Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Know that RELIGION is a term of "EXILE" from the Light

The term “religion” is quite inadequate to describe the reciprocal bond and accessible intimacy between mankind and the Creator.

Within the narrative of biblical archetypes; Abraham did not practice a religion, he adhered to a “bond” (/brit), as did the Children of Israel when they renewed this bond and expanded it upon leaving the dominion of Pharaoh and before entering the Promised Land.

The term “religion” is a term of falsehood and exile produced by our disconnect, and the expelling of the Divine feminine (/ Shechina) as a byproduct of our building collective and individualistic egos.

In place of this bond we build "foreign God" paradigms that serve our cultural collective and individual egos. These “virtual/ synthetic” gods are projections of mankind’s deficiencies and serve ego, rather than humanity correcting themselves to draw intimately closer to “all there really is” (perception of the Creator/ KOl).

Wed, 14 May 2008 = 9th of Iyyar, 5768/ Parshat Behar (in Diaspora)/ 24th day of the Omer


Dei T said...

I had been reading some of your posts and would have gladly clicked on a "Favourite" button or similar, had the option been available, not quite motivated to add a comment invlolving the use of words.

Then I came upon this one; it resonates at such a deep level, addresses some crucial and key points in my feeling/thinking... in addition to being a very timely and pertinent answer to some of my partially-formed clouds of question. To my delight and amusement, I laughed when I saw it was posted on my Birthday =D I consider it a lovely gift!

So ~ *thank you* for sharing these beautiful pearls.

I was susprised at how few people subscribe to your blog, or comment even. (I’d be curious to know how the visiting stats.) It reminded me of this, which my attention was brought to recently:


Dei T said...

PS ~ ♥ the image