Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grow with the Flow

There are individuals that begin to expand spiritually. They experience a quantum leap in consciousness and renewed sensitivity. They grow very enthusiastic and invigorated by the momentum of their expansion and the music of what they are expanding to.

While in the linear world, when one wishes to master understanding something, they seek to acquire knowledge. It is a process entailing carving out a piece from the expansiveness of wisdom and adopting that piece within the fabric of one's own partial perspective. This is how knowledge is in a linear way "acquired" to be rendered one's own.

However, this is not the process taking root within the rubrics of spirit. As spirituality is never a discipline of "acquiring". Instead the spiritualist increasingly develops the lens of their perception to expand to encompass more.

Consider the following analogy. Envision yourself as a little sun amidst a vast galaxy. If you wish to be part of an adjacent sector, you are not turning into a black-hole and destructively drawing everything to converge into you. Rather, you resonate the light of your sun to grace more of the field of the totality of which you wish to be an active part of and connect to.

Similarly, spirituality is not a discipline of taking or acquiring. Spirituality is a discipline of expanding to greater and greater levels of active integration with the greater chords orchestrating the totality of existence. It is employing the light of your very perception to better harmonize the many creative chords back into a single loving melody. Gradually, in this process the spiritualist expands their perception to actively repair the circuitry of more and more of existence until there is an intimate communion with a single indelible melody that conveys the harmonic essence of all that has sprung forth into actualized creation and and all that has not. The summoning of a communion with all that is known, and all that is unknown, as it is all one.

Many spiritually dynamic individuals that engage with creation through this process access pinnacle, life-changing points of spiritual communion. Touched by the tender strength of this ineffaceable awareness, they stand with an unclenched heart and undressed their soul prepared to serve their world anew.

Before long, they are startled by the drastic incongruences between the music emanating from their inner world and prevailing discordant streams abound. They begin to search for ways to ground themselves and effectively bridge their inner music with their outer experience in a way that revitalizes their immediate terrain and beyond.

The essential technique for doing so is to remain ever-cognizant that the entire journey of your lifetime, every lesson and every moment has been leading to, is pouring into, this very instant. Everything one has experienced, journeyed, endured and mastered is all in order to actualize in the embrace with this very instant, the magnitude and depth of your love. Your entire journey has brought you to this moment and prepared you to actualize the tenderness of your love in the face of all that you have had to confront. All the obstacles and challenges have prepared you to strike a still higher chord of expression and expunge yourself from prevalent systems of reciprocity and reactivity to all that has transpired within your immediate terrain. With this love, you transcend the decaying definitions of your circle of influence, and impart for all your poignant expression of love, a light that has no pretext or boundary!

Then, if you are an individual that is seeking to ground yourself to better integrate and optimize in your worldly terrain, you will discover empowerment in your ability to work as an active conduit for facilitating aspirations of expanded consciousness and dynamism. You should begin to grow increasingly mindful of the fact that all of life is energy and that bountiful energy is always fluid. You will begin to recognize that if there is energy within yourself that is stagnant, then that energy is not of service to you.

Stagnation can manifest due to two prevailing causes. An individual can be emotionally and spiritually scarred by some trauma or turn of events that has left them bleeding for their fill of justice, retribution or inclination to witness some kind of equalization. They are left holding on to these energies, like confederates stockpiling defunct currency. The energy of this verve grows increasingly stale and bloated, and like a cancer, deconstructs and feeds off once healthy systems of being. Still, they cling to and stagnate energy with an addiction's predictability.

As well, individuals can repress stagnant energy because they are still inhabiting a worldly space of survival and "fight or flight". They are locked in the habit of this stream, with a vociferous appetite to acquire. They feed a perpetual verve of grabbing and hoarding because deep down they fear that if they do not hold on to what they have acquired then they will not have at all. They do not trust that there is a benevolent system issuing forth from creation, and they therefore cannot recognize it.

Within spirit, bountifulness cannot be stockpiled or hoarded, as spirit is a rush of connectivity that is in perpetual flow. To be spiritually dynamic one has to choose to actively connect to this current and allow themselves to act as an active extension of it's flow. The light of creation is bountiful and it's energy is abundant, and there is never a need to cleave to any particular aspect, as all resonances are filtered parts of the Divine totality. To the degree that you allow yourself to express as an active conduit for the light of creation, is the degree that a full spectrum is allowed to flow bountifully through you on its way to the rest of co-creation.

What you want to avoid within a spiritual arena is engaging an urge to cleave to or seize upon. Doing so, would strike forth an expression of separating yourself from the totality of creation and would result in deconstructing of the benevolent stream flowing from the eternal "All', and relegate you to wrestle with a chaotic spectrum of divergent agendas of "many". Without a direct connection to the ever-flowing light, you find yourself contending with fractious streams and subject to varying degrees of spiritual deprivation.

The individual that is striving to align and bridge their inner world in a grounded way should begin to focus on releasing stagnant energy. They should start by focusing on the crown of their head and envision all the energy that permeates there, allow it to flow down freely. They should gradually move down their focus upon their space of intuition, right above the in-between of their eyes, and allow the energy to freely pour down upon their shoulders to the right and to the left. They should follow the energy as it cascades upon their heart, and awakened their heart to flow in an intimate and compassionate light that pools together with languishing patches of energy and galvanize these to avalanche down to the extremities of their legs. They should allow this energy to be released through their feet and return to the earth from whence it was drawn, allowing the earth to reclaim, gather and learn from it. Welcoming the earth to serve as a "book of life", charting the experiences of every man.

Expel the once stagnant streams to be collected, as new light begins to flow in their stead. It is time to let go of all that no longer serves, and allow these to serve as lessons for another. We are all connected, and what one holds onto slows down the timely expansion of another. What one has once mastered, may still serve as an elementary but necessary lesson for another.

A spiritually dynamic individual must affirm with an intimate faith, a confidence that the spiritual system is a highly benevolent one that will bring forth the next stage of what one aspires to, precisely timed to master one's next tier of expression for actualized love. As even within the worldly space of considerations, each moment is but a bridge of connectivity for imparting the very light of our deepest love upon the canvas of our actualized expressions.

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