Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spiritual Romance

Spiritual Romance

The spiritual masters related to their unrealized aspects of soul in romantic terms. As such, they painstakingly safeguarded the honor of their soul’s authenticity. They romanced their soul’s in this way through the darkness that called “night” and regaled it at the breaking light of realizations they called “day”. They understood that to properly draw forth their soul’s ingenuity it is essential to develop an intimacy with their soul’s intrinsic mystique.

Relationships that imbue a consonance of true intimacy are fortified by mutual trust. More than a passing faith, it is steadfastness that can only be achieved by an uncompromising loyalty. Only in this way can a expression of intimacy be truly shared as equals; eye to eye. When teaching secrets to the soul, they implored their students that each compromise to their soul’s authenticity was a akin to betraying their beloved. That each incursion of this trust erects a wall of spite. They explained that your beloved calls out to you, awaiting to be freed from bondage behind these walls. That she awaits the champion of her heart, to be reunited in True Love’s embrace.

This is why popular fairytales are replete with stories of brave princes who must find true love by slaying a dragon to secure their imprisoned beloved. It is because these mythos tap into a fundamental vein of existential truth. That each individual must slay a fire breathing dragon within that tries to claim dominion over their heart. Breath alludes to living vitality, and fire alludes to cruelty. Allusions to fire breathing sieges imply a surrendering of the heart’s authenticity to a conquest of reductionistic assault. It is then that eternal considerations grow dim and the latent resources of the soul are bound behind walls of disillusionment and fury. Chaste in her loyalty, she awaits for her beloved to slay the accuser and scale the rubble of apathy and deceit that envelop the heart. In this way, consciousness can draw forth the eternal light of wholeness, and secure the soul’s authenticity so that True Love can reign again. 

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