Sunday, January 11, 2009

Unconditional Love & Forgiveness is the Ultimate power of Freedom

All within creation are either “free” or “enslaved”.

The only way that those who are enslaved can become free is to learn the language of “freedom”.

Those that are enslaved are not in control of what they do, they are merely reacting to baser instinct, acting out the reverberations and agenda of baser resonances.

The only way to progress with them is to resonate the coordinates of “freedom” & "unconditional love"… “A HIGHER LOVE”.

Part of unconditional love, is that when one loves unconditionally oneself and witnesses All That Is through oneself “within”, then in entering those profound coordinates of the higher light, its shimmering gateway is the resonance of “freedom” rendered through “forgiveness".

So no matter how dark the center is that you confront, prisoners in states of “without”, when we forgive them, when we love them unconditionally and broadcast to them the coordinates to hear their Higher Self collective's ascended music reverberating from a space of “freedom”, you envelop them in the language and understanding of how to reclaim their ascended vibration of freedom to enhance the love and healing of all.

Now this profound resonance of intimate “intention” will not hit them right away, as they themselves must first meet a moment of humility, usually a feeling of hitting “rock bottom”, something that alerts the individual to there being far more “within” themselves; because all that they have wrought in to their field of resonance, their circle of influence to date, has been with “struggle” and “dissolution”.

And it is at this sacred nexus point, that the gateway of “freedom” is opened through “humility”, and the higher light of freedom to love all enters their consciousness and uplifts them retroactively (having worked inter-dimensionally through the united Divine pathways of All-Source).

This higher light resonance hits them, so profoundly, that they are then rendered awake to new coordinates of ascension, speaking the language of “freedom” and are forever changed