Friday, October 19, 2012

Opposites Ascent

What does it mean to be living in world of free-will? It means living in an environment where everything has an opposite, and you are navigating a path surrounded by those opposites. Those opposites that you are immersed in and confronting at all times in linear states of consciousness constitute the very "static" that separates you from communion with your eternal self.

These opposites also provide you with an environment of incredible diversity and options. This diversity allows you to direct expressions of your choice that are very powerful and meaningful. This is because the level authenticity of free expression is amplified in the context of contrast.

By being a part of this world, you are embracing both a great power, and great liability inherent in human consciousness. The great power is that your choices to love are potent and meaningful in ways that effect your material world and beyond. The great weakness is that you are disconnected from the clarity and unconditional magnitude of your eternal essence, and thus easily succumb to primitive compromises over the integrity of your soul.

To be human, is to wonder along your journey with heavy baggage filled with "why"s. A typical individual buries within their heart a fertile assortment of cosmic and linear "why"s that just fade into the background of consciousness and go unanswered. When an individual enters into an ascended consciousness, and you are connected to your eternal self, those "why"s begin to implode upon themselves and there is no "why"; only a perpetually reinventing "Is". In that state, you revel in the perfectly flowing state of all that "Is".

Many spiritually developed individuals unify a higher connectivity with all fragments of their soul to routinely access a unified viewpoint of energetic existence. In this space of “Nothingness”, they witness themselves flowing breathlessly as part of a boundless over-arching benevolent orchestration.

Oftentimes, when they enter back into linear-minded consciousness, they feel a major let-down. This let-down can often feel so severe that many resist climbing back up to unified consciousness again because they feel they must stay grounded. They feel this way because they experience turbulence trying to balance the ecstasy they discover in a space of complete spiritual authenticity vs. the harsh separateness that dominates mainstream linear-minded thinking.

The following is a powerful technique for transitioning. The strategy involves bringing to your heart all the "why"s that had faded into the background of your consciousness. Actively embrace these questions & take them along with you upon your ascent of self discovery/ expansion.

Each "why" can serve as a "bucket" to collect & store a bit of the flow that pervades the
unified space "Nothingness". The current transmitted through these questions will comfort your heart & allow you to sustain flow almost seamlessly from state expansion to state of "worldliness" without losing a beat.

A way to understand this is that the river of the eternal "Nothingness" is an expansive current that pulls you into a vortex of indefinable existence as you attempt to absorb it. The very definition of selfhood loses meaning in this space as you are revealed to be an extension of a benevolent river of integrated active consciousness, as this perspective is so contrary to our worldly perspective and linear mindset.

Rather than trip into a "feast" or "famine" trajectory, this technique allows you to carve out small pieces of that glorified space, remaining vibrantly fluid within the confines of the proceeding questions. These will allow you to mitigate the energetic disparity, and sustain yourself between the "peeks" and the "valleys". It is akin to someone who tempers their appetite with a steady diet of crumbs, so that he can remain satisfied regardless of how soon it is to their next meal. 

In light of the value of this technique, it is unwise to advocate suppressing within your heart a single "why". As no question should be considering "inappropriate" or not palatable enough to be groomed into an opportunity for increased discovery.

However. should you every get stuck with the burden of holding too closely any "why", hold tightly the following law of spirit:

"The answer to every "why" is to help render the light of your love more authentic."

There is nothing that transpires in this world, there is no polarity that can pull you to an extremity, that is not carefully designed to afford you the conditions of freedom, the diversity of choice, to extend to you the precise amount of inertia, to help render your love more REAL and authentic.

In this respect, the answer to every "why" is because of LOVE. 

© bb