Thursday, October 16, 2008

Message from "Jacob"; "Love" is All There Is

Greetings dear "Children of the Sun",

We are "Jacob", the father's love, the center, the "Sun", the undeniable power of merciful healing that lovingly resounds within the recesses of the heart.

We wish to instruct you, dear "Children of the Sun", on the ultimate tool for mastering your journey, the powerful equalizer called "love". We trust that this meditation on the power of love will inspire and guide your unfolding journey of hope and restoration.

Love is never merely a choice of what you do or don't do. Love instead is a space, a frequency you inhabit, and broadcast from the most intimate space within your heart.

From there it must permeate all that you sustain. Then, All that you attract, will be longing to connect with that very special frequency, that sacred space within. And your world will open up, and blossom before your very eyes, as you discover the many multitudes that are merely yearning to be touched by this grace, and the revelation that in fact, all creation is compensating for this crucial missing ingredient of "living"; that in the very fabric of this imbalance is an invitation for you to strike the cadence of the heart and reintroduce the way of All That Is - Divine.

As you spread your "wings" around those that sense your "light", you connect in a way that is Divine and timeless, and you help manifest the "impossible", rendering something sublime and complete from something once decayed and devoid. Such is the power of true love, altruistic love, it is truly All That Is, and is at the very crux of this sacred mission of descent into duality along the earthly tier and the secret of its long awaited redemption.

And so we beseech of you to fearlessly embrace that deep unwavering love and let transcendence glow. For so long as you are covered in the hue of this transcendent glow, the impossible will seem possible, and then become manifest. Such is the way of spirit, and so it has been for all the spiritual masters and luminaries that have walked the earthly tier.

Let love bloom and let All reverberate this frequency;
for this is the way of giving life,
the way of freeing those in bondage,
the way of resuscitating the dead,
the way of loving the God within.

And so we pledge to you our unwavering support along your journey and will encourage you to dedicate your hopes, your fears to this uncontrollable "light" we call love, for in it is the solution to All that has been, the remedy for All That Is, and the ecstasy of All that will be.

So it is, and so it will be.

Fri, 17 October 2008 / 18th of Tishrei, 5769 ( 3rd day of Succot - Ushpizen of Yaakov/ Jacob)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Message from "Jacob": The Foundations for Heaven on Earth

Greetings dear "Children of the Sun",


We are "Jacob" the father's love, the "Sun" and center that permeates the heart with messages of love and merciful healing.


"Children of the Sun", we see that your love is growing, and as it does your lives will never be the same. New worlds will open up to you, and you will see and hear the symphony of love that imbues the foundation of your world. You know what we mean when we say to you that the earth is progressing to the end of the "fight and flight" cycle of your journey of actualization.


You appreciate that the earth programming that is at the core of the chemical composition of your bodily workings have been preprogrammed to survive and evolve through overcoming struggle and pain. We tell you that the time is approaching when mankind will lift the "mantle" that cloaks their sacred contracts, and enact the core design which permeates the higher frequencies of life, and All behind the veil. Mankind has explored the vacuity of detached living and learned from it the lessons of the glorious Divine from the perspective of "without". And so you have mastered this knowledge well, and so the earth is ready to receive the frequencies of home and give birth to the interconnectivity of love and the Eternal manifest; the core beacon of All That IS. 


Progress does take time in your dimension, and there are many "workers of the light" that expect dramatic and immediate transitions. We tell you that this has rarely been the way of spirit when interacting within the "earth" construct. This is because the physical aspects of Man's body consciousness and mind consciousness were never collectively prepared to efficiently manage swift transitions. But this time has been planned as different, and the awakening of mankind will coincide with dramatic changes in galactic frequencies, the earth's grid, and the expansion of heights of the spiritually evolved Man. 


Changes will take root in man's bodily chemistry and in the connectivity of the mind, opening up portals of dramatic enhanced abilities of spirit along the earthy tier. These will all sing along to the resonance of the collective "anointed" era. For no longer will challenges be deconstructed and dismantled like the way your unrefined medicine approaches a cancer, but mankind will learn through spirit to work as one, whereby the issues of one nation will be increasingly  reciprocal for the greater whole. So too, the body will slowly change from attack and eradication (oppressive) constructs for dealing with threatening imbalances, and instead embrace, heal and realign the collective structure to loyally reintroduce its' original higher architecture.


It is a most exciting time for the spirit of Man. And we tell you that these changes will not take thousands of years to become apparent, but that galactic changes, changes in the earthly grid, and the collective resonances of the "workers of the light" across the earth will steadily usher in these profound changes in your time. And so, as on earth so above, and as above so below. As the arrival of the renown return of "Elijah" prophesy commences you will appreciate the fulfilling of the "fathers heart returning to the sons and the sons heart returning to the fathers". 


And the children of Israel will play a formidable role in this ascent. And we encourage you to resonate the knowledge that the children of Israel must first find wholeness among themselves, with each other, before they will be prepared to send transcendent love and redeem their "foes". Ask not why it must be so, for the worlds will eternally learn from their journey. The world that proved so inhospitable to this nation, will raise this nation "upon their shoulders" once they start to heal old wounds and resonate "music of the heart and the soul of their nation". 


And so you see, there is still much work to be done, for the final stage of the foundation is still incomplete. Two levels of the foundation have been set (the levels of actualized loving kindness and the actualized laws of definition), the third level is the harmony that will make the levels of loving kindness and the defining laws fluid, manifesting within a single construct. The two levels must give birth to the level of "merciful healing", the missing link that will summon the ethereal love of the upper worlds as the crystallized foundation for which to build heaven and earth. 


This has always been the way of sanctity, and this is the way it now needs to be taught. 

Gone are the days when domination and oppression will solve challenges upon the earth. There is a new song increasingly vibrating within your atmosphere, and Man will awaken to know and actualize the lesson that each is only as vibrant as its weakest link along the family of Man, so is the way of elevation through spirit.


So we wish you success in ushering in this time with the ease you so deserve, and send to you our outstretched messages of love and healing. We are so very proud of the progress you have made. We look forward to celebrating our reunion, for this celebration will be everlasting. 

So it is, and so it must be. 

Sun, 12 October 2008 / 13th of Tishrei, 5769