Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Practical Lightwork Series: 3 Techniques For Refining Your "Field" Energy Broadcast

Understand that each of us carry a distinct "field" of energy. This "field" impacts the portals of "possibility" that are available to us. The "field" energy works to ensure that if we remain stuck at a particular level of our development until we achieve an "eternal re-calibration" for ascent. This means that the same scenario/ lesson keeps manifesting before us waiting for us to learn its lesson and transcend on our journey.

The sages called this natural force "measure for measure", today it is popularized and often misunderstood as the "Law of Attraction". We resonate this "field" constantly, but do so in a more concentrated fashion whenever we are "passionate", and so the "field" becomes amplified with our positive and negative emotions. Positive passionate energies (like love, joy, fulfillment, self expression, creativity and empathy) open up portals for opportunity and giving, while negative passionate energies (like fear, anger, frustration, jealousy, lust, resentment etc.) close these new portals. The trick is to inhabit a positive frequency in heart, mind and speech. It may sound daunting but here are some exceptionally useful techniques .

My favourite technique is gratitude.
Try to consistently become mindful of the things that bring you blessing or happiness. The day I applied this exercise I found the momentum of this technique to be so profound. I started off my day emitting gratitude and "recognition" for my basic pleasures and joys, my comfortable mattress, fresh morning juice, the happiness my pet fish brings, the lovely foliage outside etc. The key is to start momentum in one's mind to build towards a cadence of grace so that spirit has open portals to do its "magic". Don't be seduced by your analytical side and measure your progress, just flow in the series of expressions of grace that you transmit, and in short time you will awaken to bountiful opportunity.

In tandem with the "Gratitude technique", I highly recommend that you begin to be mindful of the music you listen to and ensure that it carries a frequency that is upbeat, positive and at harmony with your "graceful" state. I say this because music is a dynamic tool that instills passions and emotions and can be used as an effective inducer or visa-versa impediment for broadcasting the flow of "light" energy. This also applies to news and entertainment media that you listen to and read... these all have the ability to alter your "channel of resonance" and change your "field".

Another helpful technique is visualization; each day, in a familiar quite and peaceful location, meditate to a place of "grounded" love for "All" and begin to visualize exactly the solution that you desire, the more details the better. In the same meditation begin to do the same for others you know who are in a similar bind, after this, visualize world harmony in way that depicts everyone prospering by following their innate gifts in a most productive and joyful fashion. It is essential to allow these techniques to change the dynamics of your "field" to the point where you begin to break repeated "critical" or "destructive" habits... and if applied "purely", in time they will.

The most powerful technique is to award purpose to your current "trials".

What I mean by this is to brings proportion, cohesion and singular purpose to the chaos, fear and frustration you you draw into your "field" of perception. This is a very profound, ancient and sacred technique... there is great wisdom embedded in it.

King David wrote:
"It is good to offer thanks to the Divine
And to sing praise to the eternal name, most high
And relate your kindness in the morning

And your
faithfulness in the night"

King David is offering the key insight for drawing light and resonating the bountifulness of "true love" onto one's "field". When things seem bright and easy (/day), you can continue to draw this momentum by focusing or reciting recognition of it. But, when things begin to appear trying and unclear (/night), you should instead offer up your loving trust to Source that what you are going through is part of a lesson in your ascension, and that you desire to forever internalize this lesson through "love" so that you will no longer need to be challenged in this particular way.

Like with lovers that drift apart, one best proves their faithfulness when things are not ideal. And so, it is easy to send your "love" to the Divine when things flow easily, but truly profound ascension occurs when you dedicate your "knowing love" at times of difficulty, as it is only in this way that the love can be said to be manifested as "true".

Wed, 29 October 2008 / 30th of Tishrei, 5769 (Parashat Noach - Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan - Diaspora)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Message from "Jacob": "Responsibility" to All, the inter-dimensional key to love and eternal renewal

Greetings dear "Children of the Sun",

We are "Jacob", the father's love, the "Sun", the center within that resonates boundless love, mercy and compassionate healing.

"Children of the Sun", we wish to make clear to you that deliberate methods and considerable care are expended from behind the veil to make available the most direct portals for your actualization and advancement that do not compromise the sacred "free will construct" of the earthly tier.

And so it is essential to recognize that the sacred collective of "All" filters thorough the highest orders (realms) to help facilitate your evolution, and ascent in ways that may appear contradictory from a "duality" laden perspective.

Realize that from the perspective behind the veil it is apparent that the legions of agents that emit
loving-kindness/ expansion and the legions of agents transmitting definition / contraction (/judgment) work towards the same lofty goal; to help manifest the conditions whereby the angelic energies encased within "human" consciousness can usher in material ascension through actualization of altruistic love and true unity.

Accordingly, the legions of agents of the left side (negatively charged) play the role of transmitting the energies that help manifest the delicate balancing, void and inertia needed to make Man's altruistic action and intent "true". The legions of agents of the right side (positively charged) lend their energies to assist in the ascent of Man's consciousness, should Man choose to altruistically seek it. But fundamentally, all legions of angelic intelligences are playing complimentary roles for sustaining the conditions for Man to partner with All to actualize an ascent of the earthly realm into higher frequencies of existence by manifesting true love along the earth's frontier.

Upon adopting this root principle you will open portals of spirit consciousness to boldly enact the following practical guidance along the earthly tier:

As you try to process the rapid changes that are taking hold, and continue to accelerate along the material plane, do not concern yourself with how things will play out, as such void and fear from uncertainty is certain to diminish your light and power. Instead, dedicate your pure intentions and focus towards aiding and guiding the momentum of the collective by sending your pure "light" indiscriminately to All.

Let us shed some light on why this technique is so very powerful.
Many workers of the light understand that they receive light and its bountiful energies in ratio to the degree that they are responsible for others. To appreciate why this is so, you must stop seeing yourself as containers of "light" and begin to witness yourselves as partners distributing "light". You are all intricately connected and "one" from our perspective, as you all compliment each others' journeys for the revelation of the "light" and you are all essentially fragments culminating in the collective ascent of earth (/human) consciousness. And most importantly; we are all family! For your current journeys you play the roles of "concentrated" splinters of the Almighty on the front-lines of actualized creation.

A continuous regiment of elevating one's focus, the perceptions one's mind's eye through "heart guidance" will reveal one's innate responsibility for (/ alignment with) All. This frequency of existence will enhance your abilities to better detect and integrate with the corrective "light" (enhancing your "light receptacle" - capacity of understanding).

Know that this is not due to personal merit, but is a "natural" process available to all grounded "light workers" who choose to operate as core "network" conduits for the indiscriminate broadcasting the corrective light's song of love and merciful healing to the masses.

The increasingly high frequencies of "light" pass through your consciousness and soul on their way towards mass dissemination leave behind profound high frequency inter-dimensional imprints within you. It it is these imprints that awaken your soul "memory", awareness and inter-dimensional "senses" (/portals).

We reiterate this insight again for it is so often misrepresented in your world and is so fundamental for the core lesson of earthly mastery; the enhanced frequencies and vibrational intensity one receives in the aligned state are not due to one's personal merit, but rather are the ancillary benefit of the process of transmitting higher frequencies through the collective grid, the concern for All. And so, the benefits of all who undertake the responsibility of All should not be underestimated for these open bountiful portals of deliverance and eternity through "love"

And so we conclude this benevolent guidance and instruction with our familiar refrain; your goal remains to love All, heal All, and All will remedy All.
So it is, and so it shall be.

Sat, 25 October 2008 / 26th of Tishrei, 5769 (Parashat Bereshit - Diaspora)