Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Body & Soul

The juxtaposition of body and soul is a dance between opposite ends of the creative spectrum. The body is an expression of form, while the soul is an expression of essence. While form relates to utility for shifting conditions of an intended journey, essence relates to the integrity fulfilled at the eventual destination. The body is an organism that matures and decays. The body's nervous system serves its' survival by remaining reactive. In contrast, the eternal soul fragment is an extension of  a constant that permeates vitality. It thrives when cultivating equanimity. 

Incarnating presents a challenging journey of decent for a fragment of soul. From a Greater Soul that is boundlessly etherial and intrinsic, it descends into a world partial to the superficial. As such, it enters corporeal confines that dim its' radiance. Friction and struggle are so much a part of the engine driving material consciousness. Through it all, the soul fragment must remain secure in its' authenticity. This is the path for harmonizing prevalent struggle, without becoming governed by it.

Like a sensor designed to detect broadcasts far away, the soul fragment is highly attuned and sensitive. It receives an array of input of impressions from the past, future and outside time itself. Consider a doctor listening to a patient's heartbeat with the aid of a stethoscope. The patient is instructed to breath deeply so that an accurate medical analysis can be conducted on his heart. Were the patient to ignore these instructions and instead talk loudly through the examination, the doctor would be unable to complete an accurate assessment. The doctor's stethoscope is designed to detect a patient's heart rhythm, but extraneous input reverberating through the patients' vocal chords has the effect of overstimulating the device. It is similar with the incarnated fragment of soul, subtle shifts of mood, emotion and general reactivity effect its' range of detection and the subject of its' connection.

A survivalist verve pervades the body's mechanics. Initially, the soul fragment is confounded by the caustic hum of its' surroundings. These wear on the soul fragment's acute sensitivity and interfere with a flow of vitality extending from the' Greater Soul. If the body is akin to rhythm, the soul is akin to harmony. An amateur musician would produce quite a lot of dissonance before competently orchestrating harmonic progressions between these two musical components. It is similarly challenging for a beginner to steer lasting coherence between their body and soul. If you are musically inclined, you will recognize that melody aptly bridges between rhythm and harmony. Similarly, the emotional integrity of your heart bridges constructive momentum between your body and soul to yield unified expression. This is why spiritual teachers advocate daily routines of techniques designed to rebalance the heart's emotional coherence. Each day the heart must take the lead and bridge through the surfacing impasses of the day. 

The soul fragment finds comfort in the sensory nurturing accessible through corporeality. Nurturing and bonding silence the body's survivalist din and activate the harmonics of the soul. This is because a lull of shared security disarms the body, while collective benevolent expression is native to the soul. These conditions allow the soul fragment to reconnect with the essential pulse of creative vitality extending from its' Greater Soul. This is why nurturing is especially key during a child's early development. If executed on an intrinsic level, it inculcates a halo of reverence for the soul's distinct creative expression throughout a child's maturation of identity and selfhood. Such reverence will secure the child's sensitivity in ways that promote soul consciousness with each bridge to individuation. For those that grow up without early childhood nurturing, it is never too late. From a spiritual standpoint, a lifetime is about the process of gradually uncoiling the full creative spectrum of your soul, and learning how to selflessly employ its' resources in ways that extend harmony. Ultimately, regardless of your upbringing, you are the sole arbiter over the development of your soul. Its' birthright is yours to reclaim. You can always choose to reset conditions to foster greater heart sensitivity and re-kindle your soul's latent ingenuity. No matter that challenge, you are at all times free to render choices that extend the terrain of your soul's authenticy. Essentially, you are at all times free to refine the love extending from your heart.

Survivalist friction propels the evolution of material consciousness. When you identify with "form" you are most apt to feel spiritually drained, abandoned and divided. These are called times of "constricted consciousness". To get through these times, many are taught to lean on to the simple faith that their journey has a higher purpose. That they are journeying in the company of a greater awareness. From a more unified perspective, the notion of "alone" is a complete facade and an utter impossibility within spirit. By achieving a unified soul-centred space of consciousness you witness yourself as an active expression of a pervasive and expansive awareness. It is from this space that you spiritually activate the nature of your heart's expressions as advancement of an overarching divinity. This is why spiritual masters recognized descents into "constricted-consciousness" as momentous opportunities for pro-actively catalyzing spiritual re-unifications. By entering into the abyss and uplifting it to a higher grace, you instil elevated impressions for a new pathway. The pathway is a bridge that widens its' narrows for all those that had struggled with such a descent in the past. This is the way the light begins to dawn within the darkness, and gradually, the dominance of darkness begins to recede. 

This works in a way that is also trans-linear, as the achievement simultaneously releases the grip on those struggling with it in the past, while simultaneously immunizing many from falling prey to pull of a similar decline in the future. It is like a scout traversing through high grasses and thicket that obscure his vision to secure a path. He works diligently chopping down the chest high grasses and clearing the thicket to make a trail that others will follow with clarity and ease. 

The masters saw these feats as having the effect of releasing latent spiritual momentum. That there are pockets of spiritual vitality detached from the flow of the greater orchestration. They dedicated themselves to teaching their students how to diligently corral the lost reserves that contribute to the flux and turbulence playing out on a the worldly stage. They celebrated such inner feats as having transformational effects well beyond one's personal arena.

Your incarnated soul fragment was sent to experiment with the creative vitality extending from your Greater Soul. Throughout your worldly journey, you will always confront the choice of whether to engage with form or the intrinsic. When you engage with form, you extend to it a part of your soul's vitality. By making this connection you will experience attachments. These attachments with distort your awareness and direction. When journeying across the nihilistic flux of the worldly veneer many seek refuge in these attachments, but they are just shells of identity that further disconnect them from their soul's authenticity. The level of consciousness you choose to connect with and enter into will have the effect of either amplifying or repressing your Greater Soul's vitality. It is always your choice how to connect experientially.

Your heart sings a melody that extends bridges. With the music of your heart you choose where, and to what degree you share your soul's vitality. Do you choose to splice yourself into externalities that cloak from your awareness your greatest resource? Or, do you penetrate the superficial just enough to seed it with the intrinsic and allow the obfuscations to gradually recede in season? If you choose correctly, you will find that those in the practice of planting seeds learn to expect the unexpected.

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