Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Practical Lightworking Series: Caution Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Higher Light

The Light Worker must learn to free All only through frequency resonances of "unconditional love" (= true love) and "merciful forgiveness" (= unconditional gratitude).

Without reaching these vital intention coordinates, the Light Worker instead broadcasts energies of "definition", "exclusion" and "compulsion". These frequencies "swallow" All by reinforcing the coordinates of one's intention within the duality paradigm of "others". This manifests in baser light frequency resonances of "frustration", "anger", "lust", "need", "anger", "want", "hopelessness" and "oppression", and serve only to further imprison All within reactive states of "shame & "oppression".

Without resonating the vital coordinates for the freedom of "true love", All become encased within the broadcasts of duality & hatred for the "opposite". Thus, even the Light Worker contributes dangerously to the callous cycles of "struggle" and "oppression", and give life to devolved "past (regressive) resonances within their present field-stream of "Now".

And so the Light Worker must appreciate that an un-aligned Light Worker is dangerous, as such a Light Worker too powerfully contributes to the "chaotic static soup" of baser frequencies that further obfuscate the sacred high resonance "song of the future" from being heard within our present "Now".

As the Light Worker consistently imbues the higher frequencies of "true (unconditional) Love" and merciful (unconditional gratitude) forgiveness for All facets of being, then All begins to coalesce, and Re-Unite; finding the freedom to ascend into the harmonic song of true love from "behind the veil".

Wed, 3 December 2008 / 6th of Kislev, 5769 (Parashat Vayetzei - Diaspora)

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