Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Power Called Love

Take note of the law of Measure For Measure, designed to one way or the other, coax each soul to an expanded embrace of the latent sanctity within all things. 

In present western lexicon, aspects of the "Law of Measure For Measure" are taught as the Law of Attraction. And you will notice that as an increasing proportion of the western world began to explore employing the Law of Attraction in service to self, you will note that something very unattractive happened to the western economy. Confidence that was expanding and humming along in a reliable way for such a long time, began to implode. What is it that these naive adherents attracted? 

When one's primary thirst is rooted in feelings of power lust, and corruption, these principles are naively implemented toward self-serving ends. Each one rendering themselves into vacuum attracting selfishness to fill their seemingly bottomless void within. And so, each self-serving soul naively misapplies these subtle techniques, rendering vortexes of will calibrated to serve their myopic self-serving agendas. Each one pulling to the self, with no regard to the overall network that serves to energetically stream bounty for all.  What do you think will happen to the once immutable economic confidence on which the collective perception takes its' cue?

When you apply the techniques of the Law of Attraction from a disconnected and selfish perspective premise, each individual applying it this way becomes a little black hole, increasingly active vortices pulling bounty into a drastic course of conflict and disparity. The bountiful stream of benevolence is prevented from connection through a direct unified intent, and becomes spliced in a myriad of chaotic torrents, each serving vanity and short-sightedness. 

When aligned properly, these principles are taught as part of the Law of Measure for Measure. The Law of Measure for Measure has been taught authentically under that name for the better part of six-thousand years. The "Law of Measure for Measure" may not sound as "attractive", but its principles are at the foundation to the very construct of all of creation. The law states that the energetic signature of your heart will echo outwardly and attract complimentary vibration, measure for measure. The quality of this vibration will gradually crystalize into tangible events that will either create openings that free or walls that impede one's journey towards authentic and intimate living; measure for measure. 

Your soul is gifted with a unique signature of truth, it is akin to a soul's song. Your truth is a constant and is essential to the integrity of the soul. However, how one chooses to play the chords of the song from the depths of their heart is variable. You can play your song in a dramatic fashion or you can play song gracefully. What you play from your hearts' core is but a re-interpretation of a core celestial medley of truth. That truth is essentially a spark of the initial Divinity that catalyzes all of creation. By actively accessing the essential power of its' creative chord, you have the ability to summon the gathering of more harmonic energetic streams to concentrate into your circle of influence. 

It may surprise many to learn that this law does not only govern the flow of material existence, but that the Law of Measure for Measure to a vast degree governs the afterlife. Many cultures have indoctrinated their societies with a core belief of an afterlife filled with tiers of justice and retribution. They have groomed belief systems premised on the principle that all is governed by justice, and that a soul cannot access that which it has not earned. They intimidate their students proclaiming that those who fall short will spend eternity in a places of fire and brimstone to cleanse their spiritual deficits and wantonness. These belief systems were developed over time to help harness primitive drives and behavoir. 

Understand, there is a part of you that is eternal. It comes from a space where there is no judgment; where the notion of competition and hierarchy is non-sensical. From the perspective of this space, every soul is an eternal quotient operating in an eternal narrative. Recognize that linear calculations and logic cannot apply to eternal variables, the math of which will not compute. 

1 + 1 = 2
1 - 1 = 0


∞ + ∞ = ∞
∞ - ∞ = ∞

One cannot compare eternal variables, and there therefore can never truly be a hierarchy. There can be no competition from the eternal perspective of a refined soul.
It is the nature of the soul to integrate with oneness, to add to the oneness and render it a greater oneness.

Still, in the world of material considerations, societies are reared with competition pivoted as the backbone of growth. And this is poison to the soul. And so many, many, many sleepwalk through their journey disconnected from their higher soul. 

 The verve of competition and the leveraging of a threat to continuity work to groom societies into a sedative state where they remain predictable and easier to leverage. Children are taught that success is gleaned through jostling and struggle. Societies are bred on competition and are conditioned to thrive on struggle, while leveraging off of each others' "needs". A paradigm is collectively embraced where each one's bounty is pinned against the other, and one's prosperity comes at the expense of a weight saddled upon the backs of others. Our societies are saturated in it.

Theorists cannot fathom of a way for individuals to remain motivated and fulfill integral societal roles if they were to become truly soverign. They submit that without societal controls, man is at its' core animalistic and savage. In this context of these controls, it is rare to come across an individual that is truly sovereign in a full expression of intimacy with their eternal soul. 

Let it be clear, that each soul carries a unique signature of the Divine that cannot be replicated. There is no comparison between one soul's chord of truth and another's. Through this eternal perspective the whole notion of "competition" and "hierarchy" is a facade that begins to implode, and reveals itself as a vexatious and distracting drama. Increasingly individuals awaken to recognize that the whole notion of competition is an animus that coaxes individuals to sever a connection to their higher soul.

Know, the light is pervasive and available in abundance to all. It is a light of clarity, where one can begin to truly recognize that beauty of their love. And there is no greater motivator than true love. Through this light of an eternal perspective individuals can awaken, recognize and contribute to a harmonic exchange utilizing their greatest resource, their sacred song of truth. As individuals stand in the dignity of their song through the benevolent mirror of their eyes and the compassionate cadence of their heart, then a more harmonic existence is gradually seeded. Before long, the furious pace of imbalance subsides because there is less torque being fueled by jostling polarities. 

It is a future where individuals are in intimate grasp of their very essence. Where they share their greatest asset freely because they see no threat. They cannot run out of love for their own song of truth, or the love experienced when truly recognizing the indelible truth of another. Is it not a silly and absurd notion to envision individuals awakening to discover that their greatest resource is their eternal truth within, and that rather than sharing it, they copyright and build warehouses to store the abundance that flows from it?

Our world is beckoning for the blossoming of each individuals' song of truth, it is akin to birth-pangs, a harbinger to the end of the labour cycle. Individuals will not say, "I will lord over my truth", as their truth is most furtive when it engages another. This is because the soul is programmed for the connectivity of true love. Love is not giving, and love is not receiving; love is the synthesis and the predicate of the entire expression. True love cannot truly be given, for it can only be shared. As one can only give what they own, and there can be no ownership in True Love.

There can be no dominion of love, as True Love is the very music through which everything has coalesced from. And even after it is filtered through polaritzed dissonance, and splintered into mere celestial shards, it is still at its' essence a beacon that is vibrating the music of an expression of ecstatic communion. It yearns to dance to the music of unity and a greater oneness. 

You will find sleep-walking individuals seeking love in a myriad of ways. But it is all Measure for Measure in accordance to how they modulate this beacon broadcasting from the most vulnerable space inside their heart. When individual's modulate its music into baser streams then they tend to objectify what is eternal. Consequentially, they attempt to commune with only the superficial shell of things, and they have a voracious appetite to collect these experiences because they are haunted by an eternal desire for true connectivity beckoning from the depths within their heart. They become frustrated and apathetic because their distractions are only momentary and they are unable to silence the music that stirs them in the silences. They spend their journey acquiring things, attempting to quell an eternal appetite with finite variables, and the math for balance just does not compute. There pursuits to quell their souls appetite, turns into habits that they find themselves unable to control. They cannot be still and embrace the calm, because they hear the calling inside their heart and they are intimidated by the great abyss which they have amplified in their struggle to temper its' call. They do not recognize that the void they had created was the very conduit for the light of others to kiss their soul as they filter through.

Once they are stirred awake from their slumber, they will find themselves with an inner awareness of the benevolent network flowing through all, and they will attempt to bind themselves to this benevolent arc sustaining all things. Suddenly, they will recognize that if they are stuck in quicksand then it is best not to struggle, as the friction of struggle can only plunge one deeper into the abyss. Instead, they will recognize that to escape the abyss the must anchor themselves to what is a rock, what is a constant. And what is a rock and a constant throughout the core of creation? It is the light of the love, imbuing all of Eternity. As they anchor themselves to that beacon in grace, with an unwavering adherence to that eternal arc of benevolence, then they will transform themselves into conduits for the indelible chord of True Love.

Those that awaken to their inner sovereignty do not hoard their light of truth because they recognize that to the degree it is shared it always remains. This has always been the nature of the light called True Love; individuals cannot run out of it because True Love is the very essence of all that is. One can swim in the eternal river called True Love, but one cannot own it. More of it flows through one's heart as one becomes an active conduit to share its' eternal elixir to help resuscitate latent divinity. Individuals are often stirred awake witnessing their own eternal nature through the mirror of the eyes and the cadence of the compassionate heart of one that is truly sovereign.  

Let is be known that the light called love is the greatest power in all of existence. True Love, which is a Higher Love, is the source of every other power expressed throughout existence. A Higher Love is the sum of all the energetic chords in existence, and every other expression of energetic power is merely a subsidiary frequency fractal of that ever-present song of True Love. To the degree to which you tap into this indelible chord and flow harmoniously with its' cadence to share its' music without bias, is the degree to which bountiful living flows. Such is the key to reclaiming the eternal essence of all that you truly are.

© bb