Friday, April 19, 2013

To Render Suffering Obsolete

There is but only latent light and apparent light. You begin to see the visage of an overarching benevolent hand driving all of existence as you complete the circuit of grace in your perceived consciousness. A byproduct of do so is that latent light too will transform into the vibrancy of the revealed light. This is because that which of obscures sustains off the latent light. As the latent light is set alight through the clarity of grace, it grows too bright and transparent for that which obscures to cleave to it without itself becoming forever transformed into an expression of greater light.

Your soul’s sovereignty is secure as you embrace a cohesive unity. This is because within a cohesive singularity there can be no suffering, imbalance or disparity. A unity grows and grows as greater conduit for its own viability. Susceptibility to shifts from a united field of consciousness stems from a partiality to aspects of the revealed benevolent light, and innate bias to the unrevealed latent light. It is torque that is attracted by the aspects of creation that you have not yet consciously reconciled in harmony with. These visit you as “difficulties” to reveal the blockages of your soul, so that you may mitigate these to better network with the fullness of your soul’s light.

Here is a powerful technique for expanded soul consciousness and enhanced connectivity to the light. Start to embrace your soul's journey as constituting a "narrative for actualizing oneness". Abstractly, this means that you can see that your consciousness was once more crude and through the momentum of the future your soul consciousness becomes increasingly more refined.

This refining from of soul consciousness from past to the future is akin to a rolling pebble. That pebble may start out rough and jagged, but the more it rolls, the rounder and smoother it gets. And the smoother and rounder that pebble gets, the more fit it will be to roll down a single track without rocking or jumping off. When that pebble is perfectly smooth and round it will fit seamlessly in it's intended slot and will effortlessly roll unimpeded. Your soul’s lens of consciousness became course because of your perceived separation from the totality of all that you are as a reflection of the divinity within all things. Your worldly journey drives you closer and closer to a sustained consciousness of witnessing the hidden divinity within all things that you witness. Everything that happens to you is send by a benevolent hand to help polish your soul’s lens of perception clearer and clearer. Embracing this narrative will help you reconcile all that transpires within a unified grace.

Eternity, like infinity, is a "plural singularity". If you wish for your consciousness to enter through the door of Eternal considerations then the unified creative expressions on the other side of that door must be able to flow out freely as it is opened. To do so, you must conform your lens of perception with the key of "unity", as unity too is a singular.

Although your diverse worldly experiences pull at your consciousness with competing momentum that drive for prominence; you can harmonize them into a cohesive unity by award all that you perceive with roles that help propel that a "singular actualizing narrative" of unified advancement. This works precisely because eternity echoes of oneness, and the door is best unsealed by a consciousness that is harmonized in oneness.

You will find that by practicing this discipline your perspective on time and personal challenges will shift profoundly. You will begin to witness that all that happens to you is not random, but part of that greater more intimate narrative. All that you find agreeable is attracting you closer to the pathway of your soul's destiny, and all that you find disagreeable is evicting you from its direction, back on the same course. The hardships and dissonance are akin to a pinball machine flipper that knocks the ball sharply into the targeted hole. What is disagreeable to your soul is working with you, propelling you away on cue to guide your journey away from the creative expressions that are a distraction from the song of your soul and its unique mandate. Practicing the "Singular Narrative" technique will allow you to experience free of any need for struggle, fatigue and agenda because all of creation is participating in helping you reach a unified state of soul consciousness.

You master journeying forward by embracing the lessons of "without" as pushing you to develop further "within", and the lessons of "within" as filling you with greater intimacy to connect with all that is eternal. Increasingly, you witness all of creation as conspiring to help you expand your perceptions so that the love of your soul can better flow outwardly throughout. This is the foundation for a profound shift of perspective. Instead of struggling with challenges and impediments, every waking opportunity becomes a stage for a romantic engagement with the love of your own soul; the parts of the Eternal that approach foreignly, but echo evermore familiar within.

Your heart will have found grace. Your perceptions will grow increasingly aligned. You will find that you are able to sustain this momentum regardless of what transpires because you recognize from "without" and revel more so "within". You will perceive "reality" within the perspective of a singular narrative of your soul's ascent because it is serves as a cohesive "key". Your soul will soar and swim effortlessly with the eternal flow from which it was hewn. It is a key of unity that is fit for unlocking the polarizing veil of linearity.  With it you can release the eternal flow to convert all that you perceive into an illuminated expression of benevolence. This is the awareness from which all commenced from and all is returning back to.

This technique will allow your spirit to journey without the "highs" and "lows". It will gradually negate a co-dependency for lessons deduced from "drama". You will accept the light of your soul's love just as it simply is. You will be free to cultivate a consciousness that plows ahead seeding your field of perception with perpetual benevolence. Before long, you will discover that the road of our journey has contracted, and you have illuminated the "short path", the called “intimacy” that will render suffering obsolete.

© bb