action" to baser resonances that flow within them, giving sway to energies that do not know a higher love, they only know the resonant languages of judgment, dominion and deconstruction. As this is the only path and language that these baser streams know.

It is the higher self collectives of man that were awarded expression in creation in ways that transcend the systematic resonance filter of angelic dimensions. They bare the signature stream of the heart of Divine expression, the language and frequency of the primordial light; the expression of a higher love.

Should the higher self aspects be allowed to reign and drive the consciousness of mankind, they can drive harmonious expression that incorporates all the various chords of creative expression in tandem towards harmony (each modulated to extend a balanced expression in their befitting time) through the language of a Higher Love. In doing so, they impress upon each participating resonance the splendour of this lost language and teach it to all in their circle of expression.

From this space of perception, we understand clearly the consequences of what the masters of time have imparted: "As above, so below, as below so above". For as goes the resonance of the majesty of man so goes the dissemination of coordinates for "sovereignty" and "freedom" to get out of cyclical reverberations of the past, and embrace their majesty in their music at source, thorough intimacy within all. Such is the power of the consciousness of Man, and so all is riding upon the majestic chariot of Man.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bodily Consciousness

So much of the bodily consciousness pertains to survival and perpetuation of its construction. It carries a verve of fight and flight, finding shelter, fuel for substance and sexual expression for the propagation of its genetic synthesis.

The bodily consciousness is a benevolent facet of creation that ensures that an angel having a journey within a material free-will construct will not become so preoccupied with the etherial that they will neglect their bodies very substance and maintenance. That said, the bodily consciousness is still in a persistent state of "need" because is substance and maintenance is routinely in demand requiring at the very least energy from food to be converted into the re-growth of cellular structure and the maintenance of its genetic constitution. It requires ample security so that one may be unburdened of "fear" and readily enter the spiritually higher tiers of dynamic consciousness. Yet, the bodily consciousness when unchecked, can grow to dominate the governance of portals of higher capacities of individual consciousness, and thereby become a cause disharmony and suffering.

An individual develops increased capacity for abstract cognitive ability and tends to trigger major markers of expanded development between ages 4-5, developing substantially further between ages 9-10, entering new stages of capacity in puberty ages 12-14, and then advancing extensively in ages 19-22.

These abstract cognitive abilities are a natural physical outgrowth of cognitive cellular tissue that reflects an upgrade of spiritual capacity within an individual for actively accessing key chords of spiritual/vibrational dimensionality within. The design of these stages of development is to gradually enhance the individual with increasing capacity to actively commune with the abstract and etherial; with the benevolent energy that is consciously vibrating within all things.

Man's bodily consciousness is part of an evolutionary program ensuring instinctual patterns for the continuance of one's species through procreation, procuring sustenance and security. From a macro perspective this programing is of a benevolent nature as it drives for the optimal evolution of the species. However, from an individualized perspective, the bodily consciousness can stifle higher development when allowed to trespass into the governance of one's abstract cognitive capacities.

Should the individual allow their ego to offer access for the bodily consciousness to take control of one's abstract cognitive capacities in spirit then a course for cyclical struggle and learning from "without" is firmly set for the trajectory of an individual's progression.

An individual can break the binds of this trajectory of progressing from "without" with great strides of spiritual advancement, but this proves most challenging because when the bodily consciousness has taken governance over one;s abstract cognitive capacities. This is because the bodily consciousness will use the abstract cognitive capacities to colour every scenario in terms of a "threat". As every situation becomes processed and imprinted with a narrative of threat and survival it further reinforces and perpetuates the bodily consciousness' corrupting role in this tier an spirit. This is why once the bodily consciousness is engrained within the tier of abstract cognitive capacities of spirit it proves so challenging for an individual to awaken to take active control of these capacities and ensure that the bodily consciousness recedes back into its natural maintenance role.

When an individual is in suffering from spiritual imbalance due to their bodily consciousness having taken over dominion over their abstract cognitive capacities, instead of employing sexual energy to exude creativity, vigor, zest and renewal; the individual will become preoccupied with sexual expression and pursuit to the detriment of balanced living. Similarly, the bodily consciousness in this misaligned role will continue to

reinforce narratives of urgency and threat, with every interaction positioned in terms of "struggle" or "flight" for protecting the very fabric of an individual's existence. In this way, the individual slowly slips into inhabiting very Machiavellian streams of justifications whereby every obstacle placed before one's choice of path is perceived as a "threat", an object to be maneuvered or leveraged into an extension of one's dominion.

This processing will happen even as no true threat exists, and will propel an out of balance approach where an individual is essentially detached from inner harmony and harmony with the surrounding world. All this being fueled by the core "pursuit of safety" signature that the bodily consciousness stirs.

The bodily consciousness is not something bad, or nefarious that needs to be repressed. It is simply an important cog in one's mechanism of consciousness that has a very specific role of lower maintenance of one's bodily form. In fact, most cases of personal imbalance where it is not of a chemical nature, are a byproduct of an individual either consciously choosing or unconsciously being seduced into allowing the ego to offer the bodily consciousness unfettered access to one's abstract cognitive capacities of spirit.

The following analogy will help illustrate the nature of these processes of imbalance. Consider the idea of a large corporation. You have a Chief Executive Officer who is in charge of all the various capacities and extensions of the company. The CEO must monitor considerations relating to the pursuit for growth, interconnectivity to communicate and receive feedback within its specialized field and business environment, maintenance of strategic relationships and exchange. Consider for a moment what would happen if an individual that was trained as a manager of "customer support" would suddenly take charge of the boardroom. This individual would not be mindful of the company's long term corporate outlook for profit or technological research and development of new intellectual assets. Nor would this individual be mindful of considerations for adjusting to the changing business landscape. This individual would simply be preoccupied with the latest emergency and support conflict that has arisen to the fore. Accordingly, key boardroom time becomes monopolized by customer service considerations and conflicts. New mandates are instituted company wide to address issues of repair, vetting customer complaints, and challenging. This individual sees the corporation through the lens of customer service. In a short time, the corporate environment would become rudderless, discombobulated and mired in a lack of productivity. Eventually, the company would eventually fail and reach dissolution.

Just as you would not want the manager of customer service to manage the boardroom of a company, you should not want your bodily consciousness managing your abstract cognitive spiritual capacities.

The goal is not to sublimate the bodily consciousness, and characterize it as tainted or bad. Rather, simply award it its natural role in maintaining one''s bodily form and physical experience. The spiritually dynamic individual will invert the ego from a stream of service to self to a stream of service to (self as) all. Without an overzealous service to self ego, the bodily consciousness will naturally preside over bodily maintenance and the abstract cognitive capacities of spirit will be free to engage in its naturally designed role of relating to the the eternal, of communing with the abstract and intangible; the giving and receiving with the vibrant energies of conscious resonance towards actively blossoming an eternally loving progression for all.