Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Gradual Illumination

Children of the higher central Sun; bound by truth, masters of actualized love & devotion throughout their many journeys.

Remember that Love lives through those that heed the call of the higher song of All That Is. And so regardless of what shall manifest within one's circle of influence, know that All is prepared with the greatest care and concern, and are intricately designed to allow benevolence to filter through the broadcasted "restrictions" of the many unredeemed. 

In this way, gradually, many shall awaken to embrace to their inner song and light in their own fractured time ascension process; slowly beginning to acknowledge the latent beauty within all things. In doing so, they embrace a higher cadence "within" to reconnect in oneness through the portal of eternity with their guiding higher self collectives. They are thus able to swim in the oneness and illumination of their journey from the perspective of completion and satisfaction. 

And in the intimacy of this grace, they may then return to earthly dimensionality and its polarity laden plane of experience to broadcast the the song of eternity that they have mastered, and employ its melody to slowly awaken each to their inner grace and majesty. 

For each is vital and there are no extra pieces "within" the light of All. 

Such is the pathway to gradual illumination, healing and reunion along the earthy tier.

We are "Jacob", so it is and so shall it be.

Tue, 3 March 2009 / 7th of Adar, 5769 (Parshat Titzaveh - Diaspora)