Monday, September 1, 2014

Spiritual Desire

Developing greater spiritual awareness means dedicating yourself to expanding beyond your worldly considerations and making room in your awareness for a relationship greater processes at play. It is a discipline that requires you to surrender your previous paradigms so you can grow into playing a more active role in a greater orchestration. Your job is not to busy yourself in ways that you escape yourself, but rather that you occupy the fullness of yourself in ways that help you realize your most intrinsic self. To do so you must focus on developing your spiritual capacity for desire. Your heart's desire is like a muscle, it can developed to encompass more expansive levels of creation. 

Revelation that surpasses your immediate desire will go unrealized. This is because you can only expand to what you have previously prepared an equivalent desire for. The cultivation of your spiritual desire invariably involves a deep unwavering acknowledgement about how interdependent you are with spirit in realizing greater wholeness; both with your own soul, and in removing confines to the mysteries of greater Divinity.

Spiritual desire is evocative of the urgent chemistry of torn apart lovers. Each step you take in advancement is an engagement with a promise of climactic fulfillment and reunion. Those who are serious about developing their soul's latent potentials are constantly cultivating the development of their desire for greater communion. The greater your goal and aspiration, the greater the spiritual desire that that needs to be honed. As without equivalent spiritual desire, grace and revelation invariably go unrealized.  

Desire is the very vessel through which revelation extends and realization grows. The development of your spiritual desire is innately a visceral recognition of how deeply your drive extends to connecting with the unrealized aspects of your soul towards securing greater wholeness. If followed diligently, the results invariably lead to fulfillment of both your own soul and the mysteries of greater Divinity dawning within all things.

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