Friday, January 6, 2012

May Grace Be Your Soul's Candle

To see beyond the polarities and chaos of linear existence it is essential to take possession of the creative premise behind the singular progression of the True Lovenarrative of the Law of One. This is that prior to the existence of mankind, creation reached a state of polarized discord and chaos. This disunity was a byproduct of the different expressions of resonant energy becoming increasingly concentrated and unyielding in their respective trajectories. Increasingly, these polarized streams of existence moved forcefully towards opposing extremities. The objective premise behind mankind's creation is the solution for areunification of the energetic streams of all. The full spectrum of creative energies are again able to partake in a unified ascent through man's progression towards an expanded love consciousness by playing roles of guidance, partnership, or by exerting inertia that magnifies the poignancy of man's actualized expression.

"Gratitude" is the heart's expression for emancipation from contrast, denoting an illumination from darkness. It accentuates hierarchy, and reinforces a duality driven narrative of learning through experiencing the dark.

Transcendent individuals realize that they can sustain the light of life, the light of eternity only by aligning oneself into complete oneness of "Grace". It is a process that involves engaging and connecting all the disparate episodes of one's life and formulating a central theme of all creation progressing towards actualizing True Love.

The chord of grace restores individuals in ways that bipasses the swings of drama that predicated by lessons from contrast. Grace frees an individual to re-embrace a narrative for creating from a more harmonious & intimate space. It is a chord that disarms & imbues one with the courage to awaken to their vulnerable self, free of masks & posturing.

Let unconditional grace be your soul's candle, and a Higher Love your guiding light.