Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Practical Lightworking Series: Caution Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Higher Light

The Light Worker must learn to free All only through frequency resonances of "unconditional love" (= true love) and "merciful forgiveness" (= unconditional gratitude).

Without reaching these vital intention coordinates, the Light Worker instead broadcasts energies of "definition", "exclusion" and "compulsion". These frequencies "swallow" All by reinforcing the coordinates of one's intention within the duality paradigm of "others". This manifests in baser light frequency resonances of "frustration", "anger", "lust", "need", "anger", "want", "hopelessness" and "oppression", and serve only to further imprison All within reactive states of "shame & "oppression".

Without resonating the vital coordinates for the freedom of "true love", All become encased within the broadcasts of duality & hatred for the "opposite". Thus, even the Light Worker contributes dangerously to the callous cycles of "struggle" and "oppression", and give life to devolved "past (regressive) resonances within their present field-stream of "Now".

And so the Light Worker must appreciate that an un-aligned Light Worker is dangerous, as such a Light Worker too powerfully contributes to the "chaotic static soup" of baser frequencies that further obfuscate the sacred high resonance "song of the future" from being heard within our present "Now".

As the Light Worker consistently imbues the higher frequencies of "true (unconditional) Love" and merciful (unconditional gratitude) forgiveness for All facets of being, then All begins to coalesce, and Re-Unite; finding the freedom to ascend into the harmonic song of true love from "behind the veil".

Wed, 3 December 2008 / 6th of Kislev, 5769 (Parashat Vayetzei - Diaspora)

Practical Lightworking Series: Earth Body, Soul & Inter-dimensional Consciousness

All life on the planet carries a “survival” consciousness. This includes plant life, animal life and human beings. For the purposes of this transmission, lets refer to this consciousness as the “earth body consciousness”.

This “earth body consciousness” has played an integral role in manifesting material life along the duality/ “free will” dimension we call Earth. It is a program consciousness that ensures the survival and slow advancement of species through “struggle” or “fight and flight” constructs.

This “earth body consciousness” program is essential for material existence, for it monitors administrative processes relating to the continuity of species with regards to accessing “control” paradigms for food, shelter, genetic propagation, and the genetic encoding of complex behaviors into “hardwired instinct” over the course of millennia. It is the job of this “earth body consciousness” to persistently thirst for “control”. Maintaining no memory of its previous feats; it is designed to persistently enact “survival” (“do or die”) behavior triggers to ensure natural sustainability. Through this “program”, the organism is kept from becoming too “complacent” and compromising on its’ own survival considerations.

Understand that the "earth-body" consciousness is not a "problem", as it is an important evolutionary mechanism that ensures the overall sustainability of material organisms. Yet, when the "earth-body" consciousness is transmitted through “imbalance” ultimate corruption takes root. “Darkness” / distortion/ “disharmony” arise within human beings because mankind is distinctly gifted with “abstract cognitive abilities” (/soul) and higher angelic (/eternal) energies. When applied together they manifest in the projection of potent creative resonances through powerful “perception” driven “intention fields”. But, when an individual denies aspects one’s higher essence of self as a spark of All That Is, this same intention resonance shuts off active inter-dimensional portals to the “totality” of the individual. As this misalignment takes hold, a void takes root, and the “earth body consciousness” rises to fill the void by seizing powers (/portals) of consciousness it is ill equipped to handle. In this misaligned state, the “earth body consciousness” proceeds to cause havoc with one’s Divine “intention field” apparatus.

Many spiritualists allude to this process of “imbalance” as the inflated and dominating “ego”. The “ego” takes root through the arrogant denial within ones “perception” of the fullness of self; one’s innate responsibility to connect to one’s “angelic” higher self to resonate the coordinates of “unconditional love” for All.

As the “earth body consciousness” rises beyond its designed parameters and takes hold of the individual’s “abstract cognitive faculties” (/soul), it hijacks these vast resource portals to resonate “facade perceptions” of “control” and “threat” constructs that have little basis in “true” existence. These control oriented “facade realities” produced through this hijacking of the “abstract cognitive faculties” (/soul) begin to resonate justifications for hyper-extending the role of the “earth body consciousness, increasingly recasting the organism as “victim”, “under siege” and “in midst of struggle” triggering toxic chemical reactive (/instinct) states of “command and conquer” or “flee for survival”.

The “compromised” abstract cognition faculties (/imprisoned soul) keeps churning out more and more “negative” narratives to justify the
expanded role that enables the "earth body consciousness” to resonate frequencies of heightened struggle and oppression to meet its encoded protocols. It is not long before the program that was designed to merely administer to food, shelter and security considerations hijacks as well one’s angelic “intention field” resonance to attract and even manifest additional drama and discord that reinforces the sustaining of this imbalance. Before long, “command & control” reactions are initiated in all facets of living, even within the framework seemingly innocuous interpersonal endeavors.

The world is full with “entities” that benefit from individual’s losing sight of their higher grace, and these “entities” all share the common resonance of lusting after “control” because they too are within imbalanced states of “bondage” (/the opposite of free). Such “entities” siphon off the individual’s life force (/power to manifest and create eternally), by assisting in misrepresenting the optics of “true existence” to ensure that the individual reacts to perceptions of powerlessness by resonating coarser oppressive frequencies like “frustration”, “hate”, “resentment”, “want”, “need”, “anger”, “lust”, “dominance” “fear” and “powerlessness”. Once filtered through matrixes of “control” and “fear”, the life-force energy of “light” is reduced to a frequency that is feasted upon by the dark (/enslaved) hoards that parasitically sustain themselves off the individual’s misaligned intention-field resonances (/i.e. the spilling of the “light” to the “other side”).

The individual then must confront the choice of callous indifference to the growing chaos and loss of “existential” resonance, or actualizing the courage to reconnect with one’s All-self (/“resurrect”/ bring forth additional totality of self) by resonating a complete “I am” (/anochi) through the renewed humble recognition of the dignity and grace of one’s angelic totality of self in All. As the individual resonates wholeness with All That Is, one’s "earth-body" consciousness returns to become fixed in the natural position of enacting "administratorial" energies necessary for basic material survival.

One is then free to recognize and reactivate aligned portals to spiritual essence, forgiveness, merciful healing and freedom through ones abstract cognition faculties (/soul). Upon witnessing the bountiful song of All That IS, one can initiate from a “space of freedom” the aligned reactivating of one’s sacred “intention field” broadcast to spread outward and within the resonance of unconditional love (/“true love”), the language of All That Is.

Additionally this shared resonance of “freedom”, “merciful healing” and “true love” also serve to impress upon previously “attached” parasitic “entities” the key coordinates for graduating to “forgiveness”, “freedom” and “true love”. Thus, in vanquishing their darkness one truly actualizes further unconditional loving, the very purpose for descending into “duality” consciousness of the earthly tier, All are one and responsible to love unconditionally All.

As one actualizes complete balance and alignment through portals of “freedom” and “true love” with the many aspects of self and All within, one begins to approach “mastery” and positively transmit through “deep intention and minimal action” the restoration of divergent collective frequencies to harmoniously “ascend” in alignment with higher vibratory streams of resonance for the benefit of All.

Fri, 28 November 2008 / 1st of Kislev, 5769 - Parashat Toldot (Diaspora – R”Ch Kislev)