Friday, April 8, 2011

Before You Go To Sleep

The vibration of being actively connected to your higher self is so intense with light that it is then that baser streams are unable to access your circle. It is only when you are within a void, and disconnect from your higher self that baser resonances can attempt to inhabit your circle and try to instigate your heart to resonating baser frequencies that then repels high resonances from sustaining an active connection.

This is why the spiritually dynamic had a long tradition of conducting a bedtime meditation in preparation for going to sleep. This meditation was a way to initiate their free choice to benevolently enter into active co-creation with the light of creation. An helpful analogy for the way this works is envisioning your heart as operating like a radio. If you tune your heart to the frequency of a higher vibration then it is not playing the frequency of another station. Essentially, before you go to sleep the spiritually dynamic dedicate their heart to flow with a higher resonance vibration, and thereby set the momentum of the channel of your heart for what is broadcast.

The highest vibration is unconditional love. We call it a Higher Love, because the word "love" is misused in the english language, it is used for everything. A higher love refers to unconditional love, it is a space that one inhabits in connectivity to all things. It is a broadcast and allocation of one's song of truth to all without discrimination, as it connects to a space where all are worthy, even those that are in our current wrinkle of time asleep, wanting or deceitful. It is the broadcasting that space of entering into a flow with eternal worthiness for all, as all are forever worthy of love' s light. Through a portal of connectivity with eternity we are able to flow with a space where all have already actualized the fullness of their love and reunited and embraced within the highest resonances of expression above. So the spiritually dynamic are broadcasting a space of the song, the very music, the resonance of the future to echo back and romance our linear now. In this way, all can access this music, and activate this music within themselves, in unison with their higher self singing harmony in eternity to align with on oneness with all time and resonances in order to help restore an immaculate re-embrace.

The spiritually dynamic can then take these coordinates into their linear world of fragmented actuality and impart them in fragmented spaces to actively help the progression and spiritual ascension of heart and minds in a faster more intimate way, rather than through the drudging and stark shifts that are garnered through struggle and tragedy.

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