Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Love That Is You

Love is a word that is so misunderstood in these times. Some aspire to acquire love , while others aspire to give love. But love can neither be acquired nor given. As one can only give what they own, and there can be no ownership or dominion in the expression of love.

Love is an expression of creation, it is a state of flowing, a unifying force, and a light of existence itself. This light called love can be shared as one becomes a more active conduit to the celestial expression of love, that love emits a vibrance and flows through them to another.

Those that find themselves deprived of love are individuals that are either attempting to tightly hold on to love, or are trying to give love. But love cannot be given, and love cannot be held onto, as love is a perpetual expression of the active unconditional light of creation. Those that wish to imbue love within their circle and rediscover the love that was always there resonating through the light of their soul need only to expand their perceptions. But know, should one attempt to grasp the light called love, it quickly disperses, as the light of love cannot be grasped. Instead, one must flow within it.

This is akin to one trying to grasp a flowing river of water. One cannot grasp it, and should one extend their hand in an attempt to do so, they will discover the drops of water running though their reach. As one can only immerse oneself in the river and become one with its flowing. Similarly, one cannot grasp or give love at all, instead, one can only immerse oneself in it and share its flow.

Love is the very chord behind all of creation, it is the spark of intimacy of the creator that imbues all form, and all that has manifested is all a concordant symphony to imbue and actualize the constructs of that indelible stream.

From the perspective of eternity's eye there is no give and there is no receiving. There is only a grace, an awakening and witnessing of the light of love that resonates within all.

So dear friends, one will benefit much by remaining mindful that love's light is never lost, instead when you are within a constricted state of consciousness, it lingers around the peripherals. As you attempt to grasp it, it quickly disperses from your reach, because the eternal light of love can never be contained. Instead, awaken and expand your soul and perceptions to grow from within. As you do, you shall witness that this light called love has always been the divinity that is you.