Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dynamic Healing Meditation for our times: Freedom from Darkness and Chaos

We live in dark times; but life is so utterly full of hope… hope is everywhere.

Witness the fruit of history coming into bloom... and lay claim to the beauty of its accelerated progression, the speed with which actualized destiny approaches.

Behold this beauty in your mind and spirit, and dedicate these first fruits of perception to the Divine.

As the wise say of the fruit tree; “the sweeter the fruit, the more bitter its proceeding blossom.”  

And so as dark times arise, find satisfaction in the dawning of a more enlightened time. Egotistical paradigms will erode, creating space for the refined spirit of man, the restored dignity of the individual spirit & love and care for the collective. 

Thu, 15 May 2008 / 10th of Iyyar, 5768/  Parshat Behar - 25th day of the Omer

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Know that RELIGION is a term of "EXILE" from the Light

The term “religion” is quite inadequate to describe the reciprocal bond and accessible intimacy between mankind and the Creator.

Within the narrative of biblical archetypes; Abraham did not practice a religion, he adhered to a “bond” (/brit), as did the Children of Israel when they renewed this bond and expanded it upon leaving the dominion of Pharaoh and before entering the Promised Land.

The term “religion” is a term of falsehood and exile produced by our disconnect, and the expelling of the Divine feminine (/ Shechina) as a byproduct of our building collective and individualistic egos.

In place of this bond we build "foreign God" paradigms that serve our cultural collective and individual egos. These “virtual/ synthetic” gods are projections of mankind’s deficiencies and serve ego, rather than humanity correcting themselves to draw intimately closer to “all there really is” (perception of the Creator/ KOl).

Wed, 14 May 2008 = 9th of Iyyar, 5768/ Parshat Behar (in Diaspora)/ 24th day of the Omer


“Tears” are often perceived as being merely a physical relief mechanism that the body triggers to effectively ease individual distress.

But closer study reveals that there is far more to tears than a reaction to anguish or despair. In fact, today we know that an inability to cry and produce tears can be symptomatic of severe clinical depression.

Among ancient mystical philosophies, tears are associated with growth and higher transformative energies. Throughout the ages, these philosophies have maintained that there are varying “shades” of tears: tears of joy, hope, love, growth and even ecstasy. They extolled the transformative power of “higher” tears as a portal to higher consciousness and a powerful conduit of spiritual intimacy and enlightenment that is accompanied by a wide range of emotions, ranging from profound grief to ecstacy and joy.

To the mystics, these episodes are to be perceived as a gift that signifies the purity of one’s emotional integrity (that one has not been rendered too callous and impervious to the transformative effects of spirituality), delivering revelation, clarity and a transcending spirit.

These “colourful teardrops” are a profound thematic symbol of impactful growth, a pure heart and enlightenment.

The Legend

There is an age-old mystical legend that the Divine light’s presence became fractured amidst the material world as a consequence of mankind’s increasingly material consciousness. This resulted in a dispersion of Divine sparks that became scattered amongst all the diverse nations of the world.

The legend then describes that each of the world’s nations embraced and sustained itself through the power of a spark of this original Divine light that they each attracted.

 The legend predicts that it is only once mankind is brought together through a united transcending spirit and mutual understanding that each spark will again re-connect and ignite into its original Divine splendor…

…bringing with it love, world peace and the end of suffering.