Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time to leave the "Shame" Behind

The biblical archetype, if you concentrate on it. Think about the story, the mythology of Adam and Eve. It says that they wanted to take from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, or, tap into the network Existence and Virtual-Existence. They were tempted to eat from the tree of virtual perception. Because they felt it would give them a feeling of adequacy before the Almighty, as they did not feel adequate yet to partake of the Tree of Life, the network of eternity.

They chose to take from the tree of fragmented perceptions. So, that way by understanding their own individuality and truth in a state of disconnect, then they could really appreciate the integrity of their light to galvanize their re-connectivity from a space of worthiness and accomplishment.

And, so, they choose to taste in the nectar of the truth latent awaiting to be discovered through the dis-connectivity from the light, the light of all. The mythology follows that their eyes were open and they saw they were naked. And they sought out solutions to cover their outside, the externals that grew prominent before their perception.

This is because after eating from the seed of the void, virtual perception, the balance of what is became distorted and externalities and the aspects that differentiate took on greater prominence in the forefront of their perception. Before long externals appearances, the facade of things was all they and their descendants could see.

After they took of the tempting fruit of fractured perception, they empowered the faculties of the judgmental perception. The perceptions that fuels competition, shame and oppression. The perceptions echoing from the pain of abandonment, isolation and a pathway of "without". To now re-invert the circuitry of connecting to all from a pace of wanting and needing.

They took of that fruit to perceive what it is to be abandoned from the light of innate worthiness in all to taste of the exile through the shadow of shame to forge ahead with the facade, "sandcastles" that testify to one's accomplishment and worth. When they did that, they did that because they wanted to eventually contain, the truth of a far greater love, a higher love.

As love is so connected to passion, for when you are without it, you yearn for it that much more! So when you finally coalesce back into reunion, that passion gleaned infused with that prevailing love, that LOVE is dynamic, that is LOVE legendary and eternal. It is profound by its nature, and in its song, as it is all for good.

And so it was all for good. But, the time is now. It is time now to awaken and remember how to transcend into the light of life and eternity, and leave the shame behind. The passion has been learned, the time is now.