Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The 36 Hidden Righteous

There is a mystical tradition that at all times there are appointed 36 hidden righteous that accept a special responsibility that helps increasingly bridge our world with the divinity beyond. Part of their mandate was to endure passages of incredible hardship and suffering. Their sacred task was to meet the suffering at its depths and through the authenticity of their love uplift the momentum of their tears towards ecstasy (מקְבל יסורים באהבה). 

The hidden righteous (צַדִיקִים נִסתָּרים) would immerse themselves in dedications designed to help restore the obscured feminine divine (שכינה) within worldly consciousness and beyond. In accordance to tradition, the feminine Divine (שכינה) was said to have been lost and exiled as a byproduct of collective strife and prejudice. 

The hidden righteous (צַדִיקִים נִסתָּרים) would privately conduct unifications (יחודים) where they would share their presence and accompany the feminine divine (שכינה) through the hardships of exile. They would share the burden of her suffering, and help transform the suffering to ecstatic states that would restore her spirit.  In this way the feminine Divine (שכינה) could ascend again to harmonize our world with an enhanced clarity of spiritual enlightenment. 

According to one tradition the book of Job (איוב) was a work of fiction authored by the master Moses. He is said to have prepared it as a meditation for those grappled with why the righteous are allowed to become afflicted and suffer in this world. Throughout the work, Job's friends attempt to offer explanations and guidance for he had been devastated and afflicted so tragically. 

In the path of truth, Job was afflicted so that his friends would be able to surround him with a presence of consolation that could feed an enhanced spirit of unity. The reverberations of that unity would become a transcendent testament to Job's unconditional love (לשמה). 

The expressions of their words were not what was needed to help fulfill this. Rather, it was the expression of their very presence that would give testament to their inherent interrelationship and the spirit of unity. This is reflective of the path used to restore the feminine divine (שכינה). We are to comfort her in her affliction through our sheer presence. It is our very presence that is key. Just being present. This alone resurrects her spirit of unity to gives rise to harmonic euphoria. 

By accentuating our inherent interrelationship through silence, the hidden righteous (צַדִיקִים נִסתָּרים) restore the eternal breach for exile of ascended consciousness to subside. This frees the feminine divine (שכינה) to reign in our worldly consciousness again.  

"He delivers the afflicted in their affliction, And opens their ear in time of oppression. He enticed you from the mouth of distress, Instead of it, a broad place with no constraint; And that which was set on your table is fullness. (איוב: Job 36:15-16)

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