Monday, December 8, 2008

Transcript from interview on "True Love" & "Why we are here?"

The "passion" that we have derives through the "understanding" of the "dark"--- of the "darkness".

To the degree that we have "darkness", is the degree that we have [gleaned] the "energy" and "passion" to coalesce with what is "real", what is "true"---- what is "light".

You find this within nature, with the opposites of flavors --- if you want to cook something that is delectable, then you have sweet and sour, or hot and cold; the juxtaposition of opposites. When we dance or when we date, there are textures of "coming to" and "expanding apart", that draw the passion [/the energy].

So when we begin to process the "darkness" as truly resonating what "is" from the perspective of the "opposite" [/"without"] we begin to see the "light" within the "darkness". And when we see the light within the darkness, then we no longer have to walk through the "darkness" to find that "passion" ["light energy"], and we can dance in the song of the resonance behind the veil, the light of All That Is, because we gleaned of what you are talking about today... we have gleaned the essential lesson of "unconditional love".

[The hidden secret is that] in our angelic presence behind the veil, before we come down to the duality matrix that is earth --- we had love, but it was not "true love", the language of All That Is in the highest frequency, It wasn't it!

Because the truth was so obvious, it was the only path, it is the only "is", so love "is", it "is" All That Is--- and so, we stood in line to come down to this realm and experience the "passion"; the "passion" [/light] that draws from [the perspective of] "without".

And in this way we have [been granted] "duality", the multiplicity of choice, so that when we love, we separate, and when we choose and we coalesce with that love in altruism --- and that is the frequency of All That Is - Source!

So our mission within this duality, there is no wrong move --- [as] we are All converging to that higher frequency! We either do it from perspectives of "without" or do it from perspectives of "within". And those that are stuck in perspectives of "without" they are enslaved, so to speak, to the baser frequencies for the need to "control", the need to "master" --- and helplessness that resonate in "fear", "anger", "lust", "jealously", "rejection", "abandonment".

But those resonances get their "energy" because [they help], they [are allowed to] exist because in feeling them you are resonating [/witnessing] the reciprocal energy! By being within those [baser] states, you're showing the beauty of its reciprocal!

Therefore, we save ourself in our realm, when we "see" [/recognize = witness = give gratitude to] the "light" in the "darkness, recognizing the poignant sparks of All That Is within All!

Then we free "them" (perceived "others") through the freedom of the song behind the veil, and we recognize them, and we usher into them their [sacred] dignity and grace as angelic sparks of All That Is. , They
therefore no longer have to travel in frequencies of "need" and "want", but can usher in the freedom of being able to "wish", to coalesce, to create --- to become part of that symphony of creation which is what this whole journey is all about.

Don't see beyond the "dark"; I say "witness" where the energies derives from, its sustainability within our realm because it is really being sustained by [broadcasting the frequency of] All That Is! And the reason why it is being sustained by All That IS is because it is really [embedded] within a benevolent path as well!

So the blind man learns [the path] from one of two ways. He either learns the path by smacking into enough walls, and learning the path from "pain". Or he learns to develop his other "senses" to learn the path, the "straight path", the "short path", without pain and without "struggle".

And in that way when we discover that All that frustrates us, are really resonances to help us find "within" what we have locked out from All That Is. Then we ascend from a point of "intimacy" and not need to learn [true love] from the perspective of "without".

Fri, 5 December 2008 / 8th of Kislev, 5769 / (Parashat Vayetzei - Diaspora)

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