Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dynamic Healing Meditation for our times: Freedom from Darkness and Chaos

We live in dark times; but life is so utterly full of hope… hope is everywhere.

Witness the fruit of history coming into bloom... and lay claim to the beauty of its accelerated progression, the speed with which actualized destiny approaches.

Behold this beauty in your mind and spirit, and dedicate these first fruits of perception to the Divine.

As the wise say of the fruit tree; “the sweeter the fruit, the more bitter its proceeding blossom.”  

And so as dark times arise, find satisfaction in the dawning of a more enlightened time. Egotistical paradigms will erode, creating space for the refined spirit of man, the restored dignity of the individual spirit & love and care for the collective. 

Thu, 15 May 2008 / 10th of Iyyar, 5768/  Parshat Behar - 25th day of the Omer

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