Saturday, November 16, 2013

Riding The Waves

The circuit of your life’s journey is connected by points of greater convergence. These are passages of amplified authenticity. Many see these passages as defining. They call them “moments of truth”. These portals of heightened realization transform your awareness into a higher range of beingness. It feels like being kissed by the momentum of an underlying wholeness. Gradually your soul reveals itself in ways that summon restorative consequence.

Natural order is designed to continually challenge each individual at the crux of their existential bias. This means that there are creative aspects of your soul’s divine nature that you elevate and other aspects that you repress. To the degree that you limit your creative light from seamlessly flowing within, is the degree to which natural order will gravitate restriction upon your experience in ways that entrench you in challenge and limitation. The solution is rooted in these moments of transcendent clarity. They release restorative passions that lead you to the achievement of greater authenticity.

As you stake claim to your points of inspiration, you can direct its restorative rush into a greater passion. It is at this apex of passion that you must break the co-dependent cycle of extending your energy to coping strategies for greater endurance and surrender to the overarching waves of grace. Like a child who finds serenity in a parents’ arms, you will journey assuredly in this embrace of greater realization.

There are those at the ocean’s banks who fear being swallowed by the waves, and there are those who seek and revel atop the waves. The difference between those who fear and those who revel in the waves is that those that revel in the waves know how to ride the waves. They revel because they have mastered how to recalibrate their approach so they discover euphoria on top of the waves. The greater the wave, the greater their ascent and its’ successive rush. Those the fear the waves, do not seek to find balance with them and therefore must retreat or get swept up in their undertow.

Consciousness is a vast ocean of unexplored potentials. Those who cower in the shadow of their potential are most apt to get swept up in unforgiving waves of consequence. Spiritual discipline is a rubric for venturing out into the sea of your soul’s potential and learning how to ride each wave of inspiration by harmonizing it in the realization of your soul’s greater benevolence.

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