Friday, June 12, 2009

Learning vs. Remembering


Aspects of your higher self have been along the material realm many times before. And the lesson memory of these journeys is etched into the very nuances of your sacred song, it is "within" your of resonance field as you choose to activate it.


Therefore. it is paramount and key to know the difference between “learning” and “remembering”. How does one filter through all this knowledge and know what is intended for them and what is not? As you filter through it, some knowledge with resonate within as mere knowledge, while other information will give you the feeling, the sense of "Remembering".


So as you confront a plethora of knowledge along this material realm, know that information that you attract to is aligned within your song resonance and will impart the sensation of "remembering", a reclaiming of the cadence of your innate spirit.